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1. My Dark Lord


A long time ago, in the land of Garigard,
where Dragons, Elves and horrible monsters
lived, a powerful army was prepared to confront
the Dark Lord and his demonic soldiers.
Many were the battles but the war didn't seem
to reach an end.
One night, after a victory, a few of knights
were together in a glade near the battlefield
resting themselves around a fire.
The eldest of the group began to speak to a young
boy who was initiated to the Sacred Code.
"My fellow, your master is teaching you the arts
of Steel and of fighting, but you have to know
that you'll be a real knight only when your heart
and your soul will as one with your sword.
Listen with care to the story I'm going to tell you
cause it'll show you the way you have to follow".

Once, when the evil one had spread his black
mantel bringing only death, famine, destruction,
all the dwellers of Garigard's land had lost all
hope of salvation and had bowed their heads
before the power of the Dark Lord, leaving all
their dreams for the future

[My Dark Lord]

Once, when the evil one had spread his black
mantel bringing only death, famine, destruction,
all the dwellers of Garigard's land had lost all
hope of salvation and had bowed their heads
before the power of the Dark Lord, leaving all
their dreams for the future

Listen my Dark Lord my time is come
my sword and my life belong to you
I have not fear of dying...My destiny
my blood will flow into the brave-hearts

Only pain I can feel in the northern wind
the flames are burning higher
than the flashed sky
the landscape is turned into ash : weep!
My king from the fired storm
I hear your sharp cry

Stream of blood loaded by the red rain
invade my land full of pain
the wind still blows screams of sorrow
the fire won't forgive even tomorrow

The moon is covered by the demon's smoke
waiting for the sun that can clear the fears
my heart is suffering with anger by the stroke
warm, famine, death fill my soul of tears

[Bridge & chorus]

My people runs away like the time in my life
there's no tomorrow for my unknown future
I hold the steel of my sword ready for the fight
I'll feel the whiff of the beast : the creature

[Bridge & chorus 2x]

2. Wizard

A wizard had spend a lifetime searching for
a way to defeat the Evil One,
but he had done all in vain.
One day, realizing that his life was near the end,
the Wizard had invoked the Great Wizard,
his last chance, hoping for an answer.
Finally the prophecy was unfolded : on a day
not far-off the Chosen One, the Son Of Gods,
will be born and he will be the one
who will face the Dark Lord.
The Words of the Great Wizard were written on
a rune which was given to the mother of
the Chosen One...

One day, when the light will fall down,
a shootin' star will draw a row of sparks
and Jupiter will see the moon's crown,
the fire and the ice will warp Mars

By the fog is written my destiny,
only destruction through this walls
the candle's lit shines insanity
so far away I hear the Wizard's call

Great Wizard take my crumpled hand
and bring me to the higher solution.
The life won't stop here in my land,
you can defeat death and destruction.

Great teacher gimme the power to carry on
don't let me die now! My mother must know
we'll save the humankind dead and gone
now, the world can hope, so break the law !

Open your secret book of the great truth
and leaf through the gone yellow-sheet
hours and hours of studying for the result.
a child will bring back the peace on earth.

[Bridge 2x]
[Chorus 2x]

3. Son Of Gods

Immediately after he reached maturity,
his mother gave the Chosen One the rune
disclosing the Wizard's prophecy:
His future was already written ...

Mother, that through the stars' paths
have seen the past and the future,
in this night the cold freezes my heart
and like a cloak, the shadows
warm my mind into the darkness.

Son, listen this voice tired and old,
for a long time I've felt the prison's cold.
Every night I've seen the wings of freedom bleedin'

Long years under the fear of the tyranny,
living into the despair and pain
But also through the deeper darkness
the hope's lit shines strong.

You're the Son Of Gods
keeper of the deeper secret
you're the Chosen One
the holder of he hope's blame
that in the dark will show the lit

[Chorus 2x]

Hold up the Rune my eldest
you can explain, you are one.
Fight my hero destroy the suffering
one day we'll see us in the sky

Too much seasons left away
but now the shadow is thinin' out.
The fate decided my life
and now follow the wind and listen.

4. Light Of The New Age

The Chosen One began a dangerous journey
Through the Dwarf-Woods, the Dragon's Valleys
and the High Rooky Mountains but his trip
would also lead him to know himself
and his power...

Farewell mother, your time is come!
Trust in God, this is only a goodbye.
The destiny takes rate to the high-lands
where everything finished for a new start.

The Trolls' mountain and the sovereign's castles
Won't be a problem 'cause the Rune will guide me.
The evil has left only death-lands
I will plant the new seed of life.

The light of the new age,
and everything is in my hands
when tine light of the new age will come,
I'll pray and I'll fly;
The dwarf wood won't stop me and the
Dragon's fired lands will open my way

With the darkness behind,
I must light a Dark Horizon
the power of my steel in a hand
the magic in the other one
II fly trough the higher top

An unknown God takes me to
I'll triumph (the Gods will shot my name)
I'm alone (won't stop my power)
I won't betray (who trust in me)
I'm the chosen (for a dream)


5. Power Of The Rune

When he realized the whole meaning of the Rune,
In this moment he was ready to face the battle...

"Dust in the darkness only a lit of fire I can see
in the beginning was Dark Horizon"

Leaving the nightfall behind,
I'll march with thousand fears,
when he set fire to your mind,
I saw blood but no tears

The fear is rising now,
and the silence is killin' my mind.
I've made my choice forever,
I must rescue the humankind

The darkness of the night
fills my mind of sorrow and pain
but the victory is a delight
that wets the fire by the rain

[Chorus 2x]

He'll give a big cry, that is the sign,
Don't waste the magic of the Great Wizard,
The Rune is power, watching his light
Don't lose the trust and make him dark

I'll remember the words he swore
before of dying he'll meet the hell
you know that he's a son of whore
the wind will carry the cry of the bell

[Chorus 2x]

6. Crimson Sky

On the field the battle rages on...
Before the eyes only cruelty and violence...
Lots of battles,
Victories and defeats as the years passed by...

Prelude to the battle
Under a crimson sky

Power up your strength, man
it's the only thing that you can do
None is it your side
and nothing to show to anyone
except to yourself

Don't take care for who doesn't understand
Go on crafty to the goal
it won't be shadows of fool
that will calm down your thirsty of future
Break down In hindrances
Break down the walls


Rise from the smoke, from the dust
take your spirit and show it to who can see

And you'll cry, oh warrior
'cause that you've done for you
it was done for the joy of your people,
for the love of your woman,
for the glory of your ideals

Let the power of the bear
seize yourself in the right time
that it beats with your arm
do it trip, torment, desecrate
the weak flesh of the oppressor
Under a crimson sky

[Bridge 2x]

Rise your head to the sun that can blind you
paint your face with colours of pain


7. Neverending Battle

The story of the elder was near to the end and,
seeing a magic glitter in the boy's eyes,
he decided to tell his listener the truth...
he was the Chosen One...

Ex in animo tuo sortem tua reperis,
qua re vitae tuam in potestatem habeas et
tibi ipsi confide ego sum filius deum

We can fight once way in the life,
but we have a battle yet to end;
Near this fire I'll tell you the art of the knight
don't be coward and learn to defend!

Dark in the eyes, terrified by the warriors,
stay careful and remember my words:
they move towards you slowly and sinisterly
what can they do, but pray for the holy Lords

When the fog will rise and the moon will shine
through a breathtaking scene will lay before you
By the hand of the great Wizard you'll move
the sword and never, never shall they be happy:
(no) more

You'll live in the glory of the neverending battle
where only who kills can stay alive
and fight forever.
You'll live the glory of the neverending battle
for restoring the rightful
and overcoming the evil

The hot winds of death fill your soul of pride
your body is stained from the blood of the hatred,
All goes quiet and the moonlight shines bright
and a whisper from the nothingness
brings the rest


8. Wind Of Tomorrow

At that moment the young boy came to know
that he was the new Chosen One
and the eldest was going to give him last lesson!
life's values...

Your life is short, the battles are infinite
trust in your self or you'll fall on the way
face what you have to and never surrender
if your heart is pure it will guide your fight

Remember the people you met in
the golden years
what they left you inside it will be...
it will be the weapon that defeats the enemy
and listen your Gods shoutin' revenge
for the suffers

Now is your time if you know how to use it
you won't give happiness but deliverance
remember the old days but don't get lost
tomorrow is better 'cause still have to come

The wind of tomorrow will blow
through your hair
tears will be shed 'cause killing ain't so easy
you're alone for defending your creed
and proud the victory will take your hand

So, your ideals can't be treaded with death
start to sing very grateful the song of gods
but after all bring your heart and your sword
to shine, tomorrow is another dream

Remember the people you met in the golden years
(And after the victory you must joy and reflect)
what they left you inside it will be...
(In Dark Horizon)
it will be the weapon that defeats the enemy
(Chosen One)
and listen your Gods shoutin' revenge for suffers


Daniele Mandelli — Guitars
Alessandro Battini — Piano, Keyboards, Vocals (backing)
Andrea Galli — Bass
Marco Pelledri — Drums
Luigi Maione — Vocals

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