Dark Lyrics


1. First Indications Of...

2. Evil Gogo Babe From Outer Space

Come on baby, sweet sugar honey
Come on girl and trust in me
You bring me down, over and out
You are falling - falling to the ground

Four lips working well on me
Desired flesh wrapped around my skin
Like a belching volcano
She's riding toward the realm of passion

Greedy screams of lust
She's a gogo teaser - a demon queen
Our flesh reduced to one
And I am overloaded

Evil Gogo Babe From Outer Space

3. Young, Free And Shameless

Take a trip into "dead" and feel
You're getting high
Look at my 10 inch ripper and get
Your demons ride

Yeah, you're young
Yeah, free and shameless
Yeah, I can't deny you
Yeah, my gasoline

I can give my morningstar
So please call me "god"
Hands and knees on the floor,
I fly high when you're down
Yeah, young, free and shameless
Forget virginity
Requite the tight thighs
My speciality

The loss of innocence lies in their hands
It's the will of nature
To be young, free and shameless
High expectations
Boundless curiosity
Enjoy the news
Of your own unexplored flesh

Feel the vibes on your skin
Total vixen love machine
The girl is fused and loaded now
Yeah baby, move your ass

4. V.I.P.

Very important perverts

Feel my prick in your back
10 inches of (pure) lust
And more, more and more
Your moanings get higher

Get higher
Oh Yeah

Come on, enter the world of V.I.P.s
Grab with your hands your favorite tits
Participate in your private sensual feast
I'll show you the comforts of eternal decadence

5. Glamorous Teen-Specialist In Gang-Bang City

One right up in the cave
One right up in the ass
I'm the glamorous teen-specialist
My dick will make a mess!

Unprotected game
Nitroglycerin in my balls
Shameless nudity
How the hammer falls!

Like a ballerina
Uncommon cool
A little firecracker
For me to start

The sweet taste of sixteen
Charm like a liquor

Endless mass-penetration
Oral cock masturbation
Shameless nudity
I'm the specialist in Gang Bang City

The sweet taste of sixteen
Charm like a liquor
According to my teenage whore
Young, tender and just for me!

6. Heavenly Whipping Queen

She feels exciting pleasure
As she whips my ass
Taboos are alien to her
Godly act of rapture

Licking your boots
And kissing your feet
In your vagina
I want to be knee deep

I'm your creeping servant
Even unworthy to breathe
I'm impaled by your two fists
A force I can't resist

Sympathy for gastric feasts
Addicted to the spastic beats
Unleash emotions with your whip
Prudery just makes me sick

Sonic flash
On your skin
Feel the groove
Ancient dreams
Oh my queen

7. Orgasm Through Sleazy Vibes

My lust's released in powerful streams
I'm beneath your feet

High-heel boots and grooving butts
Is just your beat

Extra dry and will tempered
Perfume so thick, I drink it deep inside
Warmer than kisses from the sun above

Thigh-high boots - sleazy vibes
And I taste - all her love
A pound of flesh - to sleep again
Once again - and I always will

Deep within that wicked dreams
My lust's released in powerful streams
The urge of getting total wants
Perverse to some but now and used
Sweet pleasure of this nasty abuse

8. Chew-in-cum (Sperm-int Mix)

You eat me with your charm
And your supernatural sweetness
You cover me with insinuations

She invites me to things that
I would do in any case
And now I've got pins and needles in my hands

Off with your shirt and let yourself go
My 10 inch ripper awaits
Embrace my Johnny with your lips
Let the juice flow
And chew-in-cum

The pleasant smell of your sweat
Your charismatic perfume
No need to play with my joystick
I blame you for my skin
The time has come to play my game
Sinful moves
Purposeful conclusions in my mind
Nice little chick (so) chew-in-cum

Supersonic bitch
Her love is rocket fuel
Super sleazy curves
None can deny her
You bring life to my dick
She won't kiss and tell
Release me from my lust
She's ultra super slick

9. Sweet Turbo Stench

Well, let the stench flow
Now, Mr. Brown (embraces your face)
Smell, the putrid anal vomit!
Made, for your nose only!

Say how hot my balls are
That I'll give to you
You'll get taste my lady
See your leader right in me

Offensive exhalation
Makes me shiver with delight
(Successful) evacuation of my bowels
Is my biggest pride

Burning in my asshole
Fermentation in my guts
Extended lustful groaning
Explosions from my anus
Apocalypse in my toilet
I give birth to fancy cakes
Sweet turbo stench
Fuck me if I'm mad

Brown and molten
Mr. Morphine
Shit monger

10. Tramal 25 Mg (Surround Insanity Mix)

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