Dark Lyrics


1. Severance


2. The Shepherd's Hands

With teeth like daggers, the world will cut your throat
You are so fragile in your blood-stained coat
In weak wool shields you hide, leaving pain festered inside
And you still swallow your pride, make yourself alone

You run as fast as you can to escape the Shepherd’s hands
You run as fast as you can
Make yourself unknown

These strings like shackles perceived as heavy weight
As gravity tackles every mistake

Severance has made you cold
From everything you called your home
Your sedition fathered from emotion
Has kept you from the Shepherd’s hands

As you razed your ties, He stood with arms wide

You are not a stray
The kingdom follows wherever you stay
Dark wool won’t paint you black
Ignorance won’t forsake your path

It was carved in stone

Every time you lost your way
I promise you I called your name
And when you thought I left you behind
I was hoping I’d cross your mind

From the garden to the grave
I promise you I called you by name
You were born from fire that saved
The earth from the shadows of an empty grave

I have claimed the throne
Imago Dei, I’ve claimed the throne

3. A Well Run Dry

Creator of life

We were made to be fruitful
To sow life into the earth
To heal the blind, the lost, and the hurt

O deliverer, I want to see the world through your eyes
To be an oasis of love when the well runs dry
Creator of life, I want to see the world through your eyes
To be an oasis of love when the well runs dry

Prepare for the storm

When the world goes cold and death swallows the sky
Will your waters flow when the well runs dry?
When the mountains crumble and the seas open wide
Will we still stand with our hands held high?

Sin won't outweigh the cross
Death won't erase the crown
We will remember the cost that was paid in blood

Shape us with your hands that built the earth from grains of sand
Creator of life, renew the earth you came to save

Renew the earth

Death will come
Skies will fall
Spirit come fulfill us all

A time will come when oceans will turn to barren wasteland
Our God will come revealing glory with his hands

Living water flow

4. The Hands That Bled

They tell me divinity knows why my pain overflows
While my hands are scarred and my sins are buried below

O saving victim, I long to hear your voice
Speak the words
Are my prayers heard?
The hands that bled
My story was written in blood

Holes showed the price
It poured from your side
My salvation was written in blood

My story was written in blood with the words sent from above
My voice is hoarse, death is my discourse
Where does my help come from?

The holes in my hands are the remnants of your Holy Word
Poured from your side, my entire life was written before I was born

You claim I’ve never felt your pain
But every inch of me was blood-stained
I’ve wept, I died, I paid the price all so you can live this life

5. The Descent


6. Eternal Thirst

Spirit and truth point to You

The yearning desire to fulfill
A well run dry, no drops left to spill
Can hands shape meaning?
Why are our hearts still beating?
When purpose is fleeting, our fate becomes deceiving

Is life an eternal thirst?
Dunes of sand hide the mirage of worth

Satisfy my heart
My hands stretched higher and higher
Spirit and Truth point to You
Burn like fire, my desire

You are my desire

Holes in hearts long for more than just a person to fill our core

My soul has left me poor
A beggar, vacant and torn
Spirit and truth point to you,
God come and make me new

You make me new

7. Withering Kingdom

All life will lay its head where the dust will turn dead
Hearts pump what feeds the soul from the cup that makes us whole
Soak what earth sows as you accept struggles to grow
When the fabric of being fades, fate leads you to an earthly grave

Embrace the temporary
Human life is contradictory
To the never ending life that was purchased at Calvary

Take comfort in knowing precious earth is worth sowing
Blessed are those who seize the day
Because it will all soon fade away
This world will fade away

We will come to know this world is not our final destination
We weren’t meant to occupy thrones that were built on condemnation
To live life without meaning leaves a stain of deceiving,
Blood stained earth meant for more than hurt

Your life is the warm wind
The leaves crumble in the sin

All life will lay its head where the dust will turn dead
Hearts pump what feeds the soul

Make us whole

8. Remnants

Open the gates
I can't count all the times that emotion has left me blind
My clouded mind, my shots mistaken, about everything that is so blatant

I was sold for the weight of my sins
Sent to the world as a messenger
A descendant of perfect love
To separate the dark from above

We are what's left; the remnants of the chosen ones

Weary, my blood went cold as I searched for what would satisfy
Forgotten were the words You spoke, breathing in new life
My wicked soul turned like the restless sea
Upon your shore I live to be Your hands, Your feet
Everything I was created to be.

Your Justice sustains me,
Your life fulfills me, Oh God.

I am the remnant of the chosen one.
We are the remnants of the chosen ones

I lift my hands to the Heavens, from where Your grace descends
Open the gates and let us in

I am a wounded vessel counted among the wicked
My soul was lost in the ways of man
My heart found rest in the palm of your hand

We are what’s left

9. The Will Of Man

Your nature will not overcome you
My soul willed but my flesh can’t comprehend

In Your image, I pursued, to reach my end, fulfill my nous
Imperfection’s a fatal excuse to why I can’t seek Truth
I tried to use these filthy hands
I lied and claimed I’d understand
A crippled white flag waving in the winds of pride and shame
Never to succeed, I am a victim
You are the victor

I have been consumed
I refuse to walk down a path of destruction
Show me your will for me, God

I place it all in Your hands
Show me your Will for me
I place it all in your hands, it’s up to You my friend

Your nature will not overcome you

The failure of man is to not try
But to give in when left behind

I did this all
I did this all for you

Your white flagged waved while you were in my hands
All while I paved your plans
All I ask of you is for you to listen to me
And to keep moving when you're done bleeding

Be a man

10. Interlude


11. Divine Mercy

Eternal rest lies at your feet

In your steps we follow, driven by the thirst for a drop
When our chests feel hollow, greed persuades vision to stop

I am an orphan
I am a slave

I am an orphan to the earth
A slave to mortal man
Who defines my worth as I search for the works of your hands?

O rescuer, have mercy
Eternal rest lies at your feet

This is my story written in the blood of Christ
This is your glory
You are the author of life
O safe haven, oh how we long for hands
For the sake of us undeserving
Have mercy on us

Remain in me as I remain in You

I am a traveler lost at sea
Longing for the shore
That grace that sets us free when we have fallen weak

For the sake of His sorrowful passion
Have mercy on us and on the whole world

We call you Father
We call you God
You are the potter
You are the saving God
We call you Jesus
The King of Kings
You are Redeemer
You've set us free

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