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1. Limbo

Procreation of the damned
We rely solemnly on how
The antidote
No cure for the sane
The answer lies
Nowhere in between
Sedate our children's bowels
Hovering towers
Ripping the sky
Drenched in human flesh
Old triangles
Spawning new
Wealth due to sorrow
Limb by limb
We climb the dead
Wrestling on to raise our pride
In constant search for more
Always kiss the flesh of thorns
Never face defeat
The antidote
No cure for the sane
The answer lays
Nowhere in between
Breathe once more
Retrieve an infant
To rule them all
Cast aside
All beauty adorned in pride
Tend the seed once kept alive
And so we all
Relive our past
To see it all
The way our world
Went by
Stepping down
From His throne of glittering stars
The prince of ashes
Embraced by the sun

2. Departure

Parting ways
Lives slipping through
Aeons to share
Still untamed
Ye towers of doom
Come tear down the gates
Enforce the mirage
Inhale the odor
Incense of defeat
Regain, envision
Maintain the elite
Wrought in ashes
Tied in chains
We kiss the veil of
Acid queens
No escape from the tide
The boundaries are set
Different points of view
Same regrets
The cult of moment
Collective deception
Oedipus confined disease
Or could devils origins contribute to defeat?
Our collective insight
Perception of time
Rejected as treason
Dismissed as why
How we were great
Fallen beneath the cracks
Our journey unfolds
To crown the clear blue sky

3. Descent

I kiss the tourniquet
Gently maiming my body
Piece by piece
Embracing a lie
By sacrificial bleeding
To endure the night
Beyond the cold forever
I bury my dreams of you
Close within yet still so far away
Is this the great affection
The golden path of old
That leads us all in dismay?
Desert shores of human merit
Come quench my thirst
Oceans left to conquer
Depths to be fought
Brick by brick
We carry the load
Raising our beacon
To eclipse the sun
By the black holes in your eyes
Beyond all substitutes
Below all walls of pride
Beneath the outmost contempt
I bury my heart for you

4. Wasishu

We were faint with hunger and maddened by despair
We held our dying children and felt their little bodies tremble as their soul went out and left only a dead weight in our hands
They were not very heavy but we were faint and the dead weighed us down
There was no hope on earth
God seemed to have forgotten
Some one had been talking of the Son of God and said He had come
The people did not know
They did not care
They snatched at hope
They screamed like crazy people to Him for mercy and caught at the promise they heard He had made
~ Chief Red Cloud
Oglala Lakota

5. The Hand Of Phineas

Complex witness
Worlds divided
Tension wrought in agony
Fingers bleeding, rest unholy
Bold eruption
Swept in awe
Mighty letters
Dance upon our heavens
Carve your ways through unwilling flesh
And so it ends
To wrestle emotions
To temper the gods
No words left unspoken
Will match the odds
Kicking the goads
The conquest eternal
Fixing the gods a goddess infernal
Fate like clay
Soft in your hands
Molding kiss of iron rods
Empty vessel
Loins of God
Who can hear the wolves approaching
Gathering the beast inside
Once again to fight and to claim
The blood of difference to sustain
Memory force the pale unknowing
Tears to bleed from swollen wounds
Bittersweet the night of loving
Ravaged womb conceives by mace
Mighty letters
Dance upon our heavens
Carve your ways through unwilling flesh
The truth and the outcome
Divergent decay
Selective projectives
For reasons unwronged
Behind the demon lights we all must bear our burdens
All take the blame
All make amends
And so it ends

6. Request

Sons and daughters
Embrace a worn out future
Of compromise
Suffering the needs for progress
Dry sand and bleeding cultures
Procreate the walls of youth
Scattered shells
Burning surface
Confining trust
Somewhere in between us
Starving beggar hands
Out of reach
The touch of cloth
Revolving hatred
Wrestles thirst and demigods
In hells of scarlet wonders
Driving a wedge
Further into our being
Parting our sea of reeds
Severing our tongue
Souls will prevail
Battering your goads of effort
Towards a broad horizon
We leave this earth
But weep you hardened voice of never
Our fields will burn in shades of your gloom
Shipwrecked by the shores of knowledge
Your sisters' blood
Cries out from the ground
Hush and weep
You hardened voice of never
Fields burn in the shade of your gloom
Silenced we are by the shores of our knowledge
The self has failed the test

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