Dark Lyrics


1. Moonlight Battle

Magic fire at the battlefield
Soldiers possesed by evil power
Flying creatures fighting from above
Stabbing and cutting
Bodies struggling with hate
Through the way
I saw the pain
So alone
I want to free you
The prophecy is coming - Cruel
When the earth's illuminations rise
Blinded the soldiers continue
The fight led by raging wizards
Turning the battle into massacre
They've crossed the water
In my dream
Forlorn and exhausted
Running from the battle

2. The Eclipse Of Life

I feel the wave
Waiting to see the end
A final light, the wind and smile
The darkness will bring me down
I feel the waves of light
Awaiting for a sigs from inside
Lying down and bleeding
Burning from inside
Trying to keep
The presence of light
Traveling into Shadowlands
You can find
The light between the ways
The wheel will turn
And life will begin again
Stepping into the dampness
Of my own grave
Drowned in tears
Held before the end
The eternal pain, bursting tears
Of tragic desperation
The agony of life
And Death's relief
Lying and penetrating
These dying dimensions
The witherd gardens
Of sorrow

3. Black Spirit

In the dephts of the black mountain
A new power is born
Black creature dwells down that caves
Full of darkness and despair
It will rise up to this world
And will hide the sun
When the darkness covers everything
All creatures will suffer eternally
It can erase the planet and there's
No power who can stop it
It has the destiny to prevail this world
The war against its creatures
Is a hopeless sacrifice
The presence of light is
Swallowed by the night
All life here's dead
Everything is gone nothing is left

4. A Call For The Dragons

Immortals gather for the battle
Preparing the armies to strike
The evil powers
Fear is what they feel
Darkness will prevail
The armies are gatherd
All kinds of deadly creatures
Summoned from darkness
Walking towards the lands of suffering
Would you go away from here?
Flying with Dragons to avoid this pain
What is the price of your life?

5. Under The Shadow Of Fear

Scattered after the defeat
And the shadow of darkness is upon us
When all hope is lost
When armies are gone forevermore
And I'll see inhuman presence
Waits for me
Entering the woods
And searching for a shelter
From the last massacre
The Lord of darkness
Won this war with his power
He will rule this wretched world
All days will be gone, all life will suffer
The dream of evil

6. To Die In Your Arms

You see the winter light
Do you remeber me?
I lay underground
Near the mount
Will you forgive me
The things that I've done
You don't see how much
You miss me here
Dwelling this lonely world
Dreaming of you
And you can heal the light into this world

7. Occult Rituals

Held in the dungeons
Of darkest sorcerer
Witnessing his magic rituals
Helping his armies to win the war
Lying on the ground
With amputated limbs
He can not escape
From the pain
To suffer in the sphere
Is his fate
He'll fight with the beasts
To give them pleasure
To see him die
And now he's into the artificial
World chased by the beasts
Running with despair

8. Alone Somewhere Beyond

Inside that landscapes
I'm terrified
How did I get here
Where probably will die
The time has stopped
And I'm somewhere there
Now it's the way I feel inside
Feeling the sorrow of this world
Do you belive that I'm alive
I see you fallen
Into my eyes
I won't belive you, that you
Won't escape with me

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