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1. Suffer

Forcing the floods
To your threshold of pain
Biting like dogs to open the vein

While you stare at the wall
Living your life inside your head
Blood runs red in the streets
Exist to hurt, resist to feel

Suffer i suffer
Suffer i'm alive

2. The Blaring Eye

Stare through me
I am confined
Dissected by
The blaring eye
Fixation on a slave
Poisoned and depraved

3. Swelling

Crippled Body
Usleless form
Blank my mind
Pained to remember
My mistake
No control
Paralyzed by my hate
No fucking escape

4. Strength Through Restraint

Tear myself apart
To keep myself together
Fuck it, can't feel anything
Cant think, just hate everything
Guilt rattled nerves
Damaged hand, Forced memory
Force of habit
Revenge on myself
Hold it back
Strength through restraint

5. Idiot Bliss

Idiot bliss
Every neck a noose
Death is the promise
For all of fools

6. You Bury Me

I feel myself slip inside your skin
And melt into mine
Wrap myself around you so nothing else exists

A cold hand, tightens inside my chest

Fade into you, Close in on you
If I have you in my grasp
I will leave this body
And leave myself behind
You bury me

7. Skullbinding

Imperfect human head
Imbalanced and depraved
destroy the individual
create the mindless slave

8. Mask

Destroy the identity
The face with no self
The body without organ
No sickness no health
The functions incomplete
A mask to cover scars
New shell for the host

9. Cop

Searching for a way out
Running in circles
Cage after Cage
Hideous face and hands in my mouth
Hunting for the ugly in me
Saying the things i don't want to say
Staring down over my mistakes
Why do i run?

10. No Chain

Although I am blind
My hands feel the knots
Body pressed down
Buried in chains
Under the capitalist sun
Nothing is sacred
I was a dog on a short chain
Now there's no chain

11. Will Is The War

The mind is a jaw
Teeth gnashed to the gum
The body is a failure
Lungs collapse when overrun
The will is the war
Scabs turn to scar
The skin makes you sick
Feathered and tarred
Words are the cancer
Once arranged they are null
Your fists may pound flesh
But all strikes are dull
The only truth
The instant of death
We the living in instants
Suffer eternally clawing for scraps of existence
In search of the eternal breath…

12. Beggar

Purity is force
Pleasure fucks pain
Pain licks power
Power is will
Everything is burning
Nothing to drown in
Routine is decay
Death is the end
Repent, obey,
Beg, die.

13. One More Day

Do not weep all this is passing
Weight is given to those who can bear it
Nothing less than every minute
Stuck in this pit, let me rot within it
Every second with no one to share it
Just give me, one more day
So i never know how it feels
To watch you disappear

14. The Pit Of Me

It keeps me alive
Makes me stand
When i wanted to die
It lifts my head
Whispers you must live
As light leaves my eye
I bleed and I dream
While my heart slows within
Every failing pain
Pulled through a hole
Inside my skin

Back down here, in the pit of me

Slowly I breathe
My eyes are open
Im awake again
Everything locked in
Stuck inside the body
I'm awake again
Broken teeth
Bleeding white wall
Look at me again
Slowly i breathe
my eyes are open
Im awake again

15. Caged

Carve a day in the wall
Life is a cage
You can see out
But do you want to leave
Could you find a way out
How much is every minute worth

16. Starve

My words are nothing because of the body they come from
A knife on the table blamed for the wound its yet to create
Forgotten by you, corrupted by you, perverted by you
Will i no longer be a wound, Will my blood be enough
I was never meant for pain
Will my death give you peace

17. Vein

Within the vein is blood
Running free and clean
Filling the limbs with purpose
And giving organs meaning
In the blinding red, watch a body die,
Breathe decay to heave, light leaves the eye

18. Pitch Black Tomb

I keep them in a hole
A hole in my chest
Staring out like prisoners
They are restless and tired of look for my soul
I stare into the hole, the hole stares back

19. The Last Nail

And in your death throes
As you swallow down fear,
All your posturing violence,
Will all disappear
You will cower and die
Beg your head empty, but still you can feel
Every choking breath, every tearing nerve
The stench of your death
And last words unheard

20. Two Flames

Two flames in the endless expanse
A presence within my eternal abyss
Parallel paths in nothingness
A rope stretched between past and future

All my moments collapse into one
Suspended in my devotion
Forever burning by your side
This embrace does not stop at death

21. Knife In The Feathers

How do i endure you
Everything you had is wasted
You're eating away at my mind
And killing everything good i am
Blood under my nails
Dirt inside your mouth

Everything inside me, divides me from you

Life reduced to wound

22. Halo Crown

I circled the center with a blue halo crown
Traced shapes in the sky, then shot them back down
Made man in one day, then rested the rest of the week
I sentenced my tongue to a prison of teeth
I toed the line in faith of divine
Pulled my coffin lid tight, and shot wings from my spine
I soared towards the sun, I burned down in ash
I felt power in my hands, and let it slip from my grasp.

Bo Orr – Bass, Vocals
Hank Pratt – Drums
Blake Connally – Guitars, Vocals

Thanks to xdeadinthedirtx for sending these lyrics.

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