Dark Lyrics


1. Darkness Descends

[Music: Durkin/Hoglan]
[Lyrics: Hoglan]

The world now stands ancient, showing her age
Antique, senile, archaic
Peroration impending, not one to assuage
The human remnants of earth
Pandemic winds chill the soul
Eradication of the will
Nihilism extracts its toll
Frightening the meekly servile

Sacrosanct, the religious ones
Are fast becoming extinct
Chaotic precursors of what will befall
Permeate the night air
The fear of the end preys on the minds
Of all the soon-to-be dead
With death at the hands of a hideous fiend
A grisly fate to comprehend

This city is guilty
The crime is life
The sentence is death

[repeat 3 times]

Internal combustion, plutonic rage
The bodies create their own hell
The flame from within, unleashed from its cage
Purging the great sins of all
Admissions of guilt are all that are sought
By judges who have twisted laws
The quick abrogation of the populace
Striking with great enmity

Listing the ways in which we will die
As the prophets claim we will soon
Self-immolation that's unjustified
Stygian shores ahead loom
The coffins are ready, the death warrant signed
Depression has swiftly set in
Inimical powers against humankind
This charnelhouse ensanguined

[Chorus (4 times)]
[Guitar Solos:]
[- J. Durkin]
[- E. Meyer]
[- J. Durkin]
[- E. Meyer]
[- J. Durkin]
[- E. Meyer]

Decaying, the ruins fall swift to the ground
The carnage is morbid and great
Mephitic deathstench of corpses abound
The earth meets an untimely fate
The horrific malignance, spreading its wings
Across the expanse of the sky
Contamination and all that it brings
The judges commit genocide

Retaliation, a useless ploy
We've gazed into the face of fear
We know that it stands for our own bitter end
The end we realize is now here
The claws of denouement grasp at our lungs
Asphyxiation rules supreme
The future of mankind cut down while they're young
Our children die clutching their dreams...

[Chorus (4 times)]

2. The Burning Of Sodom

[Music: Durkin/Meyer]
[Lyrics: Hoglan/Durkin/Doty]

Once, the tale of Sodom
Brought anguish to the eyes
Of all god-fearing people
With eternal afterlives
Sin and lust run rampant now
Perversion on the rise
Reliving all the ways of old
Gommorrah realized

Sodom, an unholy place
Angels searched for a few
Souls who'd yet to fall from grace
To save them from the doom
Paradise of pleasures lost
Herein the future lies
Laughing at the "holy cross"
As death rained from the skies

Falling from the heavens
Angels lie decayed
Burning, city of Sodom
One by one, sinners pay!!!

Skeptics failed to heed the call
Of angels sent to tell
Of the impending death to all
In blazing city hell
Consorting with the demons craft
The ways of god repelled
Burning cross, cause to laugh
Lot, the one expelled

[Guitar Solos:]
[- E. Meyer]
[- J. Durkin]
[- E. Meyer]
[- J. Durkin]

The sufferer's impalement
Inside the city gates
Worshipping the unholy priests
The masters of all hate
The flag of the inverted cross
Menacing, held high
Laughing at the "holy cross"
At twelve, the virgin dies!!!

One righteous family did escape
The family-father lot
Sinful daughters succumbed to rape
Not as holy as thought!!!
Mankind throughout eternity
Built on evil's designs
The resilience of iniquity
Lives on in christian minds


3. Hunger Of The Undead

[Music: Durkin/Meyer/Hoglan]
[Lyrics: Hoglan]

I walk through death's door
I'm frightened to see
A determined fate is not in store for me
No light in the tunnel
Or brimstone awaits
Return to the earth
A reincarnate

My life
Meant others had to suffer in my wake
My hatred proved too much for god to take

My soul is set to live in disrespect
Karma's retribution - life's reject
Is what I'm meant to be
An outcast from society??

A laughing stock - as I walk the earth
Vindication laughs at my rebirth

Or will I be a victim of the thing
Commonly known as eternity??

Eternally black
In limbo I'm trapped
In silence I sound a plea
Light is no more
I feel not a thing
Undead, I need to break free

The silence deafens all the unheard screams
The darkness rips away all the unseen dreams

Numbness shrouds my soul I'm left to roam
Paralysis now my only home
Spiritual planes do not exist
Life in this realm I will resist

And break these bonds - These chains that lock my soul
Watch my growing fire burst through the wall

I need to grasp the earthen world again
Onto the realm of humans I'll ascend

Of the undead
Now if my soul is mine then why will you not let it be free??
I wonder
When this will all end
To live in this shell makes me laugh at religious disease

Who'd think that
There's no hell or heaven??

Only an absence of god and no Satan supposedly fell
A spirit's
Is the proof of no heaven or merciless torment of hell...

[Guitar Solos:]
[- J. Durkin]
[- E. Meyer]
[- J. Durkin]
[- E. Meyer]

I walk through life's door
I'm frightened to see
A determined fate is now in store for me
A leper I stand
A pitiful scene
Martyred, by my impiety

Believe me
The vicious circle has triumphed again
And now a life of agony I'll begin

The fates have dealt the hand I'm set to play
A losing situation in every way
I know I'm meant to be
An outcast from society

And live my days banished from the race
Reborn into this life of much disgrace

My soul is set to live in disrespect
Karma's retribution - life's reject!!!

4. Merciless Death

[Music: Durkin]
[Lyrics: Durkin/Doty]

You fall before us, shattered in vain
You thrash about us, screaming in pain
Tortured and flaming, you're on your knees
You fucking whores, it's us you must please

We'll give you merciless...
We'll give you merciless...
We'll give you merciless...
We'll give you merciless... DEATH!!!

Stand up and bang, till you fall to the floor
The sound is so deafening, it can't be ignored
The place is burning, your minds are destroyed
Devastated and helpless, you're left here to die

[Guitar Solo: E. Meyer]

The angel has landed - judgement has come
Your death has arrived, faster than some
The darkness descending upon heaven's gates
Your soul is now promised and you know that
We'll wait!!!...


5. Death Is Certain (Life Is Not)

[Music: Durkin/Hoglan/Yahn/Meyer]
[Lyrics: Hoglan]

Respecting your wishes
My brother, you wish to die
In a bed surrounded by tubes
Immobility's cast its shadow
In your body numbness reigns
You've calculated your demise
Your future racked with pain
I'll take the life behind your eyes

There was a time when death was distant
And the fire of life burned bright
Now we realize life's no constant
No will to life, death's a right
Euthanasia, not murder
Act of mercy to escape
Society's form of torture
To let you live this way

Death is certain
Life is not
Your mind's in torment
Waiting to rot
The final curtain
Always draws it close
When death is certain
The end unfolds

From the neck down, you're senseless
From the neck up, you're alive
And the politics of humanity
Refuse to let you die
And all the while you plot your death
With me at your side
Your last wish, your brain to rest
Your bondage ropes untied

And the prayer for miracles is through
For there's no god to care

Do unto others as done to you
Without a doubt he isn't there
I won't make a mistake with faith
Christ's a waste of time
How can I put my trust in god
With innocent people dying?

[Guitar Solos:]
[- E. Meyer]
[- J. Durkin]
[- E. Meyer]
[- Both]

Paralytic disease infests your brain
Debilitates your mind
A vegetable wasting, decaying
You're running out of time
All I know is what you said
Before the coma's grip
Don't want to live your life brain dead
To death you crave to slip

The needle's pulled from in your arm
The pulse of life has stopped
Your granted plea, a painless death
To arrive at the end you'd sought
The cryptic statement - bonded truth
Lie peaceful in your grave
Did we just give up on you?
I hope you have been saved...

Death is certain
Life is not
Your mind lies dormant
Proceeding to rot
The final curtain
Has drawn its close
When death is certain
The end unfolds!!!...

6. Black Prophecies

[Music: Hoglan/Durkin]
[Lyrics: Hoglan]

Back when man had not care for the past
And little hope for the future
A man who stood out in the annals of time
To tell of the actions to come
The uncanny words of a clinical mind
Turn of centuries bore his truth
A mysterious being with a curious gift
Nostradamus - chosen one
His talent for reaching with a gaze
Into the future unknown
Conclusions drawn from inner haze
As the seeds of time were sewn
The fires, the plagues, the "men of blood"
Foretold by prophetic eye
Scourges upon lands he never stood
Predicting our race to die

Seeing the days
Of hideous plague
When nature released disease upon human race
The damage was done
Black death had won
Pestilence, the start of armageddon

Torment and fire
London expired
The English lands became a massive funeral pyre
Ruinous blaze
The city was razed
Due to the great London's fire, life was denied

Now the people today understand and take heed
His truthful words of the future they've seen

The one who knew
Where we'd stand
In centuries ahead of where he roamed the land
He'd seen the fear
Upon the earth
Hatred, death and pain, four-hundred years worth
A witness to
And evil warmonger's insanity
His written words
Upon the page
Black prophecies!!!

Nostradamus envisioned saviours of hate
To reign subservient mass
Attempting to alert us before it's too late
We witnessed the evil that passed
We watched all the wretched torment inflicted
And shook our heads with grief
And understood then what the seer predicted
Beyond our conscious belief
At war with a sick brain, Hitler was known
To render a massive injustice
Striking the hebrews a mighty deathblow

Guaranteeing his fate in the abyss
The wars, the concentration camps
Foretold, prophetic eye
When the doomsayer became entranced
He saw when our race will die

Sinister minds
Hate had then blind
To the slaughter of innocent people - insidious crime

Walking the earth
The devil's rebirth
The Fuhrer the second son, Napoleon being the first

Both Antichrists
Brought anguish and strife
Ruling the empires with a criminal sickening spite
Gaseous showers
With Hitler empowered
Innocent jewish honor forever raped and deflowered

Now the people today understand and take heed
His truthful words of the future they've seen

[Guitar Solo: J. Durkin]

Back when man had not care for the past
And little hope for the future
A man who stood out in the annals of time
To tell of the actions to come
The uncanny words of a clinical mind
Turn of centuries bore his truth
A mysterious being with a curious gift
Nostradamus - chosen one
His talent for reaching with a gaze
Into the future unknown
Conclusions drawn from inner haze
As the seeds of time are sewn
In the year 1999 and seven months
From the sky will come the great king of terror
Nostradamus watches from beyond
Waiting for our race to die

Third war
Final scar
Soon the obliteration will be total, leaving no more
Milleneum two
Will not be renewed
The bodies, corpses and souls will then be exhumed

Nuclear fire
The earth has expired
The worldly lands became a massive funeral pyre
Ruinous blaze
The landscape is razed
Due to the nuclear winter's frost, life is denied

Now the people today understand and take heed
His truthful words of the future they've seen


7. Perish In Flames

[Music: Durkin]
[Lyrics: Doty]

Your orders are given, the time for destruction is now
They'll give you no reason, you'll be the first so be proud
They've tracked you on radar, the fighters will lead to attack
The terror will freeze you, because you know you might not make it back

Gods of war have gone insane
You've played with fire, you're to blame
Take a stand for what is right
Time is now so make the fight

You've locked onto to target, the missiles stand ready to launch
Your mind bleeds in terror, destination lines up in path
Your final descent, the bird of prey unleashes it's wrath
You've pulled the trigger, the world goes insane so you laugh

[Guitar Solos:]
[- J. Durkin]
[- E. Meyer]

The world burns below you, innocent people now die
You're stricken with remorse, though much is your loss you don't cry
You clench up in anger, for war is stupidity
For mankind it's too late, and you are the last to see


Eric Meyer: Lead Guitar
Don Doty: Vocals
Jim Durkin: Lead Guitar
Gene Hoglan: Drums
Mike Gonzales: Bass

Bass Recorded by Rob Yahn

Produced by Randy Burns & Dark Angel
Engineered by Randy Burns, Case McMackin & Eric Meyer
Recorded at Music Grinder Studios & Mad Dog Studios
Mixed at Mad Dog Studios
Mastered at Capital Studios

Front and back photos by Sean Rodgers & Ron Contenza
Logo by Ed Repka
Art direction: M. Weinberg

Ray "God" Sanchez - Stage Manager/Drum Tech
Joel "Holeham" Pasilas - Stage Right Guitar Tech
Ian "Kill Your Mother" Graham - Stage Left Guitar Tech
Earl "The Impressionable Loadie" Hasagawa - Confusion Tech
Bill "B.T.D." Grimstead - Bass and Conversation Tech
Alma McLay - Lighting Tech
...and MANY THANKS to ALL who've lugged for us at one time or another...

Betty & Don Doty, Mom & Dad Durkin, Mom & Dad Hoglan, Alex & Olga Meyer,
Mr. & Mrs. Gonzalez, Steve Sinclair and all at Combat; Alma (aka Ace
merchandising, lighting, secretarial, etc., etc.), Freddie Wilks (B.K.A.
Christopher Columbus); PHOTOGRAPHERS: Conrad Meyer, Lisa Hoglan, Cruz
Montoya (Private Eye Photography), Teresa Trebotic; Bob (Godly Flyer
Artwork) Vessels, Debbie Dill, Stephen Gebedy, Tom Meigs, Robin Schmick,
our unappreciated, unique and disastrous road crew, Dave Mustaine
(thanks-Mike A.), Andrew Stern (lawyer from Hell), all at Zed Records;
Nadine Y., TRA (Andy has faith?), Randy "It's Knockin' Down Walls!!"
Burns, Casey "I Wanna Die!!!!" McMackin, a Hellishly special thanks to
Ohio's Ultimate maniac-Sean Rodgers.
And a very special thanks to Mike Anderson and True Talent Management
for his undying faith, wisdom and guidance.

Craig McDonald, Jennifer Fuchs (MMJ-G), James (Blaak Blood) Watson,
Power?), Ken Baugh, Khari Knight & Brittany, Jae Welch & Daniel, Joe
Theisman's leg, Judge Dredd Issue #3-The Four Dark Judges: Fear, Fire,
Death (is God), and Mortis; GRIM JACK, Twisted Tales, Chris Caines at
Band Aide (R.I.P.), Salvador T. Lama from Brazil (you're not forgotten!),
Charlie Silva, the Rainbow Nails wenches, "REANIMATOR", Matt Van, Tony
Rosenfeld, Becky & Leah Fajardo, Allen Brown, Lydia Clavijo, Lenora Drum,
Marylin Drum, Bo Metcalf, SAVAGE GRACE (good luck D. Finch & B. East),
FISHBONE (for Gene's inspiration?), MEGADETH; Lloyd, Mark & Lisa-It's
All Over'zine; Mike Bevil-Death and Destruction, ‹ric Thorkelson &
Positive Outlook, J. Pat (and Rusty)-Silent Scream, Wav & Frank-Noxious
Obedience, Metal Forces; Adam Bomb and the Final Countdown-KXLU, Ace Fury
& the Metal Morality Show-KUCI, Matt O'Shaughnessy and Midnight Metal
-WRTN: WRCR Radio, all the mags who've featured us, THANKS!! Bill Howell
(Portland Gargoyle-good luck), Volcano Burger, Oki Dogs, thanks to all
the clubs we've torn down, closed down or burned down (Radio City-R.I.P.),
a big "Go Die" to all the clubs who've banned us (every club in LA.......),
Mars Black, Angel Lopez, Pat Vergara, Jesse Ramos, Diana Morgan, Mr. Hollis
(Gene's Creative Death teacher), Dave Romero, D.R.I., C.O.C., A.O.D.,
Mom Sanchez (thanks loads for the equipment storage!!), Mom & Dad Pasilas,
Matt Pasilas-Robin Strasberg, Private Eye Records, Dave Stauffer, Carrie
DiGiorgio, Wildman, Psycho, the Metal Maniacs at M.V., Alan (luscious)
Dominguez and the Swinging Sirloins, Dave Mello (U.C.), Steve Hallas
(DEFCON), D.T. Richards-Metal Storm/Iron Works (sorry about what happened,
Overkill, but he really is a nice guy personally....) Randall Wixon-AXE
KILLER, Ian Michael, Chrissy, K.C., Joe Hartnet, Cathy Obeji, Markiqucia
Harris, Gary & Vicki Schuler, Claudia Crane, Shirley Russell, Annie & Keith
Morris, Marsha Smith, Theresa Bray, Renate Dickson, Dianne Sigson (tastes
good), Calvano's Music, Ron Rosenberg, Dr. John Evans, DVM, Dr. Grain, DVM,
LCS Thrashers, Chris (you live too far), Blondie & Sandra (salty), Best
Records, Vicki (Peni) Villa, Charlotte (Peni), Robert Murray, Tim & everyone
at Middle Earth, Jimmy Cologne, Yuri's Records, D.C. Sparks Studios, Chris
Olson and the Practice Pad, Kelly O'Neil, Brett Asolles, Rennie Resmini,
John Duncal-WDGC.

DARK ANGEL would like to wish the best of luck to Rob Yahn who, since the
recording of this album, has moved on to new things. Keep your head on
your shoulders, Robbie.

Darkness has no limits.

Thanks to victorfromhell for correcting these lyrics.

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