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1. Fix The Focus

We are for wrong denied but conscious
Without a doubt a proof for the lies
For ages have they tried to show us
That our hate is a matter of size

No one leaves until we raised our voices now allied
This world has changed and left the bitterness inside

The prophecies are formatting
While you are betraying rights
Placid and focused were waiting
Soon turning the streams of your tides
Why wont you see that this yearning
Has a cause that shows up the crime
Wake up, the focus is burning
And we are running out of time

All we are will name it
Fear unloads the hate inside
While we have set our fires
You were sleeping deep and tight

You better fix the focus
And dare not to provoke us
You better fix what will take
The choices that we have to make

We were blind and mindless
Corrosion through and through
No better time to show us
What we have meant to you
Submission now expanded
To believe the one who feeds
But here is truth demanded
The elementary needs

2. Zero

1,2 is everybody ready too?
3,4 push me just a little more
5,6 no more will I take the kicks
7,8 cause I am fucking full of hate

Energy raging in a state of alert
They pushed my chemicals a little too far
Day for day (they left) my prayers unheard
The feelings like a dying star
It is my one way run with a secret to keep
No remorse if you know what I mean
An act of love to the ones who sleep
My martyrium unleashed unseen

Realize, I have no time to lose
When there is nothing to choose
I am a Time bomb with a sensitive fuse
Realize that the one that you fear is real
And I am down to Zero

Realize I have nothing to lose
When there is nothing to choose
You hold on revenge and fatal abuse
Realize that the only way out is to make them feel

Countdown to the second hater attack
I have a need stepping out of the line
And you are the one who will be part of my game
Behind the scenes take it all what is mine
Give attention please, this is a permanent style
Change the surface for a better grip
Glass and blood, know the queen of my trials
You are the tear on my punishing trip

I am the steam hammer
Own my way to eternity

3. Dare To Collapse

Can everyone please go for a while
I need to breath
I have to face my darkest trial
Killing me from underneath
For too long have I faced my limits
And failed to see
That all I love and call my substance
Has become my worst enemy

Steady is this run-
A run that rewrites the episodes,
Without a trace and a trusting hand for guidance
A pact with tears
Infected though all inner fears
I give up, to face the one and only chance

To go and break down..., go and break down..., go and break down...
Until I am calling

Dare to reach out for truth
If you dare to collapse
Inside lie the circles of these endless turnings
Dare to speak out the truth
While daring a relapse
Inside die the circles of these senseless yearnings

Can anyone please stay for a while
I need a relief
I cannot face another trial
Killing me and the things I believe

Ready for the run-
A run that rewrites the higher modes,
Without a face and a devoting sense for guidance
Effects on me
And flourishes to misery
Again have turned spoken words into silence
I am too tired to see
What you made out of me
I have died to feel
But what it takes is too real
I can't take it
So why not break it
I can't take it
So I wont make it...

I turn my face down, I turn my face down, I turn my face down
Until I am falling

4. Pulse Of Minority

Break it down...and

Reload all your senses
Cause they will never care for your tears
Be aware of your chances
Cause they will never take all your fears
(If you are) lost, be part of the rising
A new scenario will change aliesing
The jaded domination
Is worth a new creation

This is the Pulse of Minority
Let this break all their authority

Revolute - Evolute your self

So increase the pressure
Evoke the structure plain by time
Burry my wrong aggressor
The truth appeals to heal the crime
Shock them, invade their lives
Creative trust to fight the lies
Solid controlled hysteria
Will show them who we really are...

5. Neokillers

Fear out of dreams
To escape from today
And as long as it means
To assure this decay
The pureness on earth
Has infected the curse
Now come on
We are neokillers baby,
Destroyers of the universe

This Steady cold age of distant minds
Has abandoned all the harmony needs
Inject their dreams with a personal rage
And you will grow steel out of the seeds
Take machines and
Give them a soul
The serum for a new stagnation
Fake the real
By what it means
Alpha gods and sensation

The Auditory grace is system fixed
And ignorant with an attitude

(Our) instincts show no way to relief
And reload the tired samplitude
Destroy and heal

Destroy and heal
Modern reputation
Destroy and heal
Destroy and heal
Human domination

Virtual shelters of hiding ghosts
Cold age of distance
Take the machines
And arise them from god

6. Nikita

I heard the nations are threatened by crisis
A curse from east, where the demon rises
The sin is changing the face of this earth
While we are waiting for the darkest birth
The coming vision
Was our decision
Can it be
That all we need
Is a resistant breed
The harming cast
Flourishing fast
Can it be
That this is it
The final exit

There is no way out of guilt when you free the deceiver
So wont you, wont you please spread disease Nikita
There is no way out of guilt when you kill a believer
So wont you, wont you please spread disease Nikita

Politics shaped the organic statement
A lifeless planet as a final judgement
The sickness in me is the sickness in you
The bitter response to the things that we do

Angry virus free us please
From the scum on this earth with a painful disease
Angry Nikita if this won't be
We will destroy ourselves one day else you will see

7. My Own Darkness

Turn the lights down
Cause there is nothing more to see
Watching the days drown
Inside a world that is no place to be

I have learned to cry silently
But have I earned to die so painfully

Carry the cross low
I have some wounds to show
Don't feel all right
Lost the sense out of sight

It meant to be this way
Fading day by day
So wont you miss me here today
I am already on my way

It will hurt until tomorrow
But never end the sorrow
It will take me home tonight
And fade the light

This is my own darkness...

8. Neurosis 404

Impatient I am waiting now
For years have they promised the cure
I got a little different somehow
Nervous and a bit insecure
Everyday I face another disease
And with my self I stand here alone
There are things that make it hard to increase
The feelings that cannot be shown

Neurosis 404
I am addicted to life
But I can't feel anymore
Neurosis 404
I am a fake
And I can't go on anymore
Neurosis, anyone, who knows this?
These voices, anyone, who knows this?

There are voices that reflect this guilt
Former faces, pale but clear
I know the consequences now
Felt the hits with every tear
Can anyone please believe me
I am dying the deaths of lies
Or have you noticed it is nearly
(Like) the essence of (my) helpless tries

"Welcome me, my slave to blind to see
These voices that take you to misery
I'm the tempter that leads your way
But you're the source that you betray"

9. The Elegy Of A Forgotten Science

All that bleeds has died
And for years the voices lied
At times that we have aimed
To be thankful and ashamed

Face down
Before you stare at the sun
With a nailed crown
Our destiny done
There is no need to face our future
This is the Elegy of a forgotten science

Take it all away
What is lost day by day
The forgotten words allied
4 Elements, now denied

10. Suicide Solution

[Ozzy Osbourne cover]

Wine is fine, but whiskey's quicker
Suicide is slow with liquer
Take a bottle, drown your sorrows
Then it floods away tommorows
Away tommorows

Evil thoughts and evil doings
Cold, alone you hang in ruins
Thought that you'd escape the reaper
You can't escape the master keeper

'Cos you feel life's unreal, and you're living a lie
Such a shame, who's to blame, and you're wondering why
Then you ask from your cask, is there life after birth
What you saw can mean hell on this earth
Hell on this earth

Now you live inside a bottle
The reaper's travelling at full throttle
It's catching you, but you don't see
The reaper's you, and the reaper is me

Breaking laws, knocking doors
But there's no one at home
Made your bed, rest your head
But you lie there and moan
Where to hide, suicide is the only way out
Don't you know what it's really about

Wine is fine, but whiskey's quicker
Suicide is slow with liquer
Take a bottle, drown your sorrows
Then it floods away tomorrows

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Thanks to twingen2407 for correcting track #2 lyrics.

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