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1. From The Sheer Void And Nothingness


2. Alterare Of The Greatest Abyss

When in a glow of everything, even the time had no power, the bottomless Tiamat was
boiling and the Absu echoed it. Dancing in infinite trance, in acausal existence, into
phenomenal level as in a dream.

And as if in a drug rest, in a womb of the world of nonexistence, the moment, the creation
image of worlds, that’ll lies a gloom shadow and bring all seven fetters, (was just a thought.)
That wisdom, beyond the horizons, the bosom of existence, the flow of invisible origin that is

And the stronger the waves were, the stronger the power became, visions, which couldn’t
be overcome, drawn clearly. And In those dreams there were walls, erected by a treacherous
power, and the usurper of the first was born by emanation there. And he divided as a virus,
bred the same as he, and he was blinded by power. Being proud of himself, he created his
kingdom and became an impersonal self-appointed king. But he found no happiness, no
peace, no harmony with himself, so then he created a man to become his servant. Creature -
to glorify his ego, exalting praises in supplications like worms, crawling on bellies with an
eternal prayer on their lips. He knew the power of force and fury of revenge perfectly and
then doubts and fear, lurking in them, came...And fear of the abyss was great, so he created
the gates to close the walls in order. But fear and doubt brought miscount, the blood was
roiling in his creature, there was a seed of Qliphoth.

One day, feeling the call of the infinite blood, inspired by dragon power, the force will return
to erase the blind dirt off. The walls and fetters will fall to the ground, a suffered world of
enslavement will be destroyed from inside and the black light will reveal itself. And depths of
waters will come to themselves again, in infinite dancing, in acausal existence, in ecstasies of
death birth. The power will become undivided, the eternity will be their bridal chamber, and
the space will be only a moment from unborn dark dreams.

‘’That is not dead which can eternal lie,

Yet with strange aeons even death may die.’’

3. Ascended Above All Humanity

Follow me and I will show you that you have never seen, and it will make you tremble,
evoking memories of eras and lives long forgotten, which appear for you to see them only in
dreams or in a deathbed. I will take you to the places you have never been, beyond the limits
there was and are the magic Thessaly, incredible Eldorado, Unknown Kadath where will be
your will, so and I will be there with you.

I was one of those, the power, which founded cities and destroyed them. And I was looking
from the silence over the stars, violating laws of the sky, and ascended high, I sought to be
above all. I was a seal of perfection, an element, a thought, the deep, bringing the light for
permeation and the most perfect of all miracles. Poets sang dithyrambs, and I was a vial,
which watered the kings, and a poison, which took them away. I am an archaism, a
neologism, a riot and the eternal enemy and countless number of names.

Your hell is everywhere and you are in it forever. You wander in the darkness of mind and
breed slaves, for whom the best adornment is a crown of thorns.

The ones, in weakness and spinelessness, sank in the vanity of time. The others suffer
condemnation and are waiting for the end without any will to live and any aspirations. The
third ones seek for delights, they are prisoners of their flesh and the flesh is their purpose.
There are also those who govern, use and direct them, but they are slaves too, who seek for
confession, forgiveness and support in silent heavens.

You will be a God among the man, among whom you were in rank yesterday as luck would
get it, and I will become Mentor, a judge and a prosecutor for them. You don’t need a
revelation to perceive the existence, the world is terribly antinomic, but on the whole only
people are those who draw everything to the bottom. They all are searching for the meaning
of life, inventing morality, in their ignorance, savageness, dishonor and bootlicking of souls.
And their moral principles destroy the perfect ones, incensing Femiam in theirs temples.
And be free from morality, from fetters of the law of life, follow the burning path solemnly,
wake up from sleep you, son of mayhem, bearing the blood of Kingu! Clear the mind to
know, learn the truth of yourself, rejecting the false morality. The son of Serpent and the
Earth, slash manacles of compressive limits with your sword.

4. Illuminating Whereas Withering

Light, shining not with a gold, let me see what lies on the other side, the true reality, that
without forms and laws, limits, illusions, decorations, where everything will become nothing
in non-existence named Sitra Ahra.

Astarot – the right hand of Lucifer, wise and bloodthirsty, let me understand! Having opened
all three eyes and breaking the barriers of perception I will know the truth, lying beyond the
objective understanding, separating the existence of its appearance, where the black light
will shine through rays of manifestation.

The fire will break out from the spark of life, which we bear within ourselves. We will blow it
and exaggerate it. Drawn by the light of the flame, like moths they (vim patitur),) tempted,
will burn in the absorbing fire of Azerate.

Let me be you – a form of ecstasy, a breakaway force, a force of boundless will and non-

I exalt the moment, when one day Moira will be forced to leave her craft, and all the seven
archons will be trampled, so the day will come, which will throw discredit upon what was
considered unchangeable and motionless, what seemed to be unbreakable and firm, like
Capernaum, Horozain and Bethsaida, ascended up to the skies and cursed because of the
refusal to be robbed and humiliated in salvation.

Relying on his Logos, the ones will sow in the most fierce storm on the dead ground, the
others will flood their fields with sacrificial blood, driven by terror, they will sacrifice cattle
and their children, those, who were created in the image of him.
Lucifer, shining not with a gold, you are only the truth (burning and scorching.)

Let me shining like you.

5. Scarlet Down Of Obsolete Aeon


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