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1. Eternity Rite (Pt. 1 - Sight From The Abyss / The Confession & Prophecy)

I feel this cold darkness
The very emptiness calls me.
Follow me on my path...
Come, sentence this world to death.

Mortal life is nothing compared to the void.
Your fears will be erased as the thought reaches eternity

What once was balance is now broken.
As this shadows arised from the depths beyond space and time

The abysses beyond the line of mortal imagination

The light faded and left no source
I walked the void

The light faded and left no source
I walked the void

The light faded and left no source
Here time is the traveler and I am the constant

2. Demon Eyes

I am one you called -
deep in the night you lost your soul.
Through demon eyes you saw
what lies behind the mask of life.
To ride with me - to cross the firesea...
were these your greatest dreams?
Eternal wisdom you will earn -
far away from present days.
Through demon eyes you saw
the spheres I left for centuries.
Shadows of the worlds beyond -
they touch you like a burning wind.
A circlegate of neverending journeys
in close to the eyes
you now call your own.
Walk the path of spirit
into dimensions unknown.
Through demon eyes you died.

3. Fuer Grissa Est Dranka


4. Down To The Halls Of The Blind

I can see what you see not.
Visions milky than eyes rot.
When you turn they will be gone
whispering their hidden song.
Then you see what cannot be:
Shadows move where light should be.
Death is their curse to the sun
to walk the way they had begun.
Out of darkness out of mind
cast down to the halls of the blind.

5. Nightvision

Here at the top of a mountain
in a clear night under the stars
that seem to fall every next moment
I receive a vision.
A vision of a rising empire.
An union of the strong,
built upon the hate in man.

6. Arcanum Mortis

Ecce anus in mediis sedens annosa puellis
sacra facit Tacitae - nec tamen illa tacet -
et digitis tria tura tribus sub limine ponit,
qua brevis occultum mus sibi fecit iter...
tunc cantata ligat cum fusco licia plumbo
et septem nigras versat in ore fabas,
quodque pice adstriuxit, quod acu traiecit aena,
obsutum maenae torret in igne caput,
vina quoque instillat... vini quodcumque
relictum est, aut ipsa aut comites, plus
tamenipsa bibit, "hostiles linguas
inimicaque vinximus ora",
dicit discedens ebriaque exit anus.

7. Eternity Rite (Pt. 2 - Invocation & Bounding)

8. Temple Of The Moon


9. ...Of Broken Stones

Waters unleashed...
Fires unbound...
Ashes surround my feet
as i see how might could work... once more...
Shadows that embrace me
with their wings of frozen fears -
my elements the necromancer's dream -
tear flesh from bone...
separate the spirit from flesh.
Stones broke up, iron melted
as I set my feet at the shores of underworld
Now pure to enter the forbidden realms
I walked the path of spirit once more.
As pure as the prophecies had told.
"And he shall journey into the realms of the dead,
and hecontent with the forces therein
unto the very gates of despair,
to gain knowledge from the burning lands,
but never he shall return to the world of light."

10. Seelenlos

Blind eyes that see more
as what is hidden in your face
blind eyes see the skull
behind your skin.
It feels you're growing
older with every second.
It sees your decay in every minute.
A soulless corpse with wings of death.
A desolated mind without fears.
This is it what this entity belongs to -
not a linear existence

11. Transfer Complete


Draenor Productions (A Division of Napalm Records).
DRP 006 - Distributed by SPV.

Sang-drax Tharen: Music & Lyrics, Vocals
Elisabeth Toriser: Vocals
Keybourd programmed by Tharen at Stronghold Dargaard.
Recorded and mixed at Hoernix Studios by Georg Hranda and Tharen during 1998.

P.O. boksz 173.
2130 Mistelbach,

Thanks to heptagon for sending these lyrics.
Thanks to darkarmy12, Eeveereest for correcting track #1 lyrics.

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