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1. See You In My Nightmares

Here I am again, trying to exist, I'm alone,
In a world that's null of adoration.

I can't describe the pain,
Once again I've been betrayed,
The only difference is that I deserve.

I'll see you in my nightmares
With a noose on your neck
You'll be there in the darkness

I have called defeat,
You've anaesthetised my face.
Dissimilate. As long as you believe it I won't.

I'm alone again,
Fuck you and your happiness.
Stay away, with your
Self indulgent cess-pool.

I'll not falter,
To these words that will scar me.
Now I'm so forlorn. Kill me.

Now that piece is missing.
This is your final day.
How far would you go before it's too late?

I can't describe the pain,
Once again I've been betrayed,
The only difference is that I deserve.

2. Mindless

Welcome to this dying dream,
I forget it's meaningless.
So swallow your crooked words
It's pointless, pointless.

Suffocate, within the eye of chaos.
Hold the words.
Up against the ropes again you
Fucking little piece of shit.

Seething screaming unconscious gaze,
Despair, a burning rage through my eyes
Fury and hate it's draining.

Medicate, welcome the burning embrace.
All the while your mind is slipping
Into morbid anguish.

Fucking whore, behind a secret door.
Fade away and when the consciousness
Appears your world will crumble into oblivion.

Save yourself
Save your mind
Save the dying embrace for
There's nothing that you've left behind.

Suffocate, within the eye of chaos.
Close your eyes,
The vision here will make you blind.

Medicate, welcome the burning embrace,
Hold the words, your mind is slipping
Once again you fucking little piece of shit.

3. The Coldest Of Disasters

These hands of mine,
Are washed of this fate.
It's pale white,
To waste another day.

You keep wishing for the end, though the
Truth is yours.

Here's another night alone again. Are you
Surprised that I would never let you in?

Well it's the coldest of disasters. Are you
Prepared to be the energy I need?

Collapsing, you've sucked the life from me.
You seem to forget,
That I am not your enemy.

Not your enemy.

I am not your enemy.

I'm falling away from this,
With a lifetime of affliction.

What the hell is happening,
It's pathetic, we're suffering.

When your worlds are so apart
It's easy to collide.

When the coldness of this anger comes
Well I will be saved,
I will be saved and I will.

4. Questions

For every word I write
There's a thousand more.
(I need to get it working again)

And these callouses on my tongue
Keep bleeding.

I've got a million memories and
No way to release them.
It's a disgraceful live this time

I have the answer to your questions

It's just you don't understand,
That these answers aren't what you want.

I keep waiting for someone to
Tell me that it's a dream
(All I want to do is wake up)

A forced meaning to something
That I know is a lie

So save your lies, for someone who doesn't
Know the truth of your actions.

5. Simple Minds

Burning fires in a perfect mind.
It's a hypocritical sacrifice.

I will not, fade away.
Solitude lives in clarity.

All I know, is all I show
And it's bound to you.

Simple minds.
You'll be my eyes and taint it with your lies.
'til the darkness comes down on you.

Waiting for this, to unfold.
It's a perfect world for a tortured soul

You will never separate broken
Words from a fragile hate.


You will never separate broken
Words from a fragile hate.

This time I'll be letting you go.
There's your answer.

6. Without Tears


7. In This Moment

You might think you are perfect,
A specimen of light
And shifting blame with
Your middle finger.

You're so transparent,
Your words mean nothing
And once again you are the victim.

In this moment, you'll fall from grace

When they're calling out your name
Will you be there to answer
Or will you ask for an invitation
Will you be there forever.

I watched your beauty fade away
(You became nothing)
And it was sickening

There's blood on your hands,
Your broken fingers
And still you think you are the victim

Our lives are broken
We'll never get them back
This journey ends with you.

8. Acid Laced Fiasco

A charge for one and more to go.
You'll find that there's no way to know.

A though that you had,
Though they never knew has been lost in time.

And now I'm down so low
Acid laced fiasco.

Help me brother wake me from this.
Fucking disaster, catastrophe.
Gut wrenching, I still feel like choking.

Like all before you it's still the same.
No purpose remains.
I have no sense of reason and it's eating me alive.

These things take time, and all wounds heal.
But you'll die before I will.

And now the fucking shit has hit the fan.
I'm afraid of going back down.

And now I've come to take your place
This war that's here will be the end of you.

9. Down This Hole

The shades are closing in
Blood stained and suffering
The conflict drives me insane

I'll be, forlorn,
You'll be the victim of this day

I'll chart a course to the unknown
And when I get there
I'll send a message to your home
One day you'll find your way again
Down this hole
These shadows hide what you believe

Try to erase what you've become
You've spread disease amongst us
Amongst us.

10. Edge Of The Line

Just for the night, you've got to let it go.
And then you'll know, the edge is so close.

Forget the ties, they'll still be there
Forget the lies, it's only for a while.

Wake up and smell
The bullshit you've been saying
For they will surely see it

Hold it tight, you will swallow
Fight this fight, swallow.

I'll walk the edge of the line.
Where you will crumble.
I'll walk the edge of the line.
And we will let it out tonight

Once it's begun, we won't be letting go
Until the light hits, we won't be slow

So take a chance, and live it now

Wake up and smell the
Bullshit you've been saying
For they will surely see it

11. Recoil


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