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1. Conclusion And Revival

2. Soldiers

Our hair is long and unwashed
Matter and a home for lice
Our clothes are torn to pieces
Nasty, full of paints
We wear rivet, chains and leather
Cartridge-belts and pentagrams
Our souls belong to Satan
Master of our fate

Bang your heads against the stage
Dive in the trashing crowds
We mosh!
We are outlaws, we are aliens
We are proud
Heavy is our music
Fast and loud

Weekend at a concert
The band begins to play
After all the drugs and beer
Our reasons blown away
A poser in the back-row
Who doesn't bang his head
Is undressed and walloped by us
Until he's nearly dead

We drink beer without chemicals
We're possessed by sodomy
Curse the gods, deplore the indians
Weep for our trace and Sergeant D.
We set the highest value
On the musical ability
We are sure that our favourites
Are the best, can play anything

3. The Omniscient

Night by night we shadow you
We're watching every step you take
We judge your clothes and your behaviour
Every word you say and your ability
To fill the crowd with enthusiasm
The way you have command of your guitar
We make you win, we make you loose
We never fall – we are the law

We're omnicsient, you're dependent on our words
We set the measures, we decide the line
We are right

So take good care of what you do
Be careful what you say
About our magazines and our reports
You know the truth is in our hands
So you better say the things
We'd like to hear from you
Or give us money for good reviews

Does no one notice your attempts to become known?
Perhaps that we can make it work
Praise our photos, praise our magazine
And suddenly your suit is fine
Promote our paper, and suddenly
You're a guitar-hero – wait and see
Give us a little contribution, give us a cheque
We're sure your fame will soon come back...

You still think you can be successful
Without our help or our support?
You ain't judicious, so we've got to give you
An example of the might we hold in our hands
We'll ignore you 'til any memory
Or your existance will be extinct

4. Under Control

Above the big building the cross shines red
"It's the best for you" is all his relations said
The years of his life follow hit after hit
Time thanks him with an apoplectic fit

Nobody looks inside him
The scars of his soul
All that they think is
"Patient under control"

Able to move only with a wheel-chair
A wreck, half of his body is not to repair
Night after night he stays motionless in bed
But he can't sleep, 'cause his thoughts are so sad

He is old, what can he do?
He is cold, nothing to do!
Wish his dreams would never go
His dreams mean how can he go

Nurse walks on the corridor with rubber gloves on
The room next door's expty-now another one's gone
Sitting in the bath tub, unable to wash himself
Needs the help to clean his body from a 24-moth slave

Week for week, month for month, where is the time?
Year for year, the state of health for dying is too fine
He rolls his chair to balcony, opens the french windows
One moment he stands on one leg, irrevocable he goes

He was old, what could he do?
He was cold, nothing to do
Wished his dreams would never go
Broken dreams – why did he go?

5. Bass


6. Burial

Eighty-seven as the story began
Some musicians folled their leader's command
Their mistake was that they signed a contract
Their debts grew as the record was out

They believed that everything would work so well
No objection frightened them
Their ears were deaf, their eyes were blind
Ain't no caution changed their mind

Burial at C.

So their members and time passes by
Many faces, different guys
Just a few gigs from time to time
No big deal, but a programmed decline

They split up and the band started anew
Left the weak ones on their way
Left their images behind
To start again on another kind

Burial at C.

7. Predetermined Destiny

When you get up in the morning
You are tired, you feel sad
Have a coffee, eat a sandwich
Your wife is sleeping in the bed
You go to work into the factory
To work eight hours everyday
Stupid servitude for lifetime
You can't escape, there ain't no way

Trapped in dogmas eternally
Predetermined destiny

Living your life as a lunatic
Work until you collapse, day in, day out
To feed and to dreass your wife and your children
After all, at the end of your slavery you're proud
At the end of your slavery your power's exhausted
They send you in pension, you're useless and old
They give you a gold watch and they kick into your ass
The rest of your life's left to die with your lies

You feel week, your body's slack and wrinkles round your eyes
Your teeth are gone, your tapeworm aches, you slowly realize
You're useless and old, what have you attained
What has ever happened, what have you been living for?
You walk through the park and you rest under trees
You swing your grandson, who's sitting on your knees
Each Tuesday the doctor finds several new ills
Each Wednesday you search for a place to rest in peace

Since you've been born society teached you
To wear your hair short, to be dressed clean
To learn to read, write, to reckon
To bend your neck, to work, to obey
You've got the right to choose your government
You choose between warm shit or cold
The ludicrous parties try to delude you
Tyranny until you're old

8. Price Of Fame

A band plays in a basement
In hope for great success
Prepared to attempt anything
They always do their best

They fall for two publishers
Who say "you can be sold!"
Put faith in every promise
And believe what they are told

Two fashionable men of thirty
Cheat them out of their money
Fake the settlements
Their intrigues and the deals are dirty
They surely know the lawfulness
Is in their hands

The two have got the money
The band has the ideas
A false step is impossible
No need for any fears

The two have got the connexions
The band has got a pen
The two have got a contract
Just a signature and then

Truth's onverted to a lie
Profit's turned into a loss
Sells the soul and sells the name
That's the price of fame

So listen to my counsel
Be careful where you step
Don't be in good faith or you
Will trample in their traps

They're going to deceive you
They say "we want you best!"
They promise you success
And fame and profit, but at last

9. All Left To Say

I woke up this morning
Trumpets blowing in my head
Half the night I've been drinking
How I wish I was dead

Uh, babe, since you've left I feel terrible pain
It's awfully hard, but here I go again

I've cried all the tears that I could cry
All the pain was in vain, but at least now I'm through
You wouldn't have cared if I had died
All my tears, nervous breakdowns 've meant nothing to you
But you've preferred to push and to hurt
You've lied and denied
You have killed my feelings for you

Now the crying is over
And you're happy and free
Good luck with your next lover
Think you'll need it more than me

You, I would have done anything for you
But now it's too late, you've lied and destroyed
Now I go again to find someone better than you

10. Beside My Grave

Since you're gone I sit here in my room and vegetate
All my joys and fortunes torn away
I stare at your picture, recognize it's all too late
I'm suffering in solitude, there's nothing left to say

After all I strike the balance
That my love's just been your tool
To make me your bloody servant
Sex-machine and enslaved fool

You won't hurt me twice, my sweetheart
See what I will do
I'll wake up your conscience, baby
I will be your worst nightmare, haunt deep in your mind
I won't let you sleep, will be with you day and night

Until you're crying for me

I lie in my room in a gigantic pool of gore
I have made an end with all the lies
My brain glues to the wall, you should have better
You stand at the cemetary and you realize known before

Left of me is just a torso
And the fragments of my head
Go right ahead, repent your misdeed
You're the only cause I'm dead
You won't hurt me twice...
Beside my grave you will cry

Lacky – Drums
Arnd – Guitars
Timo – Bass
Ray (R.I.P. 2004) – Vocals

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