Dark Lyrics


1. Kingdom Nevercome

An interfering link connects with the unstable
My scattered eye in used to fake the worst

I am giving in to a plastic cash return
Working the daydream until my muscles burn

While falling through measures
It's sucking me in
Raising doubt, all sense bleeding empty
It's hard to begin, to break out

I am dying while trying
I am so close to get a life like all others
Fall back on regret, will I ever be myself again
After building my kingdom nevercome

Watch a life collapse for things not to come
The helpless try to compensate this life

The visionary life to himself
Not to others, not to others

Rise to ill
But who has proven life to be alright?

2. Devote Yourself To Nothing

While bending to a rusty throne
I feed a beaten creature
Bygone a forgotten dream
Bound to aborted passions

Can't you see? Who's pointing the speechless...
The mirror reflects a mess and I fear it is me

All decisions are born from a tired call
When the lonely screams out these loveless words

I thought there must be something
But I chose to go
Leaving words unspoken
I devote myself to nothing


I chose to choose but nothing
Consequent but empty I
Forgot to speak the truth
Hearing the sirens preaching

Can't you see? I'm pointing the heartless
This mirror reflects a mess and I fear it is me...

There is no hope for me
The price of owning myself is too high
And a privilege of a life overdose speaks to others

3. Neon Gardens

We grew up in fences
Drinking light from arid sun rays
Before I saw the sitting brawling
Cutting faces to flowers

Why is everything so blithe and delighted?
Why is everything so full of light?

I have the strangest feeling...

Inside these neon gardens
Nothing's the same
Is the same any more
Inside these neon gardens
I ask you what might have gone wrong

They have tried to blinden me
But my eyes have seen dark long before
They have tried to random me
But their lies have called me before

But we grow without chances
Adjusting time beyond these climes I know
I saw the thinker
He is the soil of the life that grows in me

Don't hold me down

4. Snake Of June

Demise has attracted a lifelong appeal to ease
The itch of the loving
No compromise steady enough to conceal the truth
My paltry dependence from you

I know I have been tricked again

It is you they call a snake of June
Because nothing of what you say is true
You will see that someday soon
A splitted tongue will speak to you

My tried to escape
From a world that I thought I knew
Have drowned in their laughter
Revealing my weakness to bury my love for good
Has denied self-forgiveness

It was all in your eyes
The trust of faith, all hope and wise
I chose the apple, believed your lies
Felt the poison and closed my eyes...

My eyes...

5. Zeitgeist (Ghost In A Machine)

Preachers, priests and nuns
Listen to their iron tongues

Parents who dare to care
Welcome a new nightmare

All of us are in
Now let this nightmare
For all of us begin
Reloading Columbine
The trigger pulls the sin
For someone out there
Death is close to win
The frantic bullet ride

They are just some ghosts
They like ghosts in a machine

Teachers, school and guns
Better lock up your sons

This teenage has they share
Brough up this cruel affair

Save me, save our souls

I am no ghost

6. 10 Steps To Nausea

Step 1, step 2
We're shaking hands, don't like you too
Step 3, step 4
Our egos call, now I want more

Hands on your rifles
Were facing cash on fragile ground
For bloody sake
Now my skills are worth, the bills unbound

My trifle has come here a long way, stranger
I wonder is you got it close
But all I can show, as a weak man, stranger
Is that I just got killed for the pose

Step 5, step 6
Let's play the game, I know your tricks
Step 7, step 8
I'm falling back, it's not too late

Again has proven
Who washes hands in others blood
It's you and me
The one who looses cannot see

Give in to something give in to nothing

7. Halo Meridian

So mad you talk about this world
Gaining lots of respect
But what does really happen?

How come you find so many words
But then act like what was said is forgotten
You smile like the one who was made
For all souls to save... oh so brave

How come that you know what goes wrong
But then you join the league
Of those who converse
The shining god that you pretend to be
Is lost in reality

So sad inside my head
It's always there, in times I'm not aware
Let's make it fine today, is what you say
But you just stay in your reserve

No more will I believe your words

8. Underneath These Burdens

I was so close, so close to know resistance
Out of my daymares it's proving my persistence

So why are you... are you asking me?

I am out of line and out of time
I feel this way for so long

I know I am ruined
I am lonely and upset but...
Who was given you the right
What has blinded your sight
I know I'm desperate
But I have no regret, so...
Who was given you the right
What has blinded your sight

I underneath my burdens
I guess you understand
I underneath these burdens
I know that you would bend

So why are you... are you asking me?

Are you aware that I am tired
Empty... worn out... lifeless inside

9. All The Unfulfilled

I have come here craving, resisting my reliance
And still I am falling, escaping the asylum

Oh, I wish that some day
I will stand up in silence and peace
Without affecting my lifestyle

"I feel so isolated and disconnected from the happy"

It's all that I want, it's all that I need

All you unfulfilled, you've been living illusions
To all you unfulfilled, where you are solutions?

All my life affecting to knowing and sensing
Without the triumph of owning yourself

I feel proceeded, there's got to be more than this
I feel so lost, when there's no one
Who can teach me the value of life

To all you unfulfilled
I came here to say but nothing
To all you unfulfilled
I came here to show but nothing

10. Babylon Riots

You brought it up
Your face reminds me of my better days
That never caught up to me

There were the nights, I chose to search a life
That should fulfill all of my empty needs

Hey you, hey! Are we going the same way?
Hey you, hey! Are we sharing the same day?

Out of the damp and gloomy days
I sing and dance myself away
While everything falls apart
I'll arrange another start

You brought it up
This city reminds me of a poisoned will
For excessive redemptions

Those were the days, I chose to live a life beyond
The things that seem to be forever

Is there no one to share this feeling
I guess my shadow remain kneeling

11. Myself Heretic

All mental poison
Comes in many hundred different ways
But instead of searching
I am better off without the prayer's days

Myself heretic, I have chosen not to know it all
Myself heretic, but i know my call
Myself heretic, I know my place and chose to be
Myself heretic, I'd rather die than lie to me

I am asking you if you have seen it all
Have proven this world to be divine
And I am glad, that for you a kingdom shines
And that you believe in signs

This is myself heretic

12. Vampyrez

Me and you, we are trapped inside a devil's curse
Like fallen angels burning down to withered dust

And it has come that far
The pining tooth has made it worse

"I feel hollowed and sucked empty"

As soon as we think
We are safe from the pathetic mind
They bite to thrill, making we all weak and ill
...and they think it is alright... it's alright

Leave me alone now, I am close to be like you
I lost my will now, please stop this, your soul abuse

This life is mine, this blood is mine
I don't need your loyalty all I need is to be alone

Cold, pale hands that lure
Folded, praying for the sued
The well known stranger
Is soaking all my energy

But I guess I know
The one who's proving fallacy
The caring friend turning out to be a fiend

I am choking from all this blood

Thanks to markku-ahonen for sending these lyrics.

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