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1. Of War And Hate (Intro)


2. Demonic Lord Of War

Raise your weapons, war has arrived
Hate without mercy, defeat all slaves
C-beams and swords, nuclear warriors
The empire of darkness, destroying the system

The demonic lord of war reigns in the skies
Idol of evil, bringer of destruction
Born in a black hole, he is the anti-light
Controlling the Universe with immense power

World-eater is the name of his ship
Sailing through the infinite, spreading fear
Pure hate is its flag, impossible to face it
When it appears in the sky there's no chance to run away

Aeons of suffering in the centre of the hole
Made him become the bearer of the most fearful hate
He has the power of controlling gravity
He has the power of controlling time

The galaxy is in flames, unknown races die
Why there should be a reason
Just hate and horror, delight in misery
Pleasure of destroying worlds and suns

Proud in his throne of dark iron he laughs
Skulls of nightmare surround him
He's been noticed of a new place to destroy
A small blue planet infested of weak creatures

There's no end nor rest, no future nor help
Just madness and hate, sorrow and death
The demonic lord of war has arrived
Join him or be dead!!

3. The Voice

No ear can hear it
No mind can understand it
No mouth can repeat its words
As it's been cried by all mouths

Despair and lust
Jealousy and love

Echoes in the distance
Living poetry in a spiral cycle
Stories that would make you cry
Tremble, laugh, or hate

Cacophony, stream of consciousness
complexity, twisted loneliness
Reality, repeating the same sounds
Monotony, in all this variety

Different feelings, a same origin
Different minds, a same beginning

4. Night's Backbone

Cross the sky, oh, great backbone
Show me the path
Future and beginning
Be my guide in the world

Sailing through your luminous waters
I'll finally reach the end of all things
Break the walls of time
Receive all knowledge

Light in the darkness
A fire that destroys all ignorance
Pillars of strength
Columns of true knowledge
Pillars of strength
The true knowledge

The night of God will end
And a new sun will rise high
But the backbone will be always there
Showing us our beginning
Far away in the stellar dust
And showing us our true end

5. Driven By Darkness And Sorrow

Driven by darkness and sorrow
Possessed by the five winged star
Despair and grimness guide my hand
No more paths left to walk

Driven by darkness and sorrow
Alcohol is my only support
I drink till the very last drop
Oh, there are no more tears in my eyes

I break the bottle
I take the knife
I lick the blood
Falling from my hands
I lick the blood
Falling from my hands

I loathe, hate and destroy
This fucking empty world
I've denied life
I've entered a coil of self-destruction

Driven by darkness and sorrow
I sacrifice myself to the only lord
The lord of eternal nothingness
Who will raise my corpse with his hands


The lord of eternal nothingness
Who will raise my corpse with his hands

6. Where Rottenness Dwells

War has desecrated this ground
And now impurity reigns
Marshes of blood and mud
Remains from the fallen ones
They, who were once brilliant and pure
Are now meat for the ghouls
No plant can grow here
And fog smells like pure evil

Dead lights walk crying in despair
Eyes that can't see but their own death
Images coming back from hell
Creatures of darkness

Wearing the skin of the dead ones
They devour the fallen corpses
And use their rusty swords
As hammers to break the bones

Kingdoms fall and new wars come
Warriors die and their bodies decay
Feeding the creatures of the place
Where rottenness dwells

Time pass, ineffable
Everything perishes, unstoppably
Nothing remains in the place
Where rottenness dwells

7. In The Middle Of Infinity

I looked to the sky, and there was nothing
No glory, nor lover, no wonder nor power
I looked to the sky, and saw the sun shining
I looked to the sky and I wondered
Is there where I came from

Energy and fire brought us to life
And by the same fire we shall die...

Elements reject and repulse, attract and fluctuate
Its substance remains forever
Oh, it's such a big word for me...

I've looked to the sky and I've seen where's my place

It's in the middle of infinity
Far from everything, close to everything

8. Pure Sorrow And Hate

9. The Era Of Satan Rising

[originally by Thou Art Lord]

Our bodies obscured by the sun
from our birth we are cursed
inverted is the life we live
under the pale gray sky.

Bellow the shades of the dark clouds
victory is drown in our eyes
a dawn of a new order we adore
the infernal prince we worship.

The balance of life and death
the icy tough of existence
spit out the fruits of madness
expose your hate, escape from weakness.

Open your eyes and see
the veil has been lifted
The chain has been broken

10. Descending Into The Unknown Abyss


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