Dark Lyrics


1. Divine Night

Follow me as I retrace my steps
Divine night you will not regret
Inviting abyss
Warm sweet air, a heightened mood
Liquid languid, all is in tune
Enchanting mist
Moonlight symphony speaks to me
Speaks to me [x2]
It says, "My astronomers, let us study the stars"
May the shadows fall and so display
a righteous path and show us the way

2. Convergence


3. The Grand Façade

Here we are so far away
So far from where we began
The end
Forever and ever
The cities walls look high now
But I will get us in without sin
With reason with reason you're all I need to convince them
Follow me manifest our destiny
Enter this living hell where I fell into a hole that was a part of me
Where I wish to return to heal and learn
The saints and angels they spoke without saying a word
Envision a window again and again
Never look back over your shoulders learn to begin again
We are part of history now
He who's calm is mad and insane
Don't ever don't ever forget or try to sever
This was the source of my power
This is the result of my reign for fame
With treason with treason I sought to deny their seasons
Follow me manifest our destiny
Enter this living hell where I fell into a hole that was made part of me
Where I wish to return to heal and learn
The saints and angels they spoke without saying a word
Envision a window again and again
Never look back over your shoulders learn to begin again
A humming din greets them as they scale the wall and make their way
Into a sterile stainless right-angled edged room containing countless scores
Of domesticated lifeless forms
Berated hated shunned and scorned
A line of people gaunt and deranged enters the chamber a parade of strange
The tribe is astonished cannot comprehend porcelain women and mannequin men
Those straight and narrow follow a course not by willing but by force
His thoughts soon wander are they from my past
Forgone and broken his ancient mask I connect and sympathize
Their hearts are dark without a spark fluorescent lightning blinding and stark
With you the one with lucid eyes coaxial cables joined together
A seething mass separate never I will wait for you and the key
Tracked and traced and databased running in circles inhumane race
For you are the I in me
Innocence lost but they're forgiven pawns in a game they were given

4. A Most Trivial Pursuit

Time, it brings us down
It hardens and it cracks us
Gravity weighs us down
We are slaves to the ages
It feasts on you and it feasts on me
Each of us just a book of yellowing pages

An apparition of what could be comes to him from the line
and hands to him a key of silver shine
The glow reflected on his face catches the eyes
of the mindless multitudes marching
They break rank and pursue the tribe

The gilded guild breaks the stillness and leaps into the fray
The tribe runs for cover and are swept up in the melee
Wave after wave, the natives who defied nation or name
lie down prone - Fear is shown - The passion of slaves
The time drips down - Death reaps with sickle and scythe
as the tribe is led away tightly tied
He falls to his knees and begins to pray and lets out a sigh
Please Gods, please help me
If I imagine a place, so may it be

Now I'm at the door
I feel as if I’ve been here before
Angels sin for me
If beyond lies the answer, I hold the key

5. Persistence Of Visions

Stepping into a hall deep, dark and wide
Rows and rows of screens
From what I can see,
these are metaphors of me
Straining, bending my ringing ears to hear
Fields and fields of screams
From what I understand,
this was always meant for me
Walking, I find myself right in the middle
of an orgy of baseless ecstasy
From what I know is real,
this I wish I'd never seen
They dance out of time
in trance pantomimes
Romanced, lost in the lie
Pyres for those who criticize

Chimera shape shifters
Shards of jagged bits and broken pieces
Prosaic mosaics
captured in timeless frozen freezes
They worship but are preyed upon
More victims of the soft kill

Floating down flickering avenues
My truth not far
Gravity pulls me in
Guided by a brilliant star

A great window, a tragic display
A vast vista, a game in play
reveals how they lie to us in many ways
These bowed-down docile animals
are born limited minimals
They deny our humanity every day

The dying are smiling in painless peace
Euthanized when their time is reached
Liberty this will never cease
Never cease - Never cease
Colossal clusters of man-machines
Detached, dispatched from reality
With mouths sewn shut, they are straining in vain
To shout out loud, out loud
A revelation of a predestined plague
How they were stricken to prematurely age
Do not deny us our sacred freedom
Destructive passion will crush this kingdom

His fist hits, breaks the screen
that showed all those horrific scenes
Through shattered glass he will pass
Phantasms, meet your iconoclast

6. The Noble Lie

Four figures appear before me
Four to rule over the innocent
One for bondage, one for power,
one for greed, and another for fear
In your logic, may I cast a spark?
Twisted dogma, may I leave a mark?
Without pretense or a defense
in this moment of relevance
So violent in their silence
My voice trembles, my query is made
Echoing throughout the chamber
My words settle and slowly fade
And I'm gasping for breath and reaching for depth
I search my thoughts, this is all that was left

I say, living's not so easy when you disregard all of your own
A man cannot exist when burdened by his fatal flaws
They say we are the protectors, players and directors
These are creeds and solemn vows
We dim the lights when certain, hide behind the curtain
Submission is all we allow

With all I have left in me, I slowly reach out my hand
I touch them, tear off their shrouds
Each face a state of my being
And - And each one falls to the ground

7. Release The Deity

My being takes the helm here before me
Transfers into light and it gives me
an inner sight and affords me
every single nerve to serve and inform thee
Altars of myself a deviation
The benefit of their annihilation
The chaos engulfs the ether
A mantra of trust, a true believer

This morning I can see
the sailing souls yearn for peaceful seas
You are one of us [3x]

Resign yourself from all the fear and madness
Disbelieve the lie of death and sadness
Once you're gone, you're gone to the hereafter
Embrace the joy and the laughter
Altars to myself, an aberration
A benefit of my imagination
A wish, a fever, or is it a vision?
Maybe illusion or a derision?

Rest your mystic ways
Do we not share an inner peace?
Without justice, without justice, there is just us

The line was crossed
A way was lost,
but now is found
Break the fallow ground

I am Alpha and Omega
I'm the first and last
Creation story without glory
The present and the past
I am human, I am being
No longer in the caste
The nightmare's over, I am closer
The breaking of the fast
Who is evil incarnate who mines the substrate?

From a prisoner to a prophet
As a prophet I return
To be scorned, shunned and shut out
I welcome the burn
I said wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Can't you see it?
Come on! Come on! Come on! Don't deny it!
Grow out! Grow out! Grow out! Grow outside of it!
It's here! It's here! It's here! Everywhere you'll find it!

See the ones who bowed to me
They can be relieved if they would only see
See the ones who bowed to me
They can be set free if they wish to be

This I created, a fantastic maze
A hallowed haloed dayglow masquerade
In a moment of unknowing daze
A misguided collided inner craze
Sweet Septembers, joyous harvest rituals
Cold Decembers beholden to the fold
Forgotten memories of the sages and the tribe
Still all became victims of the paradigm
Victims of the paradigm [2x]
The journey to the sacred is to walk a path of pain
If you take the easy road, my friend, then what is there left to gain?
The lack of passion is the lack of the divine
To seek out death is to find the devil in the design
The devil in the design [2x]
Maybe all that is ever
is the choice of love or fear
Forgiveness is not weakness
Strength is when a grace is near

We have won! We are one! [2x]
(It was me - It was always me)

Troy Tipton ‒ Bass
Sean Flanegan ‒ Drums
Jasun Tipton ‒ Guitars
Erik Rosvold ‒ Vocals

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