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1. One By One

Any way you turn, you cannot escape
Your mind will be smashed into shape
The poison that is normality is everywhere
But I wont take the bait
You blink an eye, you cease to resist
A second's lapse is all that it takes
But my blood's seething with the antiserum
And I know that its hate
One by one, you fall from grace
One by one, you cant look me in the face
You gasp, you grasp to the sides as youre falling in

2. Comatose

Your watching eyes aint new to me
Nor your words of deceit
Since day one I had you down
Ready to dispose a mind
Torn to shreds
Clutching to all that makes
Makes you a man
Shallow layer fabricated, still you pretend
Head held too high to see the ground, its fucking close
Today its coming around, to you
Your lies uncovered for all to see
Youre still pleading, no one believes
This day youre unmasked
This day youre fucking last
Torn to shreds

3. See Through The Lies

This world a fucking lie
Your life contained by their plan
creating all you see
You worship a fools gold
Live blind, I can see through the lies
Your goals implanted in your mind
Obey and fulfill their dreams
Its always just out of reach
hands tied, I can see through the lies
The life that I despise is all you have
its not enough for me
Content to die for nothing
theres more that I see
I can see through the lies
Ive come too far and I wont turn back
to accept this, to deny it
You live blind, but I can see through the lies

4. Tear You Down

Whatever it takes to tear you down
You cant bring yourself
To look your face in the mirror
You cant bring yourself
Just to look at your face
Whatever it takes to tear you down
You scapegoat your victims
To escape the blame
You clean your hands too
With their tears
It dont mean shit to you
You take the easy way out
Too many lies to explain
Because I know the truth
And all their tears
It dont mean shit to you
How long will I wait for things to go my way
How long does it take til everything turns real
My passive days are through
Ill tear the floor from under you
For those you cheated Ill do
Whatever it takes to tear you down

5. Walk Away

Youve had control for too long, but Ill retake my own
And with your coffin nailed a final proof of your goal failed
You walk away from your mistake
Fuck your life, hate is coming down
You wont walk away
(freefall into the unknown)
From your last mistake
(burns right before me)
Without a shadow of doubt
Youre set to fall
Without a shadow of doubt
Weve got to take them out

6. Another Skin Shed

As ire is spawned, vengence is sworn
Another body bled, another dead skin shed
For granted it shall be taken
Our capacity to interact
A perfect expectation
Defiled by observed fact
A shrouded barrier
Too inherent for the mind to percieve
Emotions ensure that
the long term hopes are bereaved
Affirm your belief, hopes are bereaved
Another body bled, another dead skin shed
Are we striving for
An unattainable goal
Countless years of exertion
And what have we got to show
Others wrongs internally blamed
Our own externally caused
Our minds too feeble to
Change and reap the rewards
Hopes are bereaved
Another body bled, another dead skin shed

7. Worst Case Scenario

Life lead in constraints til death
A billion more cant see the chains
My whole life, I have been provoked
Retaliate, alter fate, you choke
You choke. Fucking choke
Ive swallowed enough now its time
Too see the tables turned
Im coughing up blood thats not mine
And Ill see it returned
The pain that always comes my way
I think of you just the same
All the things I despise are the things you prescribe
Still I hide them all away. Hide them away
I will overcome, Ive promised myself
That I will see it done
With open eyes Ive become
The one thing you cant take.

8. From The Inside

Hatred boils over into
Scald your face, in rage consumed
And it just feeds me
Decayed from the inside
Decayed from the inside
Flesh burnt face, what a waste
But its all that I know
Tried to let your actions slide
But the hatred shows
Every move shows the truth
I see you try to survive
Because all that burns in me
Is my one reason for life
Its coming down to this
I have nothing left
All the rage, Ive kept, I have nothing left
Its all that I have left, and it just feeds me

9. Nothing Remains

Pain all I feel, nothing remains
Wound will not heal, ever again
Never again
All my life Ive been decieved, never again
Ive buried hope with defeat, nothing remains
Ive been blinded by this life
See nothing but black
I wont forfeit the chance to bring it back
Ill stand up for what I believe
For every second I breathe
I have been doomed by fate
but theres another way
Ive been decieved all my life
I wont turn away, I refuse
I wont accept fate, I refuse to give in

10. Scarred Proof

The army of darkness
Blackened corpse, continuous source
Victims of lost hope, lost will
Flame burned low through fault of mine
Strength left to clutch at the flames
Ive seen the depths of darkness
But there are those whod die before fall
Sooner claimed by blood than evil
By cold steel before your apathetic ways
I have seen the suffering
Scarred proof of battles lost and won
Society struggles on, through race, sex and specieism
Oppresion will divide the weak, unite the strong
The only victims are those who
Who give in.

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