Dark Lyrics


1. The Path Of Life

After your first life, a world of love
Surrounded by the darkness, peace and silence
You'll cry out to show your desperate pain
So your journey starts

No one can describe the path to take
And no one will know if it will be long
No one will know if it will be hard
Only fate decides...

First love will help you to understand
During the first steps she'll hold your hand
Then she'll move away to set you free
Free to choose

You'll fight alone against yourself, against your deepest fears
You'll fight alone against your deaf and blind rage
You will live in solitude to appreciate your friends
You will lose a thousand wars to lose your vanity

You'll learn to distinguish good from evil, love from hate
You'll learn to distinguish truth from lies
Only if you learn to listen, if you are so humble,
Will you give full meaning to your life

Like a sweet dream may seem real
Life can be a dream
If you will have sought the truth
You have found your peace

Now you're really alone, the wind blows hard
But your ship is strong, it can navigate
Looking for true friends, true love, true life
That are worth living for



2. Night Song

The night has opened her black eyes
She asks us "Close yours, please"
She is too timid and too shy, and she is too afraid
Of being hated for her coldness, for her silent peace
Misjudged all men for her pure simplicity

Embrace the stars and let them show you the way
Sea, lull him in summer, wind take him far away
My son, you have to learn to live with all natural forces
Use them with all respect and they will respect you
You are so small, you are so fragile, so pure and so sweet
You will be man, you will be sage, your name is Ulysses

You grow up strong and clever, you will become so sly
Stronger than an eagle, more cunning than a fox
Your live will be remembered forever
And they will follow your forever
And they will cry when heaven will take you away

Dance with me under moonlight
Dance with me on the seashore
Dance with me and sing this song
She is talking about life and love

Don't be afraid of monsters, witches, disloyal subjects
Angry and jealous gods, defeat them with your guile
My son, as always they are the mirror of your fears
Don't ever let them win, remover them from your mind

You will be king - Love your queen as you love yourself
You will be king - Guide your mind along the road back
And she will love you forever
There's nothing more important than your love


3. Mind Torture

Like a parasite
Cyclops suck my mind
Huge mental distress
Won't let me see
I'm feeling like a fool and a stupid giant
Deserve to be blind
Deserve to be dead

My instinct is like Circe
She makes me like a beast
She dominates my brain
And makes it like a slave
I am a prisoner
Of my fucking dullness
I am like a pig... Pig

My soul is charmed by a voice
She sings a sweet melody
Then feelings are clouded by a nymph
My heart cannot beat for her love

Drugged by false paradise
I waste my days and my life
All this is mortal for me
I must escape
Before it's too late to be free... Free

The brain is a strange thing
It loves the easy and trivial
Dullness, instinct, wealth
Have an easy game
And you lose your eyes
And you lose your ears
And you lose yourself... Yourself

Open your mind to new thoughts
Reason must beat your instinct
Love must sincere and pure
The struggle between false and true

Every time that you win
You give the right sense to your trip
Every time that you lose
You give more strength to your weakness
More pleasure to pain... Pain

4. Escape

Away from your worst mistakes
Forgiveness not given
Forgiveness not asked from you

Away from your hate
And your fear of love
From your treason
From your nightmares
From evil

Light, you need light
To warm your soul
To dry your tears

To your island never forgotten
To your son
To your wife
She's waiting for you

To your friends never forgotten
To your faithful dog
To your warm home
To peace

Light, you need light
To warm your soul
To dry your tears

Rage and strength to hold
Until the end
Pages of blood to write
At the end



5. Nostalgia

Night, my friend, i sit on the seashore
I'm looking at the sky, so I look in your eyes
Don't be ashamed of your cold and sad loneliness
I know her, she's here with me

She knows how to listen to my deepest thoughts
She knows how to talk to my feeble conscience
I would like to tell her goodbye forever
But i can't, not now, not yet

Please, dry your eyes
Do your stars shine
For me...

One of your stars will show me the way
She i so firm and sure of herself
She has always shown me the way in the past
This time will be last

I need my home
I need my love
My peace
I need my peace

Tell me why should I die alone
In a land that will never be my Ithaca
Tell me why i hope even now
I can hug my dear son again

Take me carry me away from here
I'm going crazy
I struggled a lifetime to find myself

Take me, carry me home
I've been far for too long
Night, I am a man, I cannot live alone

Night, dear friend, I am still here
The horizon is clearing and soon will go
Another day without meaning to live
One more and still one more
And I'll see you again
I hope you'll grant my wish...

6. Rage Of Gods

You, you'll never be able
You will never be able to reach the shore
You' you'll never survive
You will never survive the wrath of Poseidon
The great god of the sea will come upon your ship,
Will not let you get to your home
He will strike you with his strong waves
You'll not be able, not be able to resist

I'm clinging to life with my fingernails
I will have to use all my strength
Mountains of water and hate crash on me
Do you want my death? You must try harder
Sea god come and steal it, if you can
Mountains of water and rage are crashing on me


Sea, that I have always understood
Sea, that I have always dominated
Rebel against your bad god
Aeolus! Father of all winds, take it easy now
Rest a little, please, as in summertime
In a moment from the highest sky
Down to the darkest, deep abyss

(Where are you, my sweet goddess?)

A great confusion in my mind
My great truth fades away
Where are you, Athena?
Crumbling mountains, full of my fears, will collapse


Athena, my protector
Please, help me again
Come and stop the sea
Spread your wings
Sea eagle, flies closer to the sea
I must found myself, I must found my light
I must found my path, I must save my life
My sweet goddess, my sweet friend, listen
Stop all these waves and save me now

7. Last Fight

As a king twenty years ago
Like a beggar now I am here
Turned into an old man by my goddess
I finally walk on my land
Looking for a few faithful friends
Just a son, a dog, a swineherd
Enough for my just revenge

Cleaned by my sweet nurse Euriclea
She has loved me since I was child
Recognized by her great wisdom and love
My Penelope stops your tricks
And makes sure that I can defy
All rebels at my favourite game
The arc will bend o kill them

Traitors, this will be your last meal
Traitors, your last game
Traitors, you and your whores lovers
All of your shall die

They are profiting from my absence
Unaware of their certain death
Laughing with their fat open mouths, drooling
You still make fun of me, bastards
But I am not what I seem to be
It will be a nice surprise, you'll see
When I'll throw my revenge on you


I see your eyes beg for mercy
I hear your hearts beat faster
Before dying

Gianni Nepi — Bass, Vocals (lead, backing)
Paolo Ninci — Drums, Vocals (additional) (track 4)
Francesco Sozzi — Guitars
Francesco Longhi — Keyboards

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