Dark Lyrics


1. Another Journey


2. Dark Clouds Rising

After the sunset, cold winds blowing
Dark clouds are rising over raging seas
Deceptive silence - one of the signs
Desperation and the embrace of fear
An approaching flood
A lightning and pouring rain
The cyclone is coming again
Now run for your life
A black tongue from out of heaven
Is dancing over valleys
Absorbing everything
Uncomparable fear,
When minutes seem like hours
Natural forces out of control
And in the eye of the cyclone
The silence is still reigning
A celestial oasis of peace and hope
The desperation and the anger
The sadness and the fear
The devastation and the weakness
The turmoil and despair
Will there be a tomorrow
When the storm is gone
One day the dark clouds will rise again

3. Bloodred Sunrise

Can't you see the world's last sunrise
Can't you see the tears in my eyes
Can't you see the bloodred sunrise
Can't you see the tears in my eyes
If life is a dream be afraid to wake up
You would wish to sleep again
Shameful destruction of natural beauty
Senseless exploitation - reasons for dying
What will you breathe
When all trees are dead
Where will you go
When our world is black
Clear the wounds,
The earth is suffering from
Even when you can't renew
What you once destroyed
So tear out this poisoned thorn
And ease the pain you caused
Stop to torture the nature
Oh can't you see the bloodred sunrise
Oh can't you see the fear in my eyes
I cannot understand
What you've done to the world
I cannot understand
Why you've done this to our world
If you don't change your point of view
Judgement day will be
Just a question of time

4. Broken Down

Broken down
Love remembered
Clouds of angel dust
Sadness covers my mind
I still think of what you've said
Listening to my inner voice
Maybe too late to regret
You tried to capture me
I made a fool of you
If love is a lie what is it all for
Broken down
Love remembered
Clouds of angel dust
There's always silence in the end
Don't try to rearrange all your feelings
The ruin of your soul
Restless your inner waste land
Is there peace in silence
Broken down
Love remembered
Clouds of angel dust

5. My Desire

What I see, is it real
Or just a stroke of my mind
And no one sees what I feel
She could be my fate once more
The bright light in her eyes
Could guide me through the darkest night
And the strength, she radiates
She must be one of my dreams
I can't describe what I feel for her
She is my incarnated phantasy
She must be a descended angel
Her seductive beauty makes me blind
Days without her - days without the sun
Like a desert without rain
Like a rose without its scent
My desire - someday passion
My desire - someday depression
She makes me feel, like I never did before
In every second she's the one that I adore
In lonely nights, I dream about her
And everyday I miss her caress

6. Love And Seduction

I feel this longing so strange and so bizarre
Until I will find you I'll keep it in the dark
A blaze bizarre burns in my heart
Brighter than the flame of fear
It feeds my wish to reach your love
To touch you in our dreams
When everything is withering
You're still my bleeding rose
And neither hate nor death can divide our love
My mind writes serenades for you
Like melodies of silence
Your shadow is trembling when I
Touch your skin and kiss your fear away
It's not easy to conceal
Fear with a masquerade of joy
Tears from a bleeding rose
Even purity can't wipe away
Sharing both, pleasure and pain
Sometimes passion is the same
Addicted to emotion, love and seduction

7. Sands Of Time

Senseless life
I'm born into a world so cold
I cannot understand
Why the fate has chosen me
I'm born as a living dead
Useless youth
I dream about a world beyond
I feel so helpless
Cause something's breeding inside of me
My life is fading with every day
The sands of time
Running fast
My life is near, near its end
With a soul of a child
Imprisoned in a body
Hundreds of years old
My life is fading away

8. This Falling Veil

I saw angels - fallen from the sky
I saw immortals - afraid to die
Time is just a moment in eternity
But every dawn seems like the last one
With silent cries my life is passing by
Like echoes from the past that slowly fade
If love is a lie, what is all for
Remember every tear I've shed for you
Still you deny, what you feel for me
Your eyes can't lie to me
After all I see you behind a veil of distrust
Only your eyes shine like a pale moon
Through stardust

9. Shadowdancer

Some dreams never come true
Some days change the point of view
God's hands divided
What love once united
One of them is gone away
And one of them is left in pain
This immortal love lasts
Beyond life and death
There's a secret between them
When she's down and sad
He's coming back again
As a shadow, as a shadow
To dance with her, like before
She is dancing with
The shadows of the night
She is lying through
A dark sky of delight

10. Angeltear

It's so far away
Where no humans are
It's so high in the sky
Where the silence reigns
Come and take my hand
And close your eyes for another dream
This is a place where nothing is what it seems
With a view of a sea which unifies
All the sadness of our darkened world
This is a sea of tears
That thousand angels had cried
This is an island
of hopes and dreams
This is the hidden place
The dragon of grace
With a bleeding rainbow
In the heart of a crimson sky
This is a paradise
Beyond the veil of sleep
Only when the last sign occurs,
the angels will cry
And their tears will flow,
From the gates of heaven
Like everflowing floods of melancholy
Are you ready for another journey
Through the land of dreams
Come and take my hand and let us fly
To the sea of hope and fear -
To the godly place called Angeltear

11. The Flood


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