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1. Sorrow's Boundless Realm

Into the darkness
Of the wild we wandered
The cruelty of your poison
Shook the weakness from your stride
And the wolves were drawing near
Ghost of grey by your side

Boundless realm of sorrow
Boundless realm of sorrow

You took your madness
And the terror bounding
Like a creature of aching soul
Through your veins to howl and die
There is evil in the beast
And a yearning heart in me

Boundless realm of sorrow
Boundless realm of sorrow

I have lain too long
In this pit of misery
While you writhe on your back
In loathing

Into the wild we wandered
Ghosts of grey by your side

2. Songs Of Gods And Men

A line that can't be broken
Of the duty bound unspoken
Wielding hammers to the sky
For the greater good they die

The world is weary of the past
Might it die or rest at last
Yet the iron and flame of empires
Thunder on the shore

Light a candle for the dead
And the wounded hearts that bled
Echo songs gods and men
Raise a glass to seasons end

We bear the fate of our fathers
Spectres of the dead hours
So he crept from tomb to grave
Traveller of endless day

Fragments of the seasons fell
Across the oceans vast and cold
So we rise and fall
With the tides of the earth

3. The Serpent And The Shadow

On the crest of the night
Alone in the silence around me
Where the ravens that roam through the eyes of the storm
Circle above their prey

The beggars that mourn are
Sleeping through breaking of day
Caress every thought with the peace that you bought
Praying in silent scorn

Blood for blood
Soul for soul

The scream of death the pyre burning bright
The serpent and the shadow of the black light

The demons that crawl
The fury of nightmares unknown
From their severed tongues come the words of their songs
Poison the gods of old

4. Beyond The Grey Veil

A freezing fog on distance shores
A story lost in ancient lore
Now words of gods from mouths of men
Speak the truth to the great condemned

If I dare to step beyond
Stray from the path beneath my feet
To reach into the great unknown

So let me go, to dream again
Unholy truth, unholy pain
Open my eyes, I reach again
Beyond the grey veil

Deep in the cold origins of birth
The curtain falls on freezing earth
Grasp the thorn of freedom's sin
For at last the night comes rolling in

Leave me now she says to me
And cover all my dreams in black
For all is lost in earthly fire

5. Trapped In The Hourglass

Come up from your crosses
And graves filled with dust
The clouds of your losses
Will darken the path that guides your soul

Years arrive and pass it seems
In a breath of sorrow
But the wheel of time will never cease
So we roam in the shadow of a dream

Time takes the world from under me
The sands beneath my feet
Are falling fast
Trapped in the hourglass

Weave sinews to your weary tread
The shallow of your twisted soul
Will never stop the spinning thread
Time to shake the twilight into flaks of fire

6. The Scavenger

Falling deeper towards where no hope can escape
From the heart of the darkness
Piercing eye searching for just a glimpse of your fire
In this winter of madness

The silence is broken
All that remains in decay
The scavenger has come
The scavenger has come

Hear the voices of sacrificed souls on the winds
The words of the damned
At the end of all things is the place I shall wander
With the ghosts of the earth

The pieces of life, that lay shattered and broken
And tear through the flesh
In doorways of time I am longing forever
For my nightmare to stay

7. A Thousand Screaming Souls

From across the stormy seas to godless lands
I sought for answers
Roaming through the bitter wilderness
On the winds of vengeance

Blood on my hands
The tyrant of man
Dragging further from the light

Blood on my hands
They call to me
A thousand screaming souls in the deep

By the dying light of day I turn away
From your towers of splendour
And the dregs of life stare back at me
From the darkness

The fearless might of the untamed
That rips the skies apart
And the vast emptiness
Is all that remains for me

8. Blood, Sand And Stone

Heed these hands
Born from sands
Pray for stone wings
To ease the heaving pain
Of your burden
Wait for the fall of time
Wait for the fall of time

Dust to flesh
Flesh to stone
Fly the embers of your name

Feed the sands to the grave
Thirst the bones of your slave
All I own
All I've known
In the hands of this stone

Craft these limbs
Of dust to skin
The silent terms
The bonds of your bloodied
War have begun
Wait for the fall of time
Wait for the fall of time

Turn your back and walk forever
Lest we be cast in stone together

Ade Mulgrew – Guitars
Sarah Wieghell – Guitars
Krum – Vocals
Daniel O'Toole – Bass
Lisa Howe – Drums

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