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1. Intro


2. Of Vision And Mental Derangement

lies and vice burn my head in obscure rooms
rush of womans' robe turns me to stone
in the door the nightly silhuette
upon my head a rising shade of death

I sank with stoned mouth in the garden of stars
shades of murder came over me
with purple brows I went to the wood
gods rage slashing my tortured neck
heart ringing softly through the dark
night fell and my heart cristally broke
darkness slahing my sweating brows
white angels figure appeared

black skies of metal
crosses wave in red storms
a beam freezes in the clouds
and I go down
in satans'sweet damnation

hate burns my heart
my unbroken force
my overshadowed face
the stiffeling air
of lust and pain

I recognize
the true nature in my
sweetness of pain drives my
in endless search for the
I gather from your pain

my senses are unstained
my heart is pumping red
seed has gone insane
nothing more to gain

3. In Nomine

a hell of self caused pain
lewd paints harass me
no heart was ever caught and cursed
in such venial lust

decay of dreammade fear
overflows my tired heart
only disgust remained of sweetness bleeding
in caddish pain

loud rushes the sirens well
dark hales the sphynx before our guilt
our hearts trembling with filth
we cry forgive us our sins

tortured by god and crushed in my face
from our souls' darkened bliss
remained only a feeling of bashfulness
the day before in distorted glance

beating to bars of heretic songs
in despair and sadful grace
brighter the stars of forgotten hope
reflecting our godless sin

away you haunting face
with unamable fear
thrill of delight trembles the embers
of my breath

come and get me
you never succeed
choke the life out of you with pale

I open it the door of life
and breathe the world again
I am
am sound and hot coloured life
still my blood flows
I am

4. Shades Of Pictures In Grey

lonesome under stars tent
walks through the silent hour
boy wakes out of weird dreams
his face decaying it seems

crazed woman with open hair
in the window staring barred
on the pond on sweet drive
lovers journeying wonderful

dark is the sound of springs rain in the night
drops of my blood falling onto golden plates
in myrial coffins a laughter whorish and wise
lust of my heart songs of madness and night

killer smiling bleach in the wine
the sick caught by mortal fear
nuns pray naked and wound
before gods pain on the cross

lonesome under stars tent
walks through the silent hour
boy wakes out of weird dreams
his face decaying like it seems

5. In Your Eyes

fat priests become the purulent flux of the church
disfigured, desecrated, spitten upon the cross
we hate this god before whom the pauper kneel
steel our heart, steel our soul in ardent desire for death

not even born in the womb restrained to their death
sick of his face on graves and remains
illusions of deliverance and your hail
burn your church, burn the book, with lies about life

in your eyes
pushing us towards tragedy
we're dying
in your minds
filled with war death and pain
we're sinners
in our hearts
saints and sinners are all the same
there's blasphemy
from your church
dictating weird democracy
we're leaving

in your eyes
pushing us towards tragedy
we're dying
in your minds
filled with war death and pain
we're sinners
in our hearts
our hate has condamned you
is nothing but blasphemy
of your church
black plates of carcery
we're stealing

masturbating in bloody hypocracy
lieing about interuption of pregnancy
run away from your own ideology
castigated in bloody monasteries
tragedy of failing and heresy
pouring fire over your sacristies
creed after carnal passion and luxury
your god is dead and will be

6. Noohoorsh

this is the story of a king called Sardon, who ruled over a land called
Usketnan long time before our history. at the beginning of our story you
can find yourself in the inner sanctum of the main temple, where a
mysterious woman appears and tells the king about a possibility to leave
their old state overshadowed by hunger, wars and chaos. outside the
people have ensembled and wait for the decision of their leader.

[Chapter One]
[The Ritual]

nshigtur, the strange woman helps the king to get over his premonitions
after his speech. she encourages him and promises him a better future.

what can I do, my force is gone
hunger, plague, war and chaos rule!
who is that woman, what is she about
listen to my cries, release me from pain!

come with me into eternal life

can I believe her, can I trust
fear rules my mind as she controls my senses
what will the future bring?
can she release my pain?
is there a reason within?
this woman drives me insane

[NSHIGTUR:] I can be your promised land
[KING:] where will the journey end, what will be in its end?
[NSHIGTUR:] feel my force inside your head!
[KING:] her force ties me - haunts me - thrills me
[NSHIGTUR:] people will survive again
[KING:] can I believe your promises to be true?
[NSHIGTUR:] come with me to promised land
[KING:] death or freedom, what waits for me?
[NSHIGTUR:] over!

with a strange noise, nshigtur starts the ritual
and at its end the imaginative journey through space starts

la pomovalatep ihas rasiks
noohoorsh elau
fach es ra troke sofsledan
bas er se tschory fot ern
esserint foi ta sofsledan
in ta pida lockt
noohoorsh elau

[Chapter Two]

the arrival. the new land is very strange,
everything is very geometric and black,
the people are afraid and nervous.

[NSHIGTUR:] now you're caught in my land
[KING:] what have I done?
[NSHIGTUR:] got your future in my hand
[KING:] what will it be?
[NSHIGTUR:] people will be slaves again
[KING:] never again!
[NSHIGTUR:] my kingdom is revenge for you
[KING:] no!!!
[NSHIGTUR:] your king lays in chains
[KING:] laying in chains
[NSHIGTUR:] no turnig back again
[KING:] want to be free
[NSHIGTUR:] enslaved in my hand, hate is your fate!
[KING:] noo!!!

suddenly a storm of stones begins, panic and hysteria rule.
nshigtur laughs and disillusionates the people.

smashed me, trashed me, laid me in chains
my people enslaved, deranged, eternal pain!

end of the storm. nshigtur incarcerates the king and presents
herself as the new queen of noohoorsh.
the people don't dare any resistance.
years pass by and the people are living in poverty and pain.

your blood is my life
through your misery I gain strenghth
obey to the diction of noohoorsh
as I 'm your life, your blood, your king
surrender to me!
hail me!

[Chapter Three]

naramsu'sha, the keeper of the tables,
is already an old man but he still seeks the reason for all this.
as he sits by a black lake and listens to the sounds of whales
he decides to go to the queens library
with all the old writings and books to find out the truth.

now I know why, the reason for all insanity
noohoorsh is damned, in my mind is clarity
nshigtur must die, she brings only misfortune
sardon has lost, the battle for eternity

[to be continued...]

7. Shadowfields

within dead hearts
a bleeding face of pain
one voice sounds
sobing with horror that grows
expired, unsure and sweet
doing prayers with decaying souls
a miserable play
before prayers with stoned hearts
lights shimmering veil
priest strides up the altar
sunken colours move
streaming red on her cold lips

fear dominates me
feel it in my heart
in my soul

burning fever
crush my sweating face
realm of death

burning in my eyes
in my heart

only poison
running through my veins
over the edge

faint angels watching altars
stream of blue eyes vague away
silence and shadows sink
in myrial spells suds swimming low
wretched figures reel into void
above my head
strike of blue colours voice dies on the choir
incense rising from black plates
on a dark bench I sit
raising my stare up to the cross
high upon high the starving voice

8. The Blood On My Hands

you open the door
into the bride's room
the secret it's decay
from fleshe's deepest need

rose upon my altar - i'm the rose on your altar
until two fades into one and one is death god!
as my fingers run through your thighs - I feel your fingers in my thighs
smearing my seed over blood over death - smear your seed over me

at midnight rutting bride
reaching for blooms beyond the veil
tell you my secret
god died for fleshes need

please come you shivering bride
the devil must feast for lust of the dead
lust slashes hate
immaculation of dreams

born from blood crying red
can your hear the strike of azraels' wings

as your man I'm gonna take you
I'll possess you entirely
musti, so gods will, cut your throat
my dove and drink your blood

and your twitching foaming death
suck your entrails
your bashful modesty
your cries build a coffin of laughter and lust
beneath my bleeding hands...

rose on my altar
until two fades into one and one is me

9. Requiem

near autumn walls I'm seeking shadows
dark fears - an anthem of this time
damnation - the dreamers heart
overflown with purple red
melancholia of a dying world
follows my step as I walk
a stranger on the graveyard
towards the black swords of lie

dreaming they rise
from dark eons decayed men
black gates effuse
dying angels with cold brows

dark rooms senseless
bony hands
tortured blue unholy child
rat naws doorway
heart stone sad
cold fever halls purple death

darkness emotion
hunger condamned
fouling darkness
swords of lie
garden of orphans
unholy grave
red barchetta on the channel

lost life gained death
is the feeling in my heart
as I cross the rivers'edge
then my spirit will be set free

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