Dark Lyrics


1. Noir

[Spoken voice]:
Today will be remembered
Years from now the young will ask but wonder about this day
Today is history and you are part of it

2. Nomad

Your heaven
My safe place
That river will flood again

Your remorse
My anger
Tie bonds across all hope I know

Breeding consequence
And bury
The coils of my doom

Reborn | Revival
Reliving my nightmare made flesh

I'm guiding the truth
To the shores of innocence

Compulsive apathy (breathe)
Indifferent insanity (converge)
Objection is endless (maintain)
But ruthlessly in vain (escape)

Stay with me tonight
Together we will reap the harvest

My full moon, a metamorphosis in red
A sphere of too deep awareness

Struck a nerve
Embrace the pain
My fierce rite of passage

Dig deeper my vengeance
My lips devouring your seed

My scars
My avenger

3. Silent Genocide

We welcome your new era with seated ovations
Celebrate your manifest destiny
Move us a little further, we are too near thee

Indoctrinate our children in your ways, where truth are lies
Helplessly lost without the written word, you will make them forget

Claim our hills and mountains
In which our fathers bones dwell
Sell what you cannot own
Silence what you do not comprehend
In your pillory we rot

4. Impression

Pushed into a state of indifference
I wander these haunted streets
Proclaiming hope to the hopeless
My feet are numb and weak

Looking into my own shadow
Seeing you killing me
Tell myself that this is over
Knowing that it will prevail

Wounds cut open again and again
The shame and the self-contempt
Bruises worn with dignity
Yet at night they will nourish

A word of promise | a drop of faith
Deep red this scarlet poison | swept in chains

Our bodies they linger
To serve the sovereign upper hand
Solitude in tragedy
In appraisal for an end

Restless sleep in search for more
The future holds escape
Yet now is never far from here
With her moment swept in pain

How I long for the autumn rain...
Please open the floodgates of heaven!

5. Tears Of Uriah

I reap the flesh of a stillborn spirit
Exhale nakedness of all dying moments

Memories of intoxications
Floating in my veins
Remorse the fading ghost
The cup of every sorrow

Imperfection reborn
Inflicted human stain
Out of pages
Out of time
Out of life

Coerce resistance
Enforce control
Silence, sweet venom

Our pain
Deception of life
Your river runs through me

Desire of hearts
I call upon you now

Sweet childhood
My Uriah
Your dreams
I feast upon their visions

My sacrifice
Burning slowly
Upon the altar
Of my completion

Disabled hope
A complete rejection
The last of tears
Has now fallen to the ground

6. The Upper Hand

Drawn toward inevitable end
In the name of a broken promise
I am solitude incarnate
Exhale rewind

Force descending
My heaven of shame
Suppressing escape

In his name I curse every moment
My blessings burnt upon the altar
Each enclosing step brings him closer to heaven
Closer to my rapture

At a distance I see
Beauty turns sour
Sweetness envenomed
Injected in me

All hope is here with me now
We fade within cold arms tonight

My days they linger
How long tonight?
May all chidren wither
Before these arms

Mourning silence
Amend with me
Unlock the gates and
Flood my haven

On scarlet wings
Above the abyss
One more escape
Beyond all promise

7. Dem

Behold a tragic display
A spectacle of endless ruin
Cosmos, my empire
Crumbling to shards

I mourn the ashes of my temple
Defiled by many and scorned by many more
The hymns we sang
Now forgotten
The congregations spread to the winds

I shed the last shred of my dignity
As I walk the last pillar crumble
Now even the shell collapse
Losing definition
The ruins of my empire

My treasures the wealth of my empire
Turns to ashes in my mouth
I inhale the scent of a thousand tomorrows
As I greet them from my ruin

Cato Gulaker: drums & vocals
Erlend Trengereid: guitars & bass
Jon Ivar Larsen: guitars & bass

Also featuring Guro Birkeli: vocals on Silent Genocide, Tears of Uriah, & Dem

Thanks to thatwasnotmyidea for sending these lyrics.

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