Dark Lyrics


1. Awakening


2. Turn Back


Far Away
All my life I've been far away
Living thoughts and words that will never fray
I was living althought I should change mu fate
I'm cold, but inside I know I'm the same

And the dreams that we had
Will be lost along the way

I'm tied, but I'm still looking for my dreams
It seems hard, but nothing else wears my will
Life gos on and before it shades comes
If it's worth it I'll just know when I get to the end

'Cos the dreams that we had
Will be lost along the way
And the reason to stand is the will to begin

What we left behind
Always seen a waste of time
To your twisted mind
Living in the past
You just hear and hide the facts
We are turning back

3. Distant Skies


I was staring at myself
Frightened and wealemed bu the visions
That make my life seem so unreal
Somber clouds cover the sky
Hiding secrets lost in your eyes
But they keep confusing
- "Reallity or eternity?"

How could I be so ruthless
Drowned in a lake of senselessness
Sunddenly what I believe fades away

Strange ideias fill my head
Nothing you do can bring me back
Now that my draft is gone
Empty years, glory years

Sometimes I feel it escapes from my hands
Sometimes I want to climb higher
And throw myself away

Where all those hidden signs
That will lead me to distant skies
My life isn't what it was before
I'm living in a world that I want to ignore

4. Memories Running


Living tied to the ground
The shadows feed my eyes
A lot of years been wasted
By the innocence of life

Always looking at the same horizon
And my freedom seems so far
I cannot hear the sounds of silence
'Cos there are voices around

Why can't I see the light of day?
Why are all my dreams thrown away?
Memories running through my head
it makes remembrances come back
While I'm waiting in this cold cell
I see my days repeat the past

Hear the cry of nightmares
Each day becomes so loud
I tried to find the answers
And give a meaning to it all

Our souls are full of sorrow
We're waiting for the unknown
I know that I won't last forever
But I will make it my own

Times goes by slowly
While the sand drains from my hands
Where's the old storm I used to know
Trying to disguise the distance
But it's hard to face this alone
Sometimes I thing they'll never let me go

5. Hopes And Fears


Forsake your own will
Feel the blow of drift
You'll set your soul for a long first trip
Don't care what you think
'Cause you won't believe
You will try out what your eyes can't see

Take a deep last breath,
And then throw yourself
You will flow like blood flows in your veins
You're a hunter, not a weeping prey
Prepare your fangs now
There's no time to pray

Where will I be tomorrow?
When will I find the truth?
Who steals from me a peace of life and my soul

Live tonight
And leave your past behind
Don't turn your hopes into fears

Don't fear your death watching you from the left
She will warn you when she touches your face
It's your destiny, not a fantasy
And it follows you from the cradle to your grave

6. Dream Of Life


I see my face reflected on the mirror
It seems afraid to look at life
But look around and see what's holding me
I have to fight to keep my pride

Watching time writing down my fate
And taking words as a piece of me
I just can't hide behind the memories
Closing my eyes for what I believe

Sometimes things seem to take another way
And it escapes from our own hands
Every night when words surpass my fears
The dream of life isn't so far away

I wake at night when it shows me destruction
Sometimes this world seems so unreal
I see a different face inside the mirror
And than I realize these wounds will heal someday

If I'm not here, I've been here
The signs on the wall tell me what I've learned
Believing, forgiving
Living behind all the wrong I've done

7. Sacred Song


I wake up every night
With this emptiness inside
Was I just born or am I dead?
Bloodstains on my tattered clothes
Each minute the fear grows
I'm tired of searching for myself

Like a sacred song
Like the dream you know
One day will come to life all by itself
Like a sacred song
Decades gone by and I know
Look to the stars and blow it all away

The whisper is but a shout
Just clench your fist and close your eyes
Feel the blood pump through your veins
Now I really can feel the truth
What am I supposed to do?
I can do everything I want again

This is so unreal, what I feel
Take a step away and look around
This is so unreal
Will leave you writhing on the floor... crying

8. A Place To Belong


I've tried to find a meaning
For each day you close the door
I was just misleading you with every word I said
Even when lights are turned off
And the path seems so long
There's a candle shining in my lonely heart

I will find my home
This place will be filled
Where do I belong?
Where do I come from?

9. 7th And Last


Will there be a tomorrow?
Have we learned enough?
Will we find the answers illuminated by the sun?

Hear the great voice echoing
Announcing new times
Bringing seven angels, bringing death or life

... And earth will see the prophecy
When an angel opens the seven seals

- Don't fear for what you've heard
'Cause I'm the first and last

Waiting for the seventh and last breath
Waiting for our darkest day
For many years life has been wasted
But now we have to pay
When the sky shows its shadowy face
And stars fall on us
You will see the wrath of the lamb
Revealing secrets to dust

Stare at the face of the ancients
Sitting on their thrones
Burning candles of fire while moon turns to blood
And the mighty angel puts his foot on the earth
Plays the seventh trumpet
And the secret is done

And then the blackened sun
Will cross the universe covering the sky
Thunder will chime their voices
Leaving men a choice
- We will survive!

10. Untill The End


We crossed the land in search of sea
We just found pain and misery
No one knows how we would like it to be

Awake again, I see the one who stands
He starts to rise and then fall again
No one can save us when this dream ends

How many years we've got to pay
For the mistake that we had made

Watching the dawn of eternity
Terrified by the memories
From those days of madness
That hinder us from being free

Dreams seem near when he walks alone
But they will come to carry his soul
Leaving his conscience and now they must know

Run, don't look behind
'Cos time is moving on and lifting lies
When things are falling
Who will you blame?
We still stand, until the end

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