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1. Knife In The Safe Room

Call it escape to stay alive
Call it displacement with sunken eyes
When all it takes to reignite
Is separation of thought and sight

Drought flood
bathing in blood
Sacred arrangement of god as a son

Drown any semblance
Of power of privilege of state
The plight of the sainthood
The harmony of gluttony and lust
The knife in the safe room

Without the business of death
bringing glory what's left
A celebration of blood

My arrow is true
Another self given wound
They all come from above
To kill everything that you love

Control and everything you know
Is in the life you left
Is in the life you hold
Back then you never see the head
Disconnected flesh
disconnected soul
The unseen unfolds
Who the pariah heeds
The pariah holds

This is the confession
Of an obsessive former human
The only one who tried to stop
This world from consuming
And devouring itself

2. This Is The Truth

The day after dawn
The knight moves on the pawn
Why are we so violent
To grasp at the unknown

Because there's so much
That we can't see
Not your prophet, your muse or your comedy
Tragic endings sad defeats
A monument to the guilty
They brought this disease

The truth never sleeps
Cold and lifeless
suspended belief
Blinded unable to breathe
The royal blood
The tired sheep

Arcane cursing death
Nihilistic innocence is gone
I've been consumed

Now I've lost all desire
I lost myself in the choir
Never once never give it the
Pleasure of power
Alone in it's tower

I've lost the will to lie to myself
I've been to hell I've seen the ruse
This is the truth
We're all being used

3. Timeless Numbers

I was born with a poisoned lung
Born under a blacked out sun
Where I lost my everything all at once
They overdeveloped us
We underproduced them
You don't blame them for what they did
I do this is the end time

What is this place
Who are these beings
They look like us
Something's different deceiving
The original crime
To conquer to divide
Death from the beginning
The end of all life

Timeless numbers
Where everyone's been bought and sold
There will always be a failure to guide us
There will always be a loss of control

So bless me with death
For this life has failed me
Rest for the unrest
This was forever
And now that I've seen your face
And looked you in those hollow eyes
I see the reason
The story of a world consumed
Timeless numbers of prior life forms
All have been lost

And in the wake of it all
After they'd drilled to the core
The blast was everlasting
The blood will always pour

Let no one wake you
Forgive or forsake you
The eye of the creator
Is blind to us all

4. None Of This Is The Truth

Sadistic intent
The modern cynic
Venom spitters fatalistic
Poison seeping
These machines are never sleeping
The illusion of power
The life and the death of a coward

I know now we're lost
I know now you're gone
Born into this post-modern trauma
Severed intentions
Tethered affection
All encompassing

The fall of the state
Division disorder
Annulled of every treason
These machines prey on the weakest
No moderation
You're either dead or you're complacent

No end no love no one
None of this is the truth

5. The Flesh & The Flowers Of Death

There is no versus
There is no together
A perverse salvation
Romanticized failure

Bloodlust incarnate
Bloodlust eternal
The final breath of your enemy
The savage recital
Of war hymns forgotten
These war pigs for profit
This is the pioneer's harvest
This land is nothing is no one's and has never been
Bloodlust surrounding
Bloodlust within

The flesh and the flowers
Of death bringing glory to cowards
These are the tyrants
The lovers of power
We are loyal to none

I have drank their blood and
I have lived a thousand lives

Now I am never forever
And the moon will continue to rise
A curse on the light of the sun
All hail the darkness
All hail the unholy

6. Those Who Survived

The ones who strayed
The ones who were left behind
This looks like something
someone would try to hide
Those who survived
Are those with blood in their eyes
Push the pressure
Add more fuel to the fire

Stop submit admit
you've lost control
Salute as you plummet to your doom
Fall in prepare yourself for the

Cold calculated chemical embrace
I've been waiting and
we've all been warned
We all knew this day would come
And yet we ignored

We're all going down
We're all going to burn
I feel the presence of another
An ancient one
Pulling us closer
The time has come
Brace yourself for the impact

From the wreckage we crawled
Broken and bloodied we go on
We must move forward
We must continue into the beyond

Now all I see is their blood
And all I've ever known is gone
And yet we ignored

7. Another Headless Ruler Of The Used

The classic tale of the wolf
The saga of sheep
Surrender transcendence
Surrender humility
The origin of violence
We open on

Godless prophets
Liars entombed
Another headless ruler of the used

The dreadful one
Takes a step back to reveal
A forwardness unwelcome
To harbor conceal
And if what I see is real
The world is full of

War this confusion
More there is no plan
War no divination
More the creation of man

The gallows haunt the sediment

Selective odds
The sacrifice is real
The sacrifice of youth
The solace of the steel
And if what I know is true
We sacrifice to

8. Widowed


9. Enter Oblivion

I am no one
I have no home
Forsaken daughters
Forsaken sons
Enter oblivion

My eyes shut
My head awake
Been following the one thing that never stays
Salvation you never get
Been following the sun so it never sets

I have no fear anymore
I’ve bled my life
For foolish devotion
And foolish pride

Lay waste dying day
Turn away

Surrounding vacant hollow trees
All left to wander endlessly

It never bleeds
It never dies

10. The Last Of The Monuments

Enter the endless time
Enter the never mind
The sit and wait it will change
This is the paradigm
On the mend on the descent
On a pilgrimage to the last of the monuments

This is the end
I see the sun go down for one final time
This desert is alive
And all the engines have died

I see no reason to hide
Though we should cease to speak
My vision has blurred
Legs have gone weak
I fear I'm starting to repeat

But we've come too far
Too far to retreat
Beyond the point of no return
The point of defeat

On bloody feet
From here on out
The thorns and the scorn of the earth unforgiving
This is the sound of it breaking you down
With a vengeance
The stench of regression

And in the end the flora reconquered
Order restored a world reborn
I've seen the blood
I've smelled the rot of their self destruction
We are the subjects
We are the sword
We are the last of the invading hordes

11. In The Name Of Us All

To become one and the same
To erase to rebuild and reclaim
The new evolution
Humanity is bored
It's selling for sport
And hunting for more

Creation banal nothing is new
When all that you want has already been used

I reject you in the name of us all
I should be afraid
I should be ashamed yet I

When there is no joy in discovery
We hallucinate into
Psychic progression
Or is it just a set up
A monolithic realm
Spiraling tunneling down

I don't feel anything at all
Be gone forget
Out of our heads
out of this life
Worship the knife
Celebrate death with your celibate wife

Cut through skin
fear the knife
I don't care how you wasted your life

I don't feel anything for you
For you were the cause

12. Beneath It Sleeps

Beyond the reaches of
A thousand rising suns
Your god won't save you now
Your god always was
Infected plagiaristic
Simple to understand
With no obligation to the true nature of the land

Defy derelict devil in a suit
A celebrated life
A celebrated tomb

I've looked away
I've cast aside
Stared into the emptiness
A vacant heart a vacant mind

Now I can see it clear
Enter the overgrown
Separated and selected
The blood of my blood will defy

I love the fear of night
I love the moon
I hate to wake you up
This may all be over soon

This is my final entry
I feel I may have finally
Cracked the code
To sustaining and maintaining
A vibrant and healthy
Human life
Maybe it's nothing but
I swear I hear the birds of
The morning hours
It makes my heart go a-flutter
The tower once risen to power
Has crumbled is dying
And devouring itself
And what I've come to discover
Has been nothing more than

Thanks to adam.m.behrman for sending these lyrics.

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