Dark Lyrics


1. Jdios Mio! El Diablo Es Muy Picante

I'll treat you like the fuck you want to get fucked by then you can fuck yourself the way I couldn't.
I'll shake the maracas like a champ, like a professional, but you won't dance for me though. I know you like the blood on the back of my hand.
What did you expect of me?
Prince charming is a faggot's tale, and I'm just staring in a bathroom mirror, into a montage.
Baby I'd pick your brain if I were a surgeon, but if I tried I'd end up in some desert heading for the same mirage.

2. Meet Me In the Pub For A Shot of Dignity

3. Devon Butler's Dying Wishes

I remember when you and I used to be inseparable, kind of like Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler in that one movie.
What happened? Where's the buzz I used to get from drinking you? Look into my eyes. What you've done to me, I liked you more when you were sexy.
Now you've gone from Miss Liv to Sapphire.
Relax baby I'm only kidding... But seriously, you go fuck yourself.
Flame throwers and machine guns can't keep me down cause I'm Balushi and you're Carrie Fisher.
Now do you feel somewhat cool?
Now that you're Princess Leia.

4. You Know...You Kind of Look Cute In the Dark

Not once did I preach the very words you sought.
Of course this comes to you as a shock.
To be honest, I wouldn't crush your pretty toenails into a thousand pieces. If so, this would only be a mess I'd feel obligated to clean up, unlike every fulfilling phantom with a hard on that bleeds internally and externally as if it were that fat chick at that one party who consumed every drop fell down the stairs and then spewed out her vomit and/or AIDS.
No, this is not art, this is the weekend baby.
Let's go crazy. I feel like dancing. A few tears shed, A few knuckles bled. Raised up to call out the bitch behind you with a nap sack and a brand new driver's license. It's like that old saying, Eh boys? Bone a petite.

5. Don't Mourne For Me...Organize

6. Wet Between the Thighs

Hands down, face forward, bend over, take it.
Lets make love under the stars. Taste my sweat, now lets get down. Shake it fast, shake it like you wanna. Shake it full blast, shake it my dearest. Bruises make it sweet.
Now I've got you where I want you. Sit upon your throne my dear, you ain't seen nothing yet.
Just close your eyes and enjoy the rest. Round two is gonna be like Bam awesome! Yeah that's right, you heard me bitch princess. Believe me, the street sleeps, lets get busy.

7. Murders Come With Smiles

Drink up my dear, your time has come.
can you feel the darkness rising above you?
you're not going home tonight.
just speak these words, "theres no place like home".
now you're mine and no one else can please me but you.
ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together, for tonights main attraction has arrived.
snap. stomp. clap. fuck.
the four true demandments hold true.
i suppose i'll ask you to dance.
join me for a smoke outside i says.
this i tell myself, might bring opportunity.
i'm so lame today.
relax, this is just a detour.
look at her she's so fine.
beat me if you can, survive if i let you.
now i know why you listen to poison, my little rose, my little thorn...
life should be more like nba jam t.e.
when all is lost you can still hit a nine pointer in the clutch

8. The Duchess and the Cougar

Don't bust my chops babe, you ain't no damsel in distress. If so I'm your villain. If we embark on this journey upstairs, the shit's gonna hit the fan. For someone who wears expensive armor, you sure as hell can't hold your own. You best be ready to bust out the game Genie, cause I'm the final boss. I'm tired of one vs. one when you play with a handicap. Yes, i rock, but you sure could use a tutorial. I'm tired of half assed HJs as i blister my fingers. No, I won't find a worthy opponent. What's that sound downstairs? Man I'm missing out. Global guts in on, and someone's making breakfast. What a waste of time.

9. Showdown In San Antonio

Hey im the champion of good times and funk
so move your feet and lets pawn these tragedies. tell me whats on your mind these days.
i may not give a fuck now, but later?
yes im cool as tex haywood and im fly like futureman
and i was just thinking we should do it sometime. theres no reason for us to stop.
the car is parked and the mood is sinking,
so we'll take things slow.
soon enough i will indulge myself.
this is an adventure place.
your hands on my flesh.
does this taste familiar? or have you come to realize a certain truth your plague is your profession

10. You Bring the Bitches, I'll Bring the Dynamite

I'll wash my hands with your blood just before I dine tonight. Sometimes when I'm with you I want to stab you in the heart, just like Rudy from Monster Squad when he's fighting them bitches in the street. Chill out, I don't think you're so hot when you look like you are already dead. I left my dirty work in the G.C.
Will you be my girlfriend? Circle yes or no. I left my heart in parts unknown.

11. You're What the French Call ``Les Incompetents``

No, but you're wrong. For so god damn long. I've been waiting for service. Adorable... this place is adorable, but far too expensive. I propose retirement. What, no lime? No cute little umbrella? Oh no baby, this ain't attitude, it's baditude. Have you looked into the devil's eyes? I didn't think so. Do you have the golden touch such only gods of great stature like Dr. Jones possesses? I didn't think so. Needless to say, I'm not impressed. Okay, here's the truth, I smashed a lot of empty beer bottles that night. Hey... dissed and dismissed... No, I can't blame her.

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