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1. The Music Of Despair

In the loneliness of winter
When I seek penance for my sins
I call upon my fate for mercy
Oh let the king of diamonds win

When the lords of light are with me
I climb the stairs up to Ungol
When the angel witch she soothes me
I'm her witchfinder general

Doom is the soul of metal
Primordial and pure
Doom is the true essence of living
My cure

When my heart is filled with sorrow
And I wonder who I am
I put on some ancient Trouble
Some old Vitus

When my soul walks in the darkness
Or life's hopelessness again
Then I find solace
I find comfort
And I learn and understand

At the blessed pagan altar
He kneels the reverend bizarre
And he calls me and I follow
Into the doomed world of my heart

There is beauty in the mourning
So much truth and tenderness
Let me celebrate the sabbath so black
The rites of candlemass

There is wisdom in the slowness
In the rhythm is the magic
In the air
And I know I've found salvation
In the music of despair

2. A Lovelorn Traveller

So cold this night
Her shroud my grave
Onward I march
On paths unpaved

A solemn sojourner
Unguided on my way
In solitude I roam
No help
No home
Until my dying day

I am a traveller on life's dark road
A lovelorn traveller in search of hope

No piece of mind
No one to care
This burden's mine
My cross to bear

3. Mourner

My love's long dead
All tears I've shed
I don't know why
Don't understand

Love's long gone by
Just pain inside
Don't understand
Please tell me why

I'm going mad
So weak and torn
A mourner sad
In mourning of the death of love

It's real
Love's dead
I see just black
I don't know why
Don't understand

4. Holy Blood

Did he die on the cross
Was it all just a hoax
In their faith built on lies
What's the true lore of Christ

Holy blood
Holy grail
Did he win or did he fail
Tell me
Are his children still around
Will the truth ever be found

Did he marry Magdalene
If he did
What does it mean
Who wrote the bible
For what use
What's left to gain
What's left to lose

What do they know
What they won't tell
Are they born of hell

Some blame the cross
The Vatican
Find hope 'neath the pentagram
My friend

Take my hand

5. The Oath Of The Witch

Crosses burn my flesh
I fear no damnation
Deep within my soul
I cry for black salvation
Torture in my veins
Spirits in my brain
Bent on dark destruction

Break free from the chains of his control
Save yourself
Save your immortal soul

I shall not confess

The oath of the witch

Crosses burn my flesh
There is no repentance
Onwards into death
Hell my final sentence

6. Throne Of Isolation

Darkness falls
Bleak and hollow
Like yesterday
Trapped my mind in life's sorrow
I must escape

I await the mourning of my winter dawning
In my mortal hell
A servant to the jackal
With feelings cold immortal
I bid my last farewell

From countless wounds my soul is bleeding
Nothing's left of all my dreaming
Broken heart now petrified
This day my memories stop burning
And for me the world stops turning
Living death I pay the price
My soul dies

Up high on black wings I'm soaring
Into my winter dawning
Follow to the abyss calling
This is the way

My kingdom is waiting
A throne of isolation
A scepter of exile
No rites of blackest magic
Could turn this fate so tragic
I take my crown and smile

7. Burn Another Sinner

Fires of inquisition rage and burn
Manic blind fanatics never learn

Don't you see the flames rise to the sky
Rising high to let your damned souls fry
They won't change their minds
They never will
Now prepare to burn
In for the kill

For your sins
Your blasphemies
You'll pay
It's your doom
Your final judgement day

Soon you'll feel the fire lick your flesh
Scream in terror
Pray for a fast death
Curse their lives and curse their evil minds
Salvation they won't find

Burn them all
Burn another sinner


Castrated by their faith
Forcing upon us their holy ways

8. All The Gods You Worship

I don't know who I am
What do I live for
No living soul can answer me
I don't know why I'm here
I sure know nothing
Isn't this life insanity

This earth it must be hell
A torture neverending
A downward spiral endlessly
Lost souls full of fear
Haunted by angels
Mortals fooled eternally

Have I fallen from grace forever
Is there no hope for me
I have failed
Am I lost
Is there no absolution
Madness reigns
And all the gods you worship are insane

You don't know who you are
What do you live for
No living soul can answer thee
You don't know why you're here
You sure know nothing
Isn't this life insanity

I guess we're all insane

9. Anthem Of Doom

Depression pulls me down once more
I know that this time it's for real
Won't beg for help
No final words
A shadow I have become

I curse my life
I've tried to break free from the pain
I hate my fate
Don't let me live

My song of suffering
I give to you
My song of suffering
Anthem of doom
Give me a reason
To carry on
Give me a reason
Or hand me a gun

I enter the void
Through the gates of suicide
The plague in my flesh
Cancer of doom that you've called life

10. The Peaceful Dead

This life has left its scars and wounds
Each day one more step to my doom
I have no hope left
All my dreams
Fallen apart at the seams

Take me down
From the hateful living to the dead
I join the peaceful dead
I go
To leave this hell behind
I'll never know
Life's dread
When I join the peaceful dead

Lost within myself
I'm burning in my private hell
All I wish for is
Oh spare me
Another life in misery

Rest in peace

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