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1. The Morrigan

Goddess of war, serpent of doom
Destroying all who encounter you
But there is one who you won't kill
There is one whose blood won't spill

Seeker of souls, taker of heads
I watch you conjure war emong men
I will strike each form you take
Till you return to me and steal my fate

For one last glory I will prevail
The Morrigan she calls out my name

Guarding the borders of my homeland
I slay the warriors of Cruachan
With bravery and battle rage
I kill them all in my domain

She appears to me before my eyes
Baying for blood in each disguise
Tell me now, how does it end?
Whisper to me, prophetess of death

A maiden wept as I came to the ford
With bloodied shield and broken sword
I could see they were my own
She stood lamenting this fallen soul

She disappeared from my sight
I knew I would not return from this fight
A black crow waits before I die
As I depart, she'll watch my spirit fly

2. Visions Of The Dawn

I walk among these ruins, these ruins of an age
When ancient dreams of splendour came alive
And our hearts thundered like the sound of a thousand men...bound for war

As night unfolds I'm haunted by a sleepless dream
Until the flames of the dawn break the sky
Once more I long
For visions of the dawn

Footsteps of the fallen echo round me where I stand
We are bound in sorrow and in grief
Eternal twilight, under light of an evening star
We forerver chase the fading star

Troubled are the dreams of those whose days are these
When darkness grips us all within its mire
And though our hearts may long to return
In memories of the past we cannot dwell

Wandering ever onward, like those who went before
I've tasted all that bitterness has to offer
But though our hearts may lie in ruin
Strength and Iron will shall see us through

3. Another World Awaits

Worn and weary is the soul, torn and frayed the mind
This present day so far away from what I left behind
The shadows that have followed me plague my memories
Now that I am watching and waiting for you

Quenched my thirst upon your tears
Drowned my sorrows in your blood
Never rest till my journey is done
The wind shall carry me now

Another world awaits me
Another time, another place to be

Silent as the sunset that warms the pale grey sky
She moves among the shadows as day fades into night
With every passing hour my strength begins to fail me
Time holds its breath for me no more

I hear your voice on the cold wind
I hear your cry in the barren lands
Though it pains me, when the visions come to me
I dream of all that once was

Another world awaits me
Another time, another place to be
Another world awaits me
Another time, when I can stand alone

4. On The Crest Of Doom

The tides are turning, the mists of war descend
To break the cage of sorrow's spell
Relinquish all that you perceive to be true
And place your trust only to within

I am the serpent's severed tongue
I am the venom that lies within
The darkest skies, the falling rain
I am the Tyrant, hear my name

One the mountains edge above ungodly earth
Raise your blade and proclaim to the skies
"Let the winds whip like chains across my back
And bring the thunder crashing down upon me"

No tempest will ever take me
For I have stood on the crest of doom
I turn my face towards the marching horde
And brace myself for the coming storm

The crimson curtain has fallen on our time
So we must bow before the world
And you will linger with the corpse of the earth
For on this field of war, a storm shall rise

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