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1. There Are Good Guys, Bad Guys, And Me

I stand here, helpless, star struck, by the starlet at the masquerade. Spare me the dramatics
I get where I am and where I'm heading.
But you see I've realized my wrongs, I know I can't take them back.
But I'll spend eternity taking every chance I get.
I am doomed and gloom has it's harrowing arms wrapped around her.
Just listen to the words, in every love song...
They're all about us, every single word. Every single lie. All great romances start with you and I.
I am jealousy's advocate, and for that I have nothing.
I am the man who invented the excuse, woe, me.
Just listen to the words, in every love song...
They're all about us, every single word. Every single lie. All great romances start with you and I.
Can I say a word without you interrupting me? Or do I not have a choice?
To take your hand, is to let go of all else.
And I lack that commitment.

2. Nothing Is Fair In Love And War

The Romeo that you knew is dead. And It can't get worse than this.
I am a sorry excuse for a fucking hero. I am not, I am without, I am never was.
Oh, how you terrify!
With love bundled up in the backseat, and worthless confined.
In the trunk, somewhere worse is where I should've ended up.
I guess it's just my luck that I don't know how to love,
but only how to fuck things up, all these things up.
Sin is the new black, and it licks its eager lips.
It loves how innocence tastes, it can't get worse than this. This matinee is gonna be a killer!
I was living a lie, now I'm dying to know the truth were his lips as soft as mine.
Did he make it so you found it hard to breathe, did he sweep you off your feet?
And I believe something tells me the finale will be something to see.
Bring me back.

3. Honest To God

We are but sinners, swimming in the stomach of the shark.
But I'm making it out, and I'm making my way to his heart.
But a lot like the world, this beast is heartless. And a lot like the shark, I'm hungry for your kiss.
And I've been set in stone from the day I was born.
I'm but a thief, stealing the teeth of wolves while.
They sleep. I'm charismatic in the way I captivate!
I cannot believe I made it here, I deserve the worst
Come on, get your asses of the floor.
And prepare to witness something like you've never seen before.
It's enchanted, it's romantic, it's everything you've ever imagined.
Just for a second let's pretend that I give a damn.
I lost my dignity to a lousy girl. And I abandoned my compassion at sea!
Lord I can't deny my appetite... Come on.
I've been cast out of heaven, and I've been spit outta hell. I'm a walking desperado...
And I am empty as the 'o' in God.

4. Get Down With Your Bad Self

What is left of me sits burning in the bottom of this ashtray.
I'm an ugly mess, I'm full of it, and I'm a lame excuse for a poet.
It really all comes down to my love for misfortune.
A weak stomach and a mouthful of bad intentions. Watch your mouth!
Cause I'm the son of a gun, tempt not one in love.
I live my life by a night stand bible from a motel in limbo.
I have a way with failure and I'm the poster child for giving up on you.
And this lack of belief is what leaves me room for loving you.
Relax, come on - relax and give in I was born to make you moan.
You let her climb inside your ribs and let her tangle herself up in your bones.
Don't think for a second, that she gives a damn.
It's a shame you try so hard just for a girl. Who doesn't know your name or care to remember.
And it's a shame I can't remember anything.
I can't even recall your taste or the monster that I became.
I've tasted death, its graced my lips, I wanna give it back.
But I want you bad. I want you bad. You better watch your mouth, I'm the son of a gun.

5. San Dimas

My name is in lights above a rundown tavern. And it calls me.
It's where the women want and need, and bleed for you.
This is the kind of place where dreams come true.
And God is shaking hands with the devil.
They've got bids placed on my head! And it seems as though god is routing against me.
And the devil is my best friend.

And I swear I won't give in, to this feeble attempt.
To try and stop me from seeing you, from feeling you.

2, 3, 4...
There is something about the way you move it dull this shiv of a man I am and my love for you.
She was bad news, she smoked her cigarettes slow.
She killed rock and roll.

And I swear I won't give in to this feeble attempt to.
To try and stop me, from seeing you, from feeling you.
From feeling you, from feeling you

6. Like Wolves

I am young, and I'm in love. Post-apocalyptic?
But it's something I'm working on.
Equipped with a bible and a rifle, I should be fine, with this holiness on my side.
But what's the good in a god by your side, when the devil creeps around my neck like a snake?
We march, in the damnation parade. We're cast, Ill-starred in an operatic gun ballet. I apologize.
I have prior affairs I've arranged, I have a date with the gallows and I can't be late.
I don't care much for your advice, this drink here is rather convincing,
but your horns and tail tell me otherwise.
So I'm getting the hell out of here. The stench of deceit is far too much to bare.
And when we dance, oh how we'll dance before a conflux of crows.
Like wolves, I can't help but lick my lips at the thought of biting.
Into your skin, and tasting grace.
Oh god what I'd give to feel the slightest bit alive again. Temptation has a killer body.
That boys got the devil inside him. That boy's got it.

7. You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

This is a lot like sleeping with loaded shotguns, and a lot like kissing fingers crossed.
Did doing what you did make you feel important?
Or was it just another worthwhile reason to spread your legs.
I think I'm in love with you baby. Or at least I love to think so?
It's on nights like these that heads will roll, and we will feel. Feelings like we've never felt before.
Tonight will signify everything I've eradicated, I hope to leave you shaking.
So I'll face this apathetic crowd. I'm unarmed, but I'm ready to fire. Yeah!
I've loaded up on ambition, and I've got myself a good/pure soul.
Its simply just the sex that's killing me. You're killing me.
Can't you see it? Coward, I won't lie when I say. I've always found you weak.
I won't stop until your by my side. Counting down the seconds until our ribs collide.

8. Something I've Rehearsed

I'll be honest. My patience has come and gone. I messed up real bad this time.
So I'll apologize for my poor appearance, and ever awful pronunciation.
I'm shot, full of hope and I'm slightly intoxicated. Yet I'm searching for something more.
And I long for a little bit more.
It's the disappointment that's far too much to cope with when everything is a fabrication.
Our lives, our hopes, our dreams, our love was all exaggerated.
Yet I'm searching for something more. And how I've longed for so much more.
Here I am to admit defeat, I've never been one to beg pardon, but yet I'm on my knees
I've tried my best to smile, but its hard when you look up at the stars and ask the sky when they're coming back.

9. The Bronze Goddess

Brace yourselves, everyone! We've got a whore on our hands.
Fasten your seat belts. Grab your loved ones, do anything you can.
It's impressive how you've managed to destroy my world again.
But this time baby, I know how it ends.
And it's on love you that I'm hellbent.
I'll play the lover, you play the liar and we'll lie like lovers do.
How much longer must I remain convinced that I'd die without you.
Rest-assured last time I checked I had it all under control.
I may be drunk and my judgement may be fucked but I've been blessed with good looks.
God said true true love would save me, somehow.
I've got just one questions, where's my savior now? Follow to where your inner thighs desire.
I can't stop you...

10. Professional Cinderella

...And you may have a bulletproof smile, but you are easily penetrated where it counts.
If it's the sex that you love, I'll give you something to lust about.
Goddamn, it's happening again - I'm running out of time.
I've got a gaping hole in my chest but it's alright, it's alright.
Cause I'm a hopeless romantic by day and a sex machine by night.
So cock and load your vocal cords and scream like you've never screamed before.
You wreak havoc upon my world, but yet you're so worth waiting for.
If I'm the kind of clich├ęs, then you're the God of catastrophe.
We are ever lasting, we are what love is made of, nothing can stop us now.
I am lovesick with the machine gun blues.
Goddamn I cannot shake it out. I am lovesick with the machine gun blues.
And I can't shake it out, shake it out.

11. To The Moon And Back, Babe

Pretty you are, enough to be in magazines,
But I know and you know, you're worth more than that to me.
But my desire to kiss you completely diminished.
Due to the fact that your lips on my lips just might as well be your foot on my throat
Holding back the hidden "I love you"'s in all the songs that I've ever wrote.
Until the day... That his swells have come to suck you in and steal you away from me yet again.
To drown everything important to assure you forgot about me.
To remain embraced by something stronger than me, warmer than me, better than me.
More suitable to best accommodate your needs.
And the moment he touches your face, caresses your body, just to feel
I will break at the knees,
And I will combust.
I will..... I will....
And his swells have come to suck you in and steal you away from me yet again.
To drown everything important to assure you forget about me.
So it won't hurt so bad to see you love again.
So it won't hurt so bad to see you love again.
So it won't hurt so bad to see you love again.
So it won't hurt so bad to watch as you... forget about me.

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