Dark Lyrics


1. Daughters Spelled Wrong

I've been called a sinner
Wrong doer
Evil doer
Worker of iniquity
Bad example
Scoundrel, villian, knave
Viper, wretch, the devil incarnate
Monster, demon
Fallen angel
Murderer and thief
Lost sheep
Black sheep, black guard
Loafer and sneak
A good for nothing
Ass fucking
Son of a bitch
I've been called a sinner

2. Fiery

We agreed this city was like a morgue
You said we should liven things up around here

This is red when paint the walls with fire and pools of cream
This is my mouth with sharp silver teeth and our implausible dream
These are the blues when sung to you by blue lips the likes you've never seen

Will the smoke leave us time?
Or has someone extinguished your fire?
Maybe you'd rather be left behind?

This is how it sells when there is no product in the store
This is how we enter when there are no handles on the door
This is sleep when they remove the warmth from our little house
This is how you glow burning there as quiet as a mouse

3. Recorded In A Pyramid

I wear my sickness like a wedding band
I've been touching myself all day with a hammer and nail
I'm the flat-footed-mule-faced-fucker the shit-bird-derelict-king
I drew a portrait of how I think I'd look with my hands around my own throat

If you could see me now...
I have all the makings of a despicable man
All the qualifications of your best friends
"If that girl could see me now"
Fingers like a bookmark reaching into my chest and saving that empty page

If you could see me now...
I am just a face connected to an appetite demanding self abuse
I feed myself by the handful like your kids at a petting zoo

4. X-Ray

Could I maybe be a little bit more naive?
Slide my shoes off my feet and rest myself in that seat
I call at one. At two. At three
I'm drunk and hard and half asleep
Someone is out there
It's more than I can bare
Now shifting from side to side playing along
Still hanging up furious when somebody answers the phone
Alone alone alone alone alone alone
But I know where to go

5. Feisty Snake-Woman

It was hot and the summer was cold.
Or so I am told.
I slept through it all
When I awoke, a vicious dark hung in the sky
My surroundings foreign and discomforting
I staggered to my shoeless hooves and ventured down the only path I could find.

At first there wasn't much life to be seen.
But then there she was
like an eyesore, like a private whore
Reptile tail. Reptile female.

Serpent beauty sat upon her front porch coaxing me to her side
to go down
then as i caressed her scaly hide I fuckin' knew I would be going down
You know the type.

She'll sell you the road, but she won't point the way home.

I only wish to tell you my story dear reader
Kind friend. It's too late for me but you still have a chance
If she finds you she will consume you
She will love you like she loved me
Then down down.
To where I fell.
Where I burn.

6. Providence By Gaslight

That skinny frame
That tired act
She's uninteresting wearing all that black
Still she could be such a little girl sometimes
Whining and kicking
Throwing herself from moving vehicles

Running and running
Her raven breast empty and cold
Pushing my face up against the door
It's another night here in something city
It's another night with her going somewhere shitty

Into the cold city night she goes running and running
I wanna tell her "Little girl you run too far in the dark and you get yourself lost"
Then like a banshee she screams
And I say god damn

You may ask "She can't really be that stupid can she?"

7. Hyperventilationsystem

I've no fight left my calloused benefactor
You unconscionable shit-titan
Have you come to rid this world of my unhealthy smell?
Have you come to claim my soul?

This love is a disgusting thing
The rapist of my being

8. Crotch Buffet

When you are inside it is pure

You are the one I want to nail to the floor

I want our sex to smell like your death
The blood was warm 'til you hit the door and spread your arms out like Christ

Now tell me about death
Tell me about disease
There is no other way to live

9. Cheers, Pricks!

If I was drunk right now I'd tell you how we could make this whole process a hell of a lot easier

I can't keep my eye from twitching
I can't make sense of this
If it's ringing in my head or in my ears I cannot tell the difference
I'm wishing I was a bit more educated
You're wishing for a belt of human hair and teeth (mine)
You want to know what it takes to make this young man weep
You've researched how to break my bones and skin me alive
You want to put me in a traveling show
Five bodies
Zero sleep
You've sent me out on a limb to hang myself high above these dirty streets


It's getting louder
I think it knows my name
I awoke in the middle of the night to find it standing in my doorway


Is it over yet?
Is this all there is?
Am I speaking only in vowels here?
Am I a mime?
A swollen tongue
Am I here?
I am


Can anybody here me out there?
Put me down like a horse with a broken leg
An old dog foaming at the mouth
Tie a chain around my ankle and take me out to the blackest deepest sea
Carry me out to the town square
Put me on the guillotine

/The End/

10. The Fuck Whisperer

Don't waste your time running
I'm taking over the controls of your vessel
I know the location of your thermal exhaust port

Your star of death
Like a Roman candle when I get off

There will be no leap into hyperspace and...
It's already too late
Your fleet is lost, you are floating alone and...
It's already too late
I've studied the weaknesses in your defenses and...
It's already too late
I've penetrated the hull and...
It's already too late

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