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1. Northern Winds

Saw it in the distance
Thought I had the time
To prepare for the worst
I would be the last in line

It is rising
Soon it will drag me down
And it will never stop now
Until I'm on the ground

Too much at stake
Much more than I can take
Can not afford to loose this
But my hands are bound

Feel the storm is rising
Final chance to fly
I felt the fear of dying
Let the northern cold winds guide me

I never thought I would drown
Trapped inside my hate
Only way is closing down
Nothing will suppress my rage

I need to pay
For all the vows I broke
Redeem the crimes and mistakes
The sands of time ran out

Now watch me burn
Soon I will disappear
There's only a hot pile of dust
Nothing to remain on this
Motherfucking ground

Hell-bound instantly
Fulfilled prophecy
Deserved sentence
Broken by the pressure
Imprisoned by the pressure

2. Wounded & Bleeding

See the fire on the far horizon
Feel the coldness in your heart
In the end we can taste the poison
Before the whole world falls apart

No regrets to break the silence
Those who doubt will stop to run
You can almost smell the violence
The end of time has just begun

Full of anger and resentment
The end of time has just begun
See the whole world fall

Wounded and bleeding
We escape into the darkness
Brightness revealing
Every single fear and weakness
I can feel we lost our way

Watch the crimson sky above us
Preparing to play the part
The scene for our depredation
Before the whole world falls apart

Our reasons to keep on fighting
Taken out now one by one
Light of day is slowly dying
The end of time has just begun

We are silenced by the haze
The end of time has just begun
See the whole world fall apart

3. Heavy Rain

Breakdown - can't take any more
Dark age forevermore
And again I feel the untamable - unbearable
Incredible pain taking over me every day
Life took a turn to the wrong way
No break after the shockwave
No time to heal - one foot in the grave

Feel the heavy rain
I feel the rain will drown me
Feel the heavy rain
I can not breathe

When the world crashes down on me
I fear there is no way to break free
Every time I see the rising sun
I feel the rain - it will soon come down

Lost hope in front of it
Every time I think it is possible - endurable
Subliminal fear takes over me once again
Not too far from going insane
Not a single shot will hit
I don't need to see - I can feel it

4. Beyond the Distance

Despair in your your eyes
Is infecting your mind

Distance weighs you down
Break the sadness or drown

See this foul design
Forever left behind
And run - never turn back
Then you realize
There's nothing to disguise
The truth before you

Reasons in your your heart
Are now tearing you apart

Distress drives you out
Face all your fear and doubt

Rearrange your world
Unchain the ties that bind you
Gain the life you've deserved
Keep fighting 'til you breakthrough
Remember the things you've learned
Make sure your plan will come true

Open your eyes - Brake this cage
Time to arise - Release the rage
Light up the skies

5. In the Dark

Am I empty, am I dead inside
Nothing to say, nowhere to hide
Lonely soul only passing through

This flame once so bright
Suffocated by the freezing rain
Empty words escape the light
While the truth cause so much pain

Lost all the hope in the dark
Let it go, replace it with fear
Now I'm screaming for help in the dark
Shut your mouth, no one will hear
Reaching for light in the dark
Turn away, it will burn your eyes
Now I'm going insane in the dark
You must fall, so you can rise

End of line, right out of life
This one blank page now turned aside

In the shades withering away
Struggling for my last and final breath
Shall I see another day
Or unveil the face of death

6. Kaamos


7. Up So High, Down So Low

I can see you bleed
Drown in my greed
I know you'll be my enemy

I feel alive
When I lose it all
Then I'm free

Now it's too late
No one can save me now
Wherever flew up so high
Fell down so low
There's no turning back again

Take this final leap
Eternal sleep
I know you'll be my destiny

I feel confined
This path's too bright for me
I can't see

My whole life has fallen apart
Everyday I feel I'm getting more far from the God
Almighty, I'm fighting to get me there
Everyday I question my reason to stay
Is there reason to pray? No way, no way
Together we die
There's no reason to pray
No one can be saved

8. Delusions of Grandeur

Do you know what is real
Do you feel you're a god now
Delusions of grandeur
Let them go - Open your eyes and face it

Don't think you can get away
False move - Do you know it can happen twice
You fall into decay
One soul - Do you know it's your sacrifice

Night will pass - Time will move on
Wake up now to a new dawn
How can you refuse to see
The truth every day
You think you can turn around
And let the world drift away

You don't know what is right
You can't tell when you are lost
Delusions of grandeur
Let them go - Open your eyes and face it

Don't think you are out of reach
Last try to erase the ones that disagree
You gaze into the abyss
Consent - You have no power can't you see

So you know this is wrong
Time to go - One direction
One false move - Down you go
Wake up now and embrace the new dawn
So you know this is real
Time to show your reflection
Do you think you're a god
Open your damn eyes and face it

9. Bound To Be Reborn

Calm before the storm
You're bound to be reborn
Fight like never before

Throughout the broken past
The skies were overcast
Now it's clear yet insecure

Burning out
Just to live forever
Ready to face
All these painful nightmares
Burning out
So we could remember
Right on this road
Going nowhere

Time for us to win
This fear we live within
Peace and tranquility
Are still far away

Our will is pure and strong
We'll see the break of dawn
It's not too late
To search the other side

Distorted faces surrounding you
Repulsion fills you with fear
Eyes of hate feasting on your despair
When you're weak they will break you down
Shooting pain, convulsions and death
Get ready and close your eyes
Never awake, never-ending ache
Farewell sweet clarity
Kill the trust - it's corrosion of mind
Kill the faith - it's corrosion of soul

10. Wrath of God

Closer to the edge
Are we ready for the fall
Sickness in our mind
We can feel it deep inside

Were standing on the deck
Of this sinking ship
As the world spins
You can hear the violins
Accompany our final trip

No one is safe now

Overflowing wisdom
Yet we never learn
Pain and destruction
Spread like the wrath of God
Careless behaviour
Our world torn apart
Hate and corruption
Spread like the wrath of God

Deeper underground
Hiding from the sun
Now we're singing out of tune
Only barking at the moon

Ignorance is bliss
And silence is like gold
So we struck a nerve
What purpose do we truly serve
Now we get what we really deserve

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