Dark Lyrics


1. Am Ende Des Weges

Doch nach die ture du erreicht bedenk,
ob dies allein nicht schon genugt wer zwingt dich denn,
hindurchzugehn wer weib,
was dich erwartet dann das ende des weges,
willkommen am nichts willkommen...
Denn wisse, es mag auch genugen
dab du von nun an jederzeit die letzten
schritte wagen kannst es mub nicht zwingend gluck verheiben
ein lang ersehntes ziel nach groben muhen zu erreichen
dahiter kann die leere lauern doch tran dem nicht...

2. Ants Under Glass

The flower spreads, and wisdom staggers clue disperses
moreover sense has melt away unintentious, but with great effect
"Motionless attitude, never selfmade attitude fearful,
common laziness, fearfully conscientious never ever consciousness,
consciousness is fear frostbitten sight, obstructive spite: be eternally received..."
These thoughts, they cross the crumbling sky,
the nearing end is their impulse fulmination fills the air,
a flower of sound takes over
"Ants inside the head paralyze the head
close up and pass by, eternal will:
to deny under glass, to be and stay..."

3. In The Cathedral

Sinful rain bathing this narrow square soaking my vein, infolding my stare
Yes, they are goading me... as if shame will survive me
An old woman's knees kissing the tiles spirits lie broken, salvation is ice
Little by little, darkness is spreading
I've lost all ny bearings, need some accomplice
My behaviour is cursed, I drown in this dirt days once composed on the alert
drowning in guilt, drowning in dirt... and still insight is far away
In the cathedral, peeling my fear, in the cathedral, dirt even here
athirst for comprehension, my soul can't stop it's depredation
...as if shame will survive me

4. Sint Lumbi Vestri


5. Ashen

A paveway of graveyards, wetted by tears
reflecting the clouds that huddle together
the sky to protect from seeing the pain
Unbearable, my soul uproars, the sobs of thousands grind all thoughts
Clouds of cremated hopes swaying like butterflies but dead, grey and dead
ashes fly snowlike, so soft and so warm and cover the names with a blanket
oh, fragnant, with guilt and despair oh, butterfly, yoru wings are cold
and tears...

6. Gruselett

Der Flugelflagel gaustert Durchs Wiruwaruwolz
die rote Fingur plaustert und grausig gutzt der Golz

7. Gewitterfront

Und uber das tal ziehen schatten so dunkel
unwolken den schmitter, ersticken den glanz
und scheinen verwurzelt wie felsen im sturm
die unberrt trotzen der hochstein gewalt
Es donnert ein name mit grausamer macht
walzt zah uber mauern, durchdringt jeden winkel
die lippen erbeben, der zitternde klang schlammt lahmend die glieder
und bettel sie klamm in schlurfendes braun
Zweilicht fahlt flimmernd ein tanzender schmerz
am himmel ziehn fetzen wie vogel
als zielloses spiel des infernos doch frei
hinweg uber berge und klufte gebreitet liegt Bitterkeit

8. Moping Carol

Oh grief, oh pain, delivering me to hopelessness,
oh selfabsorbing perverse lust that turns me on this hell to bless
this rigid life of disincentive I've begun
provides the cage of frozen time that keeps my mind from going on
solum permaneo in velamene lapideo qiud ipse sustineo
No hands to clutch, no consolation
assistance all in vain for my soul lacks will to join salvation
depths of indolence, oh shelter my intellect
keep me from reflection that may urge a useless force to act
Got a brain with dancing shadows got a face with lightness eyes
when I'm searching for connexion with no hope to realise
Activity is useless for you've no chance to succeed
every strive for alteration is their mockery to feed

9. Will To Deny

This is no god, this is but me a shivering spine with eyes that see
behind that faces souls whose dimensions
controlled by fear, and no comprehension
Educated eagerness, erase from consciousness
I am no god, I am but me a shivering spine with eyes that see
Darkness is falling... still don't comprehend
yesterdays calling the future to bend
thoughts are deralied, thoughts are deflied,
thoughts are deflowered and denied thoughts are abused,
to be abjured we are but tools, we are but food
Grey are the clouds, low is the sky hoping this clouds
may feed my disguise hiding the sun, thickering the air
if justice is done, there's no need to care... No way to care
But foaming outside, mankind and its depths
them to abide? Their emptiness to forget?
Now look at these skies, they're crumbling, at least
they will to deny, within me a beast? All together, get estranged!
Look around, taste the air, freedom joy, no despair
nothing is what it seems close this eye, live this dream
educated eagerness, enthralled by emptiness

10. Little Chaffinch

Aeons may have passeth by, memories are fading
I wish you to have found your way and kept your imaginery

1996 Witchhunt Records

Aufnahmen und Mix im Oktober 1995 in den Marquee Studios,
Reutlingen, durch Hardy Heinlin.
Arrangiert und produziert von Dark Reality.
Musik und Texte von Philipp Kailer, Andres Waldura,
Martin Hein Zelmann bzw. wie angegeben.

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