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1. The Arcanum Of The Cursed


2. Pilgrim Of The Nightly Spheres

Pilgrim of the nightly spheres
Behind the sleeping cascades
You wander restlessly
In hope of finding the gateway - to eternity
Darkness your constant companion

When the ancients spoke of a realm
- a realm where nothing dies,
but yet all is dead
your visions where so clear,
but yet captured in a dying world.

Pilgrim of the nightly spheres,
child of sin, child of the dark,
yours is the monument of scorn
for you've left the trail of weakness
just to find loneliness

"...will you ever find the gateway,
will you ever reach the gateway,
the gateway to eternity
- to eternal life..."

Pilgrim of the nightly spheres
I know one night your star will ablaze
in the nocturnal horizon
to show me your traces in the dark

3. Twilight

Embraced by solitude I leave this world
As the last tear of blood leaves my veins,
I long for harmony
For the last time I look up to the night sky
And watch the stars in a black wind dying
For the last time I watch the fading
of the candlelight

... and I whisper my final breath into
Eternity knowing that all life ends someday

Oh, may the autumnal winds carry my empty soul
Into the vale of oblivion
Where I shall forever wander over
The fields of melancholy
To be a solitary shadow out of time

"Oh please let me long for silence, let
me walk the path of sin, but your
weepings - full of grievance.
Oh, please take my hand and follow me into
the night, just follow me to a place, where
darkness shines so bright."

4. Apocalypse

"From the kingdom of damnation we arise..."
As the apocalyptic dragon flies over the land
misery returns - set the world in flames

Thunder and lightning gather in the
nocturnal sky,
the stench of corpses fills the night -
we're the devil's scythe

We arise in a sea of fire, holocaust -
our only desire.
We the tyrants of doom,
the infernal spawn,
the prayers for luciferian dawn.
We bring you pestilence and pain
In the dark lord's name we shall reign!

As the apocalyptic dragon flies over the land
misery returns - set the world in flames
Christianity bleeds - forevermore!!

5. Immortality Profound - Dreaming... (Chapter 1)

Close your eyes and follow me to a land beyond the gates of agonizing dreams.
Ride with me upon hills of martyred souls, where once blood was spilled for the one, the master ring, created in the flames of Amon Amarth.

"One Ring To Rule Them All, One Ring To Find Them,
One Ring To Bring Them All, And In The Darkness Bind Them."

Feel the agic of the winds of wrath and walk with me on the blackened paths through Thaur-nu-fuin.
Enter this world beyond all human dimensions and close the gate of life forever
to unveil the secrets of this long forgotten tale of ancient glory.
A tale that seemed to be lost in the hidden shadows of Mordor...

6. Immortality Profound - Throne Of Sombre Thoughts (Chapter 2)

... and I still hear the sound of shattering swords,
I still see the empty eyes of the fallen warriors,
I still hear their screams on the wind
for I am one of the ancient race, summoned by the scars of time

Once I had risen amongst the Nine through a spell of cast behind the
shadow walls of Minas Morgul.
Nazgul, hunters of the night, damned to search for the One,
even death cannot take this heritage from me.

I still roam the mighty forest of Neldoreth, like Carcharoth did in ancient times,
feeling eternal emptiness inside.
Like in thousands of nights before I look up to the starless skies above, where once Glaurung ruled in a silhouette of fire, and again I feel endless torture -
I have failed...

7. Immortality Profound - Captured In Eternity's Eyes (Chapter 3)

In a land of never resting shadows, where
I have found the essence of profound immortality.
In the land of Mordor I shall wander eternally, awaiting my sunless dawn
to fall into the funeral
embrace, where I shall dwell in silence.
Wistful I cry for the end
Minas Morgul - Once my empire,
Now withering in a spectral morning veil;
Who can deliver me from this unbearable destiny?

"Ash Nazg Durbatuluk, Ash Nazg Gimpatul, Ash Nazg Thrakatuluk, Agh Burzum - Ishi Krimpatul"

A sunbeam ends my journey, dawn breaks in the east -
Soon I will return into these dungeons with the night shadows by my side...

A tale that never ends!

8. Misanthropic Invocation

Forgotten, the poisoned words of love
Tempted by the chalice of dissolution
Invoking the spirits of unholy origin
A flow of orgasmic fire dwells within me
Chaos is my prophecy

Never to be lost again in this
soul-consuming dimensions
Venomous emotions of love faded away
The enigma of death I've solved
For my salvation is your damnation

Can you see my shadow in the flickering
A shadow that offers you insight into
Uziel's visions
Can you feel the presence of woeful souls
in this moonlight night?
Somnambulists amongst a deceptive race

I've seen the truth
Desecration was the key that opened my eyes
I am your inner tyrant
Endless scorn is my revenge
Chaos, my prophecy - Asphyx is thy forseen fall
Asphyx is me

9. Crimson Tears

Mournful shadows rise,
dusk spreads her wings
- the tomb world longs for me
I kiss the withered rose
I still hold the flame that dies
I drink the wine of bitterness
for the last nocturnal caress

Night falls again - I feel the pouring rain
Melancholy - soon I will leave this void
called life
Solitude - as I fell the blade of my knife
Death - I adore thy precious art
I open my veins
a last tear freezes my skin

The dark surrounds me within
a veil to oblivion
I entrust my spirit into death's
merciless arms
And another void awaits me

Utopia is lost

10. Tales From Eternal Dusk

As darkness falls for the last time
I awake from my apparently infinite sleep
A silver full moon glows on this winter night
Waning into oblivion

... and I follow the northern storms
that bring dusk upon the icy landscapes
... and the storms lead me to majestic forests
lakes and mountains I've never seen before

Melancholy within seems eternal
As I walk through the undergrowth
Of these endless woods
But then I see her sleeping under the dark trees
- my beloved nocturnal queen
And the children of the night watch over her
Like the moon watches over the night

As I get closer to her she awakens
From her majestic sleep
As she embraces me again
I feel her magical attraction

Together we walk the path of salvation
And together with the wolves
She sings her sweet serenades
And with these, her majestic serenades

She reaches for my black, bleeding heart
Which only beats for her
She kisses me with her lips of fire
And this kiss covers my heart
With a dismal shade of sadness

And her hair of gold, waving in the wind
Seems to me like the star-covered horizon
Her sweet art is the key to my solitary heart
And together we open the gate to infinity
Into the dusk-impregnated land of dreams,
where our spirits shall rest eternally

I look into her eyes,
knowing that this moment won't
last eternally
... and the sun never rises, for she is
the forgotten flame
engulfing my heart
... and in the black wind her shadow
fades away
into the melancholy of the night
And again my heart is touched
by an endless solitary darkness

11. Moments Of Mournful Splendour (At The Portal To Infinity)


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