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1. Ephemerae

Learn from my sins
The concept of our misery tried to the dreams
day after day
trying to escape this certain call to earth's embrace

Another day lies, another day dies
Another day bleeding our time untold
Another day lies, another day cries
Another day lies bleeding our time untold

So strong was the bound
To alters of eternity ,ade of cold stone
But weak is our form cast in to the day by the will of God


Burning my wings in the same fire from which I'm born
to follow the light, to follow myself
burning my wings, burning my fate

wouldn't you like to know why the wings of life fade
withered by our own tears, burned by a faking grace
A failed grace...a failed grace

2. Frozen Sun

Burning all the lost hopes I was breeding
turning cold nights into an autumn pyre
after the silence you've broken
after the aeons that have shone on your frail skin
nothing has left of your eyes
and nothing as left in your memories

burning all the strong knots I was weaving
bringing my life back to this blackened womb
after that time has passed over
after this storm that has turned into the sweetest rain
hear what I'm saying, I'm free on my way
and I don't long for your frozen sun

over the flames of a shelter that was never built to last
we're forging our strength
forging our fate
forging our life with the bloos that we've spent

blessed be these wounds
blessed be my doom
as I burn, as I burn thy frozen sun

3. The Waiting

there are clouds on rwd horizons,
clouds carrying rain
as my eyes face the sky,
raindrops stain my face
and blend with tears
flowing copiously from inside

a question bleeds in my heart
how could I be loved
if, for you, I've only been able to be nothing
the nothing of wrath
that obscures the senses
and puts out the lights of love
with its icy blows

the rain has stopped
clouds go away
a ray of light hits me making me blind

after all, the sky always clears up,
and as the clouds vanish from the sky
they go away from my heart
tired of suffering
and still waiting for a sunray

4. Deceive Me

Daylight dreams so coloured
lose their way under Ego skies
while sleepless
I'm starting to realise
the reasons leading your life

(You) come and keep on coming just for yourself
with frozen lips that are cheating my face
so keep on faking love while instead
your warmless kiss is beginning to fade

inner screams take over
unbounded in empty nights
while echoes
of past lives are calling
to reasons lost in my eyes


Your senseless kiss is juts fooling yourself

swallow my life,
but beware the poison running inside,
since love is poison
for those who lie and for those who cannot cry

5. Of Life And Will

How many shadows on the path of each man?
how many shadows will be added?
a host of voices
that will suffocate the silence of solitude
an explosion of colours
will represent their emotions on the road of life
reflections of billions of stars
that will shine while we pass

but the shadow-eyes lord thros salt on my injuries
and while the blood runs slow
in my veins the nightmare swallows me
you can decide to stand
to spin the wheel of destiny, just live!

who will stop the race?
there is space for the good and the veil
who will stop the race?
you can decide to stand
you can decide to stand
who will stop the race?

6. Divine Masquerade

Could a word hold power over mind and body
when it relates to the soul?
long tragedies on battle fields
children tortured, one million kills
under the flag of our God

Desires turn to blood
as lust claims our souls,
with the simplest lie of all:
to be chosen by some God

Centuries of slander
masked with opium slumbers
aimed to control our essence
to breed and keep their hold with fear

7. Dawn Over


8. Seas Of Silence

loneliness is holding my life
please give me reason why
I find this hue in your glance
but still I fear to look in your eyes

while the dusk tints your smile
with the gold of the night

I try but I can't feign delight
please give me the reason why
I've been wondering 'round
but still I look back for you

while my thoughts wait in seas
traced with the gold in the night

hear my...hear my heart!
In this...in this night!

while the dusk tints your smile
with the gold of the night

9. Not Mine

Keep yourself alive, take all your time
and you will survive
mindless you say?
but it's your life insane
you lie to me, bllody days float around
my suppliant broken heat
you've disappeared
Oh, I beg you stay!
But maybe what I need is inside of me
you lie, lie...
lies inside of me
from my eyes you wish to fade
you wish to fade
my friend, my love in this night
run away, run away
from me, hear me now, it's sad but I feel your liar heart
your liar heart

10. The Outer Voids

come with me
through infinity
wearing a charm
made of bones
come here to stare
beyond all the human veils
where the nightfall waits
in a jaded trance

nothing more
than silence?
nothing less than soul search?

and hear my words to feel
what I believe
what I've learned
from our historu
come here to stare
beyond all the sunlit webs
where the morning waits
in a crimson dance
lying paralysed as I wonder
lying mesmerised as I tremble


...from inner thoughts to outer voids...

11. Wasted Words

today I've tried to live
one more foolish dream
don't you see my soul's inner seas?
can you feel the blame that now is unveiled?
as pain sweetly embraces my earthly hell
It's always sad when our words
don't express our true believes
failing what our eyes have to say
don't you see my soul's inner seas?
can you feel the blame that now is unveiled?
as pain slowly embraces my earthly hell.

Thanks to nocturnalgloria for sending these lyrics.

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