Dark Lyrics


1. The Betrayal

2. Lamia In Corinth


Unleash this terror on the human race
Specter of the night the one you fear
Hunger is here, this lust inside my mind
Slit the throats feast blood so red
You are now the walking dead
Breaking, crushing, souls within their shells
Be afraid of this
Gripping, holding on the life you ve had
Fall to me a slave to be a servant for eternity
Entanglement of this twisted mind
Destruction of your hollow life

Breaking away up from this day
You re changing the way you live now
You re breaking away inside your mind
You re breaking away
Breaking away up from this way of life
A servant for the demon walking at night
Breaking away

Shadows will follow you through the night
Of painfull blindness were innocence can t hide
Her beauty possesses undying light
Darkness upon us leaves us behind

Crawling serpents, with disgust
Apparition breaking away
Unseen hunters form break up from the day
Casket opens feast on your prey
Endless beauty
Wake up this frozen life

The cold comes
Your frozen in fear today
Hungry for, the fall
Of mankind s demise

3. Serenity's Desire


I see this coming curse a raid
I am the moon that hides behind the clouds
And the one beam that glows through to shine away from you

My will is stronger than pain
Or do I force myself on what I cannot have?
This must be how I ll end my greatest challenge
This is where choice begins to fall behind
My dying wish that will be forgotten for you
And the way I regain my strength
To give up once again
The way I lost faith in tomorrow
And found a desire for serenity

I dread another dawn
One that will show my misery
She sees my confinement
With her radiant eye and soaring heart
My destiny has been deprived
For her soul is weeping distantly
A presence that belongs to the sky

You're falling apart
You're falling away from this time
You're falling apart

I would follow the light till dusk carries her away
Where life has no reason
And distance is all that I see past my pointing finger
Time has faded within every eclipse
And left me alone to a cold, cold world

Together they dance under the universe
With hope and chance
With change and peace
Now I've lost my desire
Fading out as far as my eyes can see
This is alone

Falling slowly with the tragedy
And without the calm beside me
Help is on its way
The waves crash and drown my sorrow
Sinking further down than ever before

Distant times are coming this way
His heart beats in passion
He is here today
The rage inside is changing the shape of his fate


If I could reach the horizon I would tear it down
So I could see the stars forever
The cold rain is my sadness
And the tears that fall never-ending into my open hands
Asking me questions I could never answer

4. Heart Of Nails


Buried in the ground
Call coming from ancient times says,
You ll never be found
Like the process of waking the dead

I see your rotting now
You re grotesque, putrid and dead
Tortured heart is nailed through
Whispering minds, decaying flesh chills the spine
Seeing with no eyes
Mind missing, but thoughts run through
Like the process of waking the dead

Breaking the boundaries
Heart beating that has now died
Like the process of waking the dead

Protect inside this heart has now slowly died
Torn apart, your mind is gone
You your dead die


The heart of nails

5. ?

6. Aura Of Despair


Never awake
Let the nightmares set in
Truth is pain
When truth is dead
Sleep now
Forget all your fears
Life can only get better
When you don't live at all

Don't open your eyes
To only see confusion
Take each breath
Forget all your fears
Does life exist in your heart
When you don't live at all?

An ocean's mile is where we lay
Discovering that I see the way, nothing else will change
You're the passing wave that will drown us all
With the tide and a new desperation
An ocean's mile is where we lay
Discovering, nothing becomes the passing wave that will drown us all
This tide dies


You follow the reaper (follow him down) Don't know which way to go
Life or carnage?
Possessed, this life is dead
Never wake up
Infinite dream
You follow the reaper
You awake from this dream
Away from the pain
You awake from this love
This life is dead now

7. Plagues Not Overcome


The silence whispers behind me
The cold wind circling
Crystals shattering
Carried off by the breeze

Today takes a new form
And I try to keep away
It s been long awaited and promising
Even for the dreadful
Another leaf falls with intent and apprehension
Cold rain seeps to the edge,

The storms will never end
I haven't found a way
We won't overcome or escape today
We won't overcome
Plagues not overcome
Forest clasp and far I run

The path I've found will take us nowhere
Weak hearts break like perfect love
Loss will find me and tear us apart
Endless trail with frozen dreams
Misleading passageways to infinite entrances
Today your red heart is my black
Tonight's fate with no way back
Close your eyes today

Because loss will find you and tear us apart

I've been brought to chaos
And inner emptiness
Left pale and hollow
And you re gone forever

Passion is worthless at the end
What can be precious when it's all gone?
A cycle that's left unchanged
A fearfull ending for pouring tears

Vast plague, you haunt me
Sent down to torture me

Today takes a new form
And I cannot keep away
The storms will never end
And it beckons me

I've been brought to chaos
And inner emptiness
Left pale and hollow
And you're gone forever


Your caress has beckoned me again

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