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1. Aurora Borealis


2. Wind And Waves

the northmen decide, that now is the time
the time to avenge all wrong done.
they know it is time, it's time for a war
they make the plans for the attack.
they look to the sky, so clear and so free
the sun sinks down into the ground.
a sign of the time, when the night will arrive
to send these cross-men to their burning "hell".

the night's dark has come, only lit by their flames
they say their last words to their loved.
they sing songs of war, and they gather their arms,
now they head down for the dark shores.
down on the shores, they hail these ships
these dragons so swift and so grim.
armed is them all, for battles beyond
these ships now set sail for glorious war.

"O wind, give us strength from up high
O wind, give us strength from the sky"

now the ships leave the bay, dragons on bow
the winds of glory fill their sails
the thousands of stars, up in the sky
fuel these pagan's pride
a man stands on deck, gazing at the sea
wondering "will I give up it all?"
he smiles grimly and raises his sword
towards Odin's mighty hall.

3. Thurisaz

fear is not something to feel right now
as you depart now from this sphere
the power of the stone has long taken your mind
to places not down here
do not fear Thurisaz
it protects, it shields our faith
from those who do not deserve
now I will share a vision of mine
deep in my mind i was released

I close my eyes and connect with the skies
now a high far place from here
alone in still time I can speak to the ones
who have come and gone before
and I now see that it is not the time down below
that is all one should take in
remember there is more than those few blinks down there
just as I have seen, you will receive this freedom eternal.

remember your past? those times long ago?
ones will remember you by these.
they will echo through time for eternity
do you understand what I see?
do not fear Thurisaz
it protects, it shields our faith
from the start until the end
that stone of power you grasp in your hand
it connects you with the son of One-Eyed God

God of Thunder, the songs of skies
I hail you to no end
before I return to that place down below
receive me by your hand
by your hammer, Mjolnir
send us songs of thunder
to remind us your presence
and down from the ground I will look to the sky
and await the time and life, the freedom eternal.

4. Under The Northern Fullmoon

deep in the north
an arctic wind screams
its voice comforts the forests.
here warriors of northern hall guard.
ice sharp like steel
lit by the moon
the wind is voice of our gods
soon these roots will drink much blood.

let this night be one of glory!
fight for your honor!
fight for our Gods!
let it be known!
that the north is eternal!
it remains untouched!

The fullmoon, lights their path
a wolf screams to the sky
six times one hundred men
holding hammers high
to the Golden Hall, they will ride
for Odin they will die
this land of forest and ice
dormant, it shall always lie.

5. Eternal Forest

there is a kingdom of green
out where no man has walked
the only thing that sees this kingdom
is up in the skies
its they who walk the skies.

ice cold streams have flown for thousands of years
throughout the axe-age, the sword-age, the wolf-age
these streams have run eternal
and for one thousand more years, they will flow free
even after the age of the eternal snow.

by the Suncross, this kingdom will reign
by the gods, this eternal domain
stays a place so untouched by all
I will see it one day from almighty Golden Hall

6. Northstar

can you hear that raging thunder?
it sings so high in the sky
the echo of times, it pounds to us all
they pound the high worldly spike
and the brightest star, so bright it did shine
it filled us with guidance and pride
for in the times of battles, struggles, and wars
the fathers gave unto us mighty Northstar

and as I walk here
through the green of the black star-filled night
I can feel the call of the sky, with a voice of such nature
that I can connect with my surroundings, with a new level of total focus.
and in this environment, I can learn the ways of the past
to further myself in a way so different than the rest
so that one day, when I am called from up high
in the hall of eternals, looking down below, I may live on.

"hail now, to the northern sky
home of the ones before
shine o' brightest star
skywards, to Allfather's hall
home of the ones before
shine o' brightest star"

can you see that raging flame?
it burns so high in the sky
the illuminate of times, it shines to us all
the shining of that worldly spike
and the brightest star, so bright it did shine
it filled us with strong northern pride
for in the times of past, present, and on
the fathers gave unto us mighty Northstar

7. Journey To Ever-Eternal Skies

I hear from high,
a calling from the realm of the olden.
I travel onward,
to they who walk the winter skies.

8. Two Ravens Soaring


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