Dark Lyrics


1. Token Remedies Research

Research "vaccine prevention" should mean staying the fuck away from pharmacuticals,
Over the last decade, the push to immunize has initiated constitutional change,
Drive from global herding, don't be a statistic for the papers,

Climb those walls of federation, find that justice bitch
And rape her boom infected governments, armed with fits spreading it, liberally.
Labouring give them the pretender, procreate. Zymotics form in life, kill the V.N.
Tainted flesh, chain of fear, pass infect chlorinate gene pool test.
Give them death anyway, but I'm in it upset by the prevalent sickness,
Painting it black, saturating fact leaches, education's what society teaches.
Let them eat cake, drink hear n' say cash back bringing in numbers,
Waking up death from a chemikill slumber,

Generous chip to the health SIV system cash incentives, increase disease.
Dominate chase away common sense, immunize, medikill, vaccinate child decay
Scrub away paid for lies, bureaucratize, circumvent, ratify, implement, vaccinate government.
Cementing in another back bench plate to chain to will anybody catechize the plot to fleece you.
Delivering 95% success rate delegate make the system cry.
Sift it, separate, dissecting it, look what you've found,
Consider truth to be the bed-of-rights to what you're bound.
Right to be you, and to see through what's not to be for free,
All the facts are Science-Backed and Biotech bullshit,
You can't stall need for wanton lives,
Come in a spinner, be a guinea pig, a Syndrome's Down to Medical Intoxication,

Token Remedies found,
Sell a patient, kill a patient,
Stalling for cures an' roll the problems up,
An' kick the underclasses round like a ball,
Kick the sickness push drugs, push them down.
Yeah, waking for this pharmacy mortician's prescript,
Another lie, Clayton's pills roll over hills,
Building speed and taking lives, depopulizations a waste of time.
Let them live, we'll die faster.
Preserving death becomes life, our overflow will drain the reservior,
Reference uneducation, honesty's given like disease.
D.P.T. shot medic - hate. Break through screens of medication.
Break through, exploit, export, abdicate world vaccination

Medical police taking life and reason,
Never ending pharmaceutical treason.
Dissipate now that they're all deluded,
Like an "auto de fe", you'll burn to say sell it everywhere,
Watch it multiply, has there ever been a trial vaccination test?
Control your masses, beat apathy, break down blindness, cot death,
Kidney heart and liver failure, Cancers, Mantras, Lupus, Encephllitus cerebal palsy.
S.T.D. plot medicate,

Break through all that makes you weaker,
Reach through, take too, rape hard,
Selling to the coffin,
W.H.O. are God.

2. Change

It's not the sort of thing I thought you'd never understand
That giving pain and sharing blame is all undoing what's been said n' done.
You'll take my life away...

Bouncing 'round the problems in your head,
Of what's been said, undone, then taken
Changed, reawakened, making fiction fact.
Your freedom's cut, you're everything but lies.
All the systems fall, and all you hold is what's been said,
Embedded choices drilled in your fucking head

All ya Judas Goyim, and all their horse's minds and men,
Bake what you're fed, hear what's been said about them,
I won't be your victim now it's changed.
They'll make you work for life,
His bleeding fuels the flames of burning rife.
Transcend the shifts of recreation,
Capital is paramount to why they generate minds
Clone the will for propagation history.
Making the past heresy, and if you can't undo what's been done
Weave in the web that's been spun.

All things change, only the plot stays the same,
Be as you are, replace the souls of those you've broken,
Raping all that's left to be refined,
Destroy the souls that make you obsolete.
Think, fight for why you wanna be yourself.

Retain a shred of where you've come from,
And what's been left behind, what will it grow to?
Then what's to be refined the coming after?
Slaves, you think you'll work for 40 hours now.
Depend on progress for existence.

Free domesticate what's fit to hear n' say, to sanitize,
To make life work that you create and the part you'll play.
Naturally breaking all ties with its ancestry.
Biting the tongue of those social lies,
Infiltrate silence and breed innocence.
They'll take the only things that're sacred,
Dead or alive, they'll take the only things that've stolen tomorrow,
Kill another, days survived, changes amplify the ruin of all,

Remain, remember when and why,
I won't be going now I've changed...

3. Eternal Dismemberment Complex

Underestimated, spreading out contagious oversaturation.
Strengthened apparitions beat away aggression's altered state.
Pretentions crunch in anaesthesia, conscious anaesthesia, huh?
Weave the worm through, bound to being the bait that I am,
Spilling ominous trails of blood from rejection,
And as foul as it all is, of an autacoids stench,
Numb from holding it in for too long forgotten,
And even if it's true, what's been said

Never mind 'bout not having to flinch
Being one step ahead of yourself made anagrams of your stealth
Attitudes insignificant lost in everlasting sickness, Writhe in instinct,
Anachronistic, brick-by-brick shutting out all reflections of size
Letting it go backwards, fall then materialize,
In remorse, incomplete killed in spite of defeat.

As conclusive accomplishments cannibalize more lies,
As wise as you are, regret's designed the scars
That mark the rest of your sheltered life's logistics.
Soaked in rapture, clean clots. unebbed dead?
To cull the rumour going 'round,
That're occurring fucking sound.

Emptiness, denial, thoughtlessness,
Sadistic ties surmise, fantasise,
To make that vertigo go away and make forever everyday.
Not even in itself is the self right, it's taken as nothing
Necessity just to keep giving something.
It's selfish.

Laziness, desire, sacrifice, a dream.
The spawn of hypocrisy's birthed opportunity offering reasons,
Soul, waste of time, not even unexplained
Maybe forthright, there could be a purpose
I think destiny told me so, last nights intro,
In utero, I've carried spawn for hates.

Cut the guiding apostle, taking dues from underneath,
Footing swept from beneath, the realm of a place I'll never go
Brick-by-brick retention, altered shape rejection
Chameleon's mould to the outcome,
Distorting the mirrors, reflecting the view,
Bait that I am.

Grinding paranoia calculating from a distance,
Between difference, different sides collide an unmissing stride,
Running on agony, racing to answers that's finding out something that's
Stapled itself necessary, not to be true. Life's simple?
Democratic tantamount in impotence.

4. The Mirror Perils

As blind as fear can be,
Its paranoid eye has something to say that can't be seen
Before it's died of age and stemming the tide.

Manifest yourself in hatred, show the world true black heart,
Enrich the decay process of the race that hates you and makes you dumb to all.
Right or wrong, corpse paint and leather don't make a heathen,
Skyclad lies in lyrics to face masked agendas,
Doctrine defenders, contradictions,
Receding hair-growth,
Be sure of which side is buttered.
No idea of the size of the picture that covers another lie.

New trend to bind to that analytical weapon of martyr domination of engines,
Dumb to what side of the fence we all stand in.
The pockets of deception are deeper than disease.
Fucked by the general mindset, burning down house on the hill of dementia.

Spoken doctrine, the printed sparks of a flammable fuckin' smokescreen.
Evil studs and leather master, batting actions,
Time-warped glam tuned down another Stryper/Slayer,
The spirit decayer, Satan.

Black sheep, white meat, lend lease farming shear off fleece,
for lifestyles skinned keep it all inside of inevitability.
V-licensed bullshit maker passed down.
Laurel taker beaten up from the change to a beaten life,
Anti anybody-who-makes-free-speech.

Make your own bed in a sense of hurt,
Install revisionist doctrine to educate,
Distribute rife,
I hope you find your hell in life!
Through being lonely, soldiers of apathetically repugnant size
On top of you!

Lie in wait, white-washing scorn delivers and whys compact in another
To cover facts outcast from your Nazi persuasion.
Cutting down lies to the modern invasion,
Read between lines, decorate the sign,
Are they ever gonna be repentant?

5. Cold Blood Eraser

Lying in wait for the hit,
Waiting to bite on the bit,
Timing and etiquette,
Tactical triggers to bring on the practical hype.

Take your chances, make advances.
Open up hearts of the scheduled targets
In order to ensure complete control delivering all
Operational acts of a novelty counter intelligently.

Make all breakers undertakers,
Set your pilot self-opinion free,
Fall down corruption, circumstances crumble
Plausible deniability, attrition shoot through knees compartment
Hated tools unyielding to the rules hashassinated.
Rifle through them synchronized cleansing.

Decapitate, take your time, don't fumble,
Fixated revelation, subsequently taken back,
Retract delay, magazines churn the barrel,
Burns systematic, don't check the targets,
Hit the resonating fear.

Betrayal of cloak n' dagger inquest a climate test,
Investigations cover up,
Beds are made for being wardens of the free.
State currents abate, the body's left to wander with the tides.

Applications, moral factions,
Dictating reason and callously tactful of hate tax
Dodge facts, fire intentions,
Plant your fertilizer, bombing the vertical axis of lies.

Take your chances, make advances,
Take your aim, count
Three, two, one more time less taking all transactions
Censored directed retractions,
Take your time, mount in sight,
Blown away transactions,
Place your lie retractions, assassinate.
Practical tactical bleeding of insistence,
Alternative method of change.

Kill the messenger and his messengers,
Marring the process to pieces,
Selective assassination rules,
Making the kill-for-life killing itself for me,
But I'm sickness, it's focus is solely for systematic in extinction
To breathe back the blood revive,
Exit the real world to see what you've done to be a target.

6. Soul Vaxation Accidental

Missing you an' cutting up
Bleed, bring it out,
Unspilled resurrection of decadence.
Animosity in action, desecrate in thought,
Readoption deliverance, sitting here among a million.

Different reasons why you attract animosity,
Running into any screaming dedication to miseries undenied.
You scream out, backs turn
Deliverance and suffer unto your own

Surprise delay on sufferance, I'm sick of this two faced bullshit,
Your egos will asphyxiate, deny it's ever been told,
Respects and open handed response.
Flatten that ego, let it go, ending life's strain.

Rise through innocence, rape the sleeping gift.
Mortality stronger than reprieves deliver honesty
And rise through enmity.

Bleed this gift to life,
Disbelief is overwhelming,
Enormous waves of hate nauseate, confuse,
Entrap emotions with love-drawn vicious circles.

A Melrose cast keeps score,
Of instincts consume, in jealous restraint,
Replacing love with fighting words,
I can't be who I thought I could be,
The light you've never had.

Destroy the only things worth setting free,
Respect your gluttony, burning circles,
I'm not the only one who's to say you're right or wrong
The original purpose, forgotten I love the pain.
Love it.

7. Swine Eyed Sheep

Bop. Pop back pills like a power ranger,
AMIL café latte party animal,
Lemming atrocity's of the social stage a chesty bond

Total face value of your worth is who you are,
What you wear and what you drink in there,
How many drugs you've taken,
Freedom of expression to the culture
Strains club away, depressing bloody beat 5/4

Do you want some more rebellion, fashion victim?
Victim of the fashion: see through picture
From another who issues vanity.
Do we go read about your self respectability?
Enemy's token normality, inbred doof fed off vitamin K.O throw

Setting standards, dropping guard,
Cut off denim, super heists and Doctor Martins
See through cotton-mesh designer wear
Inside out, press an' pout
Grind an' shake.

8. Ingrained

Oh, can't you see that's what they do?
Suck the marrow out of,
Rake, take,
All this never ending fucking,
Give, take, break,

In my brain there is a stain restrained,
Turn 'till time stands still,
Where no one will
And it makes me wanna kill.

Bleed, take,
Always ever unfulfilled,
Holding down that weight of sin
That's trapped it all within
Leaving primal motives in the way.

9. Glass Spines & Hearts Like Junkies

Remember what you've said when lying straight in bed,
And if you can't undo what's done,
Then be the web-spun character.
Assassinate the bigger man's
What you create away at all times,
Cutting profit with your lies.

Back your own stupidity to beat you. Go.
Talentless pathetic talentless potential raper,
Come in a spinner innocent,
Deliver nothing, butter bread,
To feed the fat boys' appetite
For snuff and beating on the wife.

Dig out your pit and bury dead,
Live out the fallacy instead
And lick the feet of honesty,
You'll be the only thing that beats you.
Suck dry all.

Dealing the industry too many in
To cut the corners off capsize,
Keep the honesty behind your back,
Deliver bleed to feed your pay.

Fuck restraint, free the hate,
Selfish cowardice is tainted,
Burning down the halls.
You're talking haste, get your facts straight,
Your break, your neck,

Punch in black holes through your multi-face,
Your past mistakes will slap your fuckin' face.
I'll never give up chipping life away.
Life is burning, karma's turning, always learning,
Back your way out of that hole, daft cunt.

10. Dust

Tank full, primed, pinned,
Saved bleed up, tangled torn,
Assimilate another share of apathy,
Dig another well of therapy,
Mined cut dirt dug from the ground beneath you.

Sink teeth, try your turn,
Coming down syndrome,
Spray scratch pine,
And bring it down into haste,
Strive on consistency, why wait?
Holding a cup of thirst campaign,
Thoughts insane, tasting insist,
Adding sprinkles of salt to the pain.

Coming down syndrome,
All fate lies in wait to pin you down,
Excavate, scratch pine rife mediocrity lactate,
Cold inner emptiness inspire?
Substitutes, dilate, instantly fried.

Inside decay, dependent's day
Banal the fruit, ferment the flesh,
The memories I can't recall,
Depend the trend for warts an' all.

A path direct to self-neglect to compensate,
Correct in hate, polluted, crushed, impatient scud,
Diluted vibrant pissing in its blood,
Come to kill yourself.

Apocalypse lights set way theocratic lessons... insight??
Blind, stray lesson sold,
Bought like gold.
Laughing nihilist, turns away
Bleed through, chastity's not my enemy.
It's your bleeding hope.

Hitly - Guitars
James - Vocals
Matt - Drums
Mohawk - Bass

Recorded & Mixed at Backbeach Recording Co. Australia
Engineered by Spike Cassidy & D.W Norton
Produced by Spike Cassidy
Mastered at "Oasis", Studio City, CA, by Spike Cassidy and Eddy Schreyer
All music by Damaged 1997
Band photos by Lix Reed

Thanks to gardnerjohng for sending these lyrics.

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