Dark Lyrics


1. Dreamlore Degenerate

[Music: Henriksson, Sundin]
[Lyrics: Stanne]

For thou sweepst me in thy robe of guilt
with garments forged in spiteful steel
No tainted pride shall make conviction cease

For none shall be unto thee proven
worthy of thy outmost fear
Let alone the silent longing
instinct shun the ones you dear

As the hunter boldly stalks his prey - intoxicated
Conviction reigns where truth might sway - intimidated

Silence the bore
You shun the ones you dear

The hunt is over
so the feast begins
What feast is enduring when all is said and done?
Everchange of hearts

The hunter's reason fail
The hunt is treason

The hunt is over
so the feast begins
Why search for endurance when all is said and done?

2. Zodijackyl Light

[Music: Sundin, Johansson]
[Lyrics: Stanne]

Crown the impulse that deliberately falls
Defeat in spiritless action — isolation
burn the greenwood
Order of the vertical path

Descendent — crawl in the remnants of one thousand lies
Restaging — torching a world that was left behind
Zodijackyl light

Cross the sharpest void
Deride the embers of his faith
The bringer that on million horses ride

Waiting for the call within, the spark of sin
Ever reminiscent of the coming of storm
Can you see the cosmic face in which disorder lies?

Burning of oppression
Burning the inventors
Burning is the killing hand
Be that of the darkest sin
To frustrate hope and love

I shall not be blinded
I shall not be forced

Feasting on debris from celestial wars

Burning in the sky
Beyond the realm of time
Sequence of the nucleus
The glowing dust in flight
Zodijackyl light

And they ride, they ride
The drama takes the lead
And they ride, they ride
The beast of heaven their guide

Racing through the vastness
Constellation disarray
That dark should not have existed
That bares no witness to the light

I shall not be blinded
I shall not be forced

Sweet endless
Perpetually plunge through interior vaults
So seamless
Joints of time cannot shackle the beast

Zodijackyl light.

3. Hedon

[Music: Henriksson, Sundin]
[Lyrics: Sundin]

Enter suicidal angels;

How hungry we've become;
like animals naked in shame
Fed with the tongues of apocalypse
that galloped down disordered worlds behind

From word to a word I was led to a word
that spanned over cultures in rage
Crimson masses, steeped in decadence
holding our tongues to the thirsty sun
So, is the future still open?
(so tell me, tell me)
Then enter, hornet, from our hive-dark hearts
And draw down the end from within

We need not the horns
That emanate from our dying, haunted bodies
severed and numbered they are

Nihilist, Hedon
the priceless art of their lives
Sorrow is a wing laid atop their heads.
skin deep, we carve our immeasurable sorrow
in the fold of your shivering arms

How hungry we've become
Like animals naked in shame
Fed with the hooves of apocalypse
That galloped down disordered worlds behind

Your children wild
and filled with death

# Jupiter in our unforgiving eyes:
a pandemonium of bodies and gold
Eager, as a part of your face
and the sickness attached to your skin (stone)
As the wine rush,
Charging from androgynous wombs
to open free the lid of pain #

rinsed in post-human shadows
a monument scorned by the teeth of time
Stale-faced keeper of secrets,
loaded with implosive fire
the whore that carried the apostle
to the mating point on the graves of giants

We look at you,
afraid to see what we really are.

4. Scythe, Rage And Roses

[Music: Henriksson]
[Lyrics: Stanne]

Fast fading roses
Non-lingering words
Scythe be my instrument
Through dreams I now rage

No guidance is me offered
No forgiveness thee is promised
Now will distance be a factor
when engraved in me thou art?
engraved in me thou art?

Your soul shall serve to nourish the torch of the earth

Denial serves me
Denial serves me right
Denial serves me to the end of time
it serves me right

That fire cannot burn
with flames of no origin
That star cannot bring guidance
without force or form

Denial serves me
Denial serves me right
Denial serves me when ... pledge

sweet silence and darkness
Without silence the darkness loses its splendour

Sweet bliss that sleep now giveth
tempt with forgetful night
Ever haunting that image within
swear to the answers denied

5. Constant

[Music: Sundin, Johansson]
[Lyrics: Stanne]

With each daring new concept, creation and form
one fragment of shelter from heaven be torn

The bleeding through barriers
shine of redemption
The taste of renewal
let art once again be a weapon

The whim of the forger is theft from the flow
the hatchet now reddened with creation's blood

Constant is forever

I am the creation
so bold in design
The errors of one thousand minds
bleed out through a world gone blind

This is the magic that a name would stain.

6. Dissolution Factor Red

[Music: Johansson, Sundin]
[Lyrics: Sundin, Stanne]

Drenched in the perfume of hell
Impasto of burning oils
forming continents on my outstretched naked body,

stains of shame
stains of shame

Limbs that leave their nests of red
to spin the reels of pain
Attach the nails and electrodes

and spin the reels again

Retreating hunger running through the years
carries the scorn on skeleton wings

Storm me, thou with the sharpened claw
swift hammer nails that pierce the shoulder of time
Behind the sunset, with movement regained

For there lie shadows even farther from the light
Farther from the light

I run,
Devoid of motion, devoid of name
attach the nails and electrodes

black moratorium, haven of refuge

7. Insanity's Crescendo

[Music: Henriksson, Johansson, Sundin]
[Lyrics: Stanne]

Gently hold our heads
Gently hold our heads on high

Aimless time in fear now hide
Overthrow the plan
Confusion lies in all my words
Mad is the soul

We barricade ourselves in holes of temperament
This is the dawning of a new age
A heart that beats the wrong way
Insanity's crescendo

Gently hold our heads
Gently hold our heads on high

Wind colour - second sight
A touch of silence with the violence of dark
Illusion span - the aroma of time
Shadow life and the scent of nothingness

Insanity's crescendo

Infinite fall of instinct
Order of one spells deceit
Infinite lack of trust
Order of one obsolete

Oh, escaping time is all we lost ahead?
When it is found, can judgement make amends?

From force-fed impressions
Let us mortify the mind
Each soul to violate
Each instinct to be rendered false

Torn asunder be the conventional forms and frames
Now for the blood of heaven
Unlearn and the cleansing comes

Felt a tremor in the pillars of the senses
Cursed victim of a distance near
The first dream - the clearest vision

Aimlessly steer towards our light
We belong to thee
Oh, dearest bliss, unnerving silence
Entangled within

Dimly begotten in clarity found
Virgin-like tears for impurity bound
Beseech he who darkens the stars and the sky
Greet now this vision an emerald dawn

Empty the sun - carve out the wind
Insanity's crescendo
Tear out the blinded eye

Insanity's crescendo

Lament of thunder - take comfort in fear
Lightning veins in crude exterior
Voice the oppression - voice the hypocrisy
Lay down the law that made instinct fall

Escape now and revert
The cleansing rebirth
Torn asunder be
Affect me not; darkened vision
Insanity's crescendo

Grimly tread the footsteps torn
Rebellious stand the seeker tall
The thorn of insanity's hand
Take this darkened vision from my sight

Nailed to the image of ignorance
Each soul to violate
For the blood of heaven

8. Still Moving Sinews

[Music: Sundin, Johansson]
[Lyrics: Sundin, Stanne]

No one survives such an attack
We all stood like monuments baring the nails in her back
Still moving sinews
in a graceful impression of life
shyly the arms, shyly the breasts
fold, fear, die

Ten fingers driven through the heart, through the core
I stare into these strange, magnetic eyes
and wonder, wonder for you, wonder for me
are the demons there?

I knew it all the time:
The misanthropes were right
to crucify themselves in the need of a saviour.
Still moving sinews struggle fearsome with a lifeline forlorn,
caught in the nest of the impending dark fate.

Ten fingers driven through the heart, through the core
I stare into these strange, magnetic eyes
and wonder, wonder for you, wonder for me
are the demons there?

Semi-worlds, lifetight lodges
where our faces stiffen,
plagued with the frost of disease
Our capsules barely meet

The worms of disorder like living black numbers that drip from her pergament skin
Joined in sweet fury to anoint the decay fragile and reddened in lifelost array

Ten fingers driven through the heart, through the core
I stare into these strange, magnetic eyes
and wonder, wonder for you, wonder for me
are the demons there?

Joined in sweet fury to anoint the decay

9. Atom Heart 243.5

[Music: Sundin, Johansson, Henriksson]
[Lyrics: Sundin]

Still alive
all knowing eye
beneath your stream of words
your rapid stream of words
Though none will
ever live to share
the radiant stream
the promised lines
from which your picture fell

Re-seal the components from atom hearts
Revert, non-owner of worlds

As uncommunication becomes the manifest
our alien, architectural skeletons in unison collapse

Death rode these silent caravans
and steered them to the rim of the world.

Their diaries and withered letters
all devoted to the art of dying

The enterprise, academy
the crafts held in our hands
all devoted to the art of dying

No room to arrange
the final row of masks
drenched in chameleon-ink
for the grand charade
The tongues that burn in you
the slowly altered language
that colonized your heartland
advanced through broken doors

And they still believe in you

They seem to see
so many things
hooked in your pestilent eye
Your stale lids, your iris punctured
by tongues licking a lie

The enterprise, wolvenlore
the cursed seed of man
plunged through the tunnels of uncreation
We reach out to move the landmark,
hands seeping down from the chronicles of time
The quill now blunt
the scribe devoured

10. Tidal Tantrum

[Music: Johansson]
[Lyrics: Stanne]

Come death or dearling
the claws of the raven hold fast
Enticed and starving
Lustful revenge to the last

Unlight flood the seeker's eye

Come flame or false hope
gifted in spirit as I
Forced upon freedom
Let impulse nor stillness be spared

Fierce tidal tantrum
nourishing rapture within

Come feast or fire
repellent in forceful defence
Unchained, forgiving to none
solemn in swirling embrace

11. Tongues

[Music: Henriksson, Johansson, Sundin]
[Lyrics: Sundin]

Tongues, lost in me
yours be the sharp and the vile
Glide 'neath my skin
storm through my nerves

I bury the nomad years
hours in the earth
couldn't exorcise those searing, pecking tongues
Immune, you say
yet venom strikes in strangest guises
as the viper in our eyes
Tongue, throat, tongue
Slayer of the word and stealer of vision

A monumental reign of terrors
throats slit up to stain the target
We're food for the hounds of trauma,
prey to the crows of stress

No power left to retrieve my stolen language
filtered through the illiterate fingers of death

let sickness be poured
from the cupped hands of bedlam

On account of their brightness
I made friends with the word and the moon
went with the tide and left for the sound
of dead instruments thrown out of tune

The red-squared patterns,
dragonrise and evenclaw
decoying from pandemonic symmetry

Let ring
a dissonant note in the music of spheres
the streak of promise in the nuclear sky
These whipping black tongues
aching to lick me back to life
to inject their truths within me

12. The Mind's Eye

[Music: Palm, Johansson]

Mikael Stanne: voice;
Anders Jivarp: drums;
Niklas Sundin: guitars;
Martin Henriksson:bass;
Fredrik Johansson: guitars.

Band contact:
Anders Jivarp,
Andra Långgatan 34 7v,
S-413 27 Gothenburg,
(include I.R.C. or 1 US $ for reply).

Email: dark:tranquillity
Official homepage: http://www.bayside.net/users/darktranquillity.

Occasional keyboard overdubs by Frederik Nordström.
Zodijackyl backing vocals by Michael Nicklasson.
Hedon mantra vocal contribution by Anders Fridén.
The Mind's Eye score originally written by Morgan Palm and co-arranged with Fredrick Johansson.
Drums on The Mind's Eye played by Fredrik Johansson.
Female vocals sung by Sara Svensson.
Acoustic guitars played by Martin Henriksson and Fredrik Johansson.

Thanks to muriuki.kathia for sending these lyrics.
Thanks to cladinshadows13 for correcting track #3 lyrics.
Thanks to alexander.zhuk83 for correcting track #7 lyrics.

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