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1. Blood From The Eternity

From an immense and arid,
The offering of eternal life lives.
The gift from heaven, the gift of the great ones
Lays down on Earth.
The valley of the fertile strip
An the red Earth.
United by the great power,
That in day time it reflects the lights
Of the great god and in night
The moon emits its solitude.
Oh you, divine and the greatest one,
Where the prodigious monuments were made in your shores
And if the time destroys and laughs, the wise mocks time.
Oh you, here is the eternity
And the one of all of us

2. Controlfull Light

A colossal and breathless
Spiritualism in the mental cataclysm of the magic
And power that impregnates from the throne
Everyone is scared that their entry will get soaked in blood,
And their bodies will be consumed by the splendorous devouration
Of the force upon the Earth.
The atmosphere reddens, the doors break down,
The millions vanish in their own nest
The great concavities are hoping to occupy
The reality of cannibalism and the serpent is each time more.
Devoured those who come across,
Slaughtered everyone at his feet,
Destroyed and torn apart
To be deposited in the divine grills of nightfall.

3. River Of The Decrepit Lament

When the tear slides all over the skin,
When the drops form a river of suffering,
And the face begins to fall in pieces like dry and stink scraps.
Already rotten and torn, that by just touching their bodies,
They disappear in the splendor river.
The whole decrepit and buried planet,
Already abandoned in the tombs under the river
With signs and aqueous skulls.
War laments, dying laments,
Internal hate, are like the same
Evilness hammering the weak people's brain.
Beings regretting their decrepitude,
Tied to the hole of nothingness
Dead and absorbed by the desertion of themselves
Without wanting for it but it's too late
To regret in our unexistence.
River of the decrepit lament.

4. Expiration And Divinity

Dead, the death lives,
The reign awaits and the doors of the Duat open up,
Shining light between the monstrosity
That siege in the death.
The fearful dragons, serpents and demons attack to the immortal future,
But with the word of the magic an mortuary text,
Nothing will stop them.
Great reign, oh great reign,
From my body nothing has been taken away.
Nor my viscera, nor my tongue,
And my head hasn't been devoured,
Oh you Osiris, who waits in the reign of the dead,
And your divinity grows up into me and into everyone.
Oh you Osiris, who dies to live due to your brother Seth,
Hail Osiris, our immortal father,
Proclaim up us your priests.

5. The Wise And The Hidden Papyrus Of Destruction

And the world spoken for themselves and the demons
Whispered and the ancient race
Woke up the manuscripts
Exhaled wickedness of destruction,
Power, death and humiliation,
And the divinities found their ancient
And for all centuries of centuries
And by the black holes,
We will walk through the cosmos
Will shine in darkness
And the space will give us a bath of its rage and its laments.
With the great protection of the chosen one
By the part of the preferences
Of the ancients of their dominant and crushing return.

6. Depressive Existence

The sweat of their foreheads boils for awaking
From a storm, the traces of your being
Is an intensive death blow,
where your life is made...
Made for the other,
And you can not solve.
Blind human existence, just blind to the
Real passage that carries the life.
Blood runs through your veins,
It's the appearance of the power that flows in your mind,
It's the depressive thought of abnormal strength
With incense and bones which remains another intent.

7. Gates Of Evil

The world is like a sun in the darkness,
Absu lives in the deep dark, where Cthulu dreams and waits.
The black abyss of the world that can be reached
By some steps a set of seven gates where the place
Of a terrible and evil forces are found.
It is the genius god, the deceiving devil,
The spectrum, the worm of infinite wickedness.
The dead reign will awake and the incience will be over,
Magic will be get by the chosen one.
The seven zones over the earth detailed by the ancient races
That inhabited in Ur, in the lost temples.
These border lands ruled by the celestial spirits are the eternal underworld.
Purified before every moon, for every step.

8. The Only Chosen One

Invoke the beholder clean and simple,
So that he can be useful,
And with a flaming sword which will surround us.
Our deitities as an offering,
With the burning blaze.
On earth each step is to walk,
Over each step, each portal to enter
with its four poles fired up.
You will hear the messenger spirit of the sphere
That will tell us the name to pronounce before entering,
To the limit of the light stairs.
You will beg to the portal being inside,
And the wisdom;
The power over the spheres will be on you.
The world will be plagued by death, anguish,
The ancient free again,
And they will take their place one more time,
Over all mortal humanity.

9. Continual Malignity

Ancient and vociferating of the deitities,
That take revenge by destroying with the air of the centuries,
The one that's not solicited,
The one who emits the lugubrious crushing sigh,
The energetic, darkness and silent that wrap up the stars,
It's the devil with serpental fangs of the eternal infinity,
With guttural voices on the skies of the spoken leng.
Powerful, capable of razing the valleys and the small earth
With an invisible destruction for the humanity,
Which annoys faceless,
He is heard, whose name is whispered
When his paths are inclined.

10. Invocation To The Power Of The Twilight Zone (Fraudulent Harmony)

Lies that lead to hallucinate
Into the mind, creating sudden and depressive harmonies,
But sweet and at the same time cruel.
Taken to the death of thought,
To dream the death it sown expiration to eternity,
Where humans will be like immortals,
So when you are awake it will be so late to return,
It doesn't matter if I repeat it to you when you see it by yourself,
You will only feel the plague.
All the vociferations with rhythms of human destruction,
Total extermination, emanation of the inside force,
A smile of the inside force, a smile of sanguinary
and humiliative leadership on the prince's hidden face.

When I come into the deep greens, when I put my mind into the valleys of the life
and the forgotten cult from their donation of the eternal principle,
allows me to take me in and when I am diving in the conscious discovery after an
adventure of confusion, I ran and ran for the ineffable world, dragging my own see,
and with a great weight in my own dreams plaged of evil demons that filled my head
and my dark thoughts in the solitude, where the chosen one triumphed over the humans,
because the desire of this was huge, so huge to want to pass the unknown dimensions.
He learned the new and splendid life of super discovery,
Where I was dragged for eternal days and driven to sow the reality.
Walking in the infinite searching of the resurrections of the lost souls through
cursed writings, staying alert from coming dangers of crushing whispers caused by the
wise emanation from the face of the earth to the humiliated humanity without forgetting
the thing who possesses the art of the wisdom, wish is the seed and it's the infinite
universal eternity, and again it's the reality of all our civilization.

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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