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1. Rediscovery Of The New World


2. Like Towers They Reach To The Sky

The floor of the earth is shaded always here
In a world that only time knows
Silent stood these observers of old
They have seen all that came
And all that has now went

They've seen all that came and has went

Night falls and under the moon
The floor of the earth is still shaded
Unsilent stand these observers of old
In a world that now is invaded
Roaring up to the sky so high
The wind is the voice of these knowers of old
Rooted in the earth still secure
Are the guardians of memories and stories long untold

Like Towers
Reaching to sky above
Like towers they reach to the sky

3. Vesperia

A night sky that is covered in stars is a brilliant map of time
and therein burns an evening star; so brilliant, so bright
But if a people forgets the source of its light
The map is a series of long lost paths
Follow this evening star, as long as it's bright
For as long as it's bright...

And I have seen the evening star fast fading..
I have seen the evening star long faded..

A fading star, a fading life
A fading map in the night sky
and lo! A new dawn will rise!
without this star in the sky
they'll act as so it were not
as if history didn't be
And lost are the times of old
and thus, a land without a history...

4. A Few Acres Of Snow

Quelques arpents de neige
une terre desolee de glace et de neige
le nord vrai et fort, fier et libre
la terre de l'etoile du soir

A man crosses the plains
Searching for identity, searching for his means
He's looking for guidance: "who then are we?"
But gone from here his ancestors long are they

Through a few acres of snow
Had they treaded and forged their path
Through river, snow, mountain and field
A frontier was made and secured without fear
And out of it rose a folk; the new world awoke
In the spring through every new sown seed
A folk who had dwelled, struggled, survived
On just "A Few Acres of Snow"

Quelques arpents de neige
une terre indesirable de glace et de neige
Aueun desir de quoi? inapte pour qui?
They who went A mari ad mare ad mare?

Twenty thousand men stormed the
plain in old world Europa in 1917
Instilling the freedom, instilling
the means, the freedom of the fabled
Quelques arpents de neige...

5. Hearth

A fire burns in a small hut
By brothers of hearth surrounded
A hearth burns in a small fyrd
With brothers of hearth united

A flame that burns is a flame that lives
And a flame that lives is inside us
Through this flame is our past secure
And only our past can remind us

I remember them before us

A hearth burns in a dark place
By the flicker of hearth surrounded
A fire burns in a focused mind
The tools to fight are provided

A flame that burns is a flame that lives
And a flame that lives will guide us
Through this flame is our past secure
And only our past can define us

I remember them before us

6. Northmen Of The New World

Approaching steadfast from the eastern old world
Are the men which only time knows
Wind in their sails, flags at full mast
From the old world has the new world arose

Northmen of the new world stand
on guard for the north new world's glorious vast strands
We look to the sky, high above towering trees
high above plains and mountains; aurora borealis so free
Northstar guide us, pride us, provide us
With the strength to go on

Never will we fail, always prevail
Always the true north, strong and free...

7. Árborg


8. Bjarne Herjúlfsson ca. 985CE

In 985CE a Norwegian of name Bjarne
Herjulfsson son's son of Bard Herjulfsson
traveled bravely to Greenland from Iceland
It was custom that Bjarne spend alternate
winters in each land with his father.
When arriving in Iceland summer 985
he received word that his father had gone to
west to Greenland...

Bjarne feels uneasy that neither he nor his
crew had ever charted these waters.
After three days and nights,
a fierce north Atlantic storm
blows his ship off course in these waters.
Bjarne and his crew attempted to regain
their course and after several days they
encountered a heavily wooded land.
Knowing this is not Greenland,
he decides it is best not to go ashore,
and so they sail away...

And so they sail away
onto Greenland they find
the place that they had long sought
with memories of a land not forgot
And into the bay he breathes easily
as his journey comes to an end
And when Bjarne Herjulfsson back in
Iceland sells his ship to Lief Eriksson
Lief returns onward to this new land
Fifteen years since the sighting of the
last man. A colony on the eastern
shores and a memory of a lost long

Hail, Helluland, Markland, Vinland!

David Parks ‒ Guitars, Bass, Keyboard, Vocals, Mouth Harp, Programming

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