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1. Hate Makes Hate

Conquerers write the Book
For the conquered
History, now becomes, his story
No history, like a man without country
No past, means no identity

Never will I turn the other cheek
If every dog has it's day I deserve a week
What comes around and you know the rest
And when it comes, I'll be there

I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired
Do I love to hate from all the years of soul decay
I close my eyes but I never sleep
Thoughts of pain that breaks my peace
I taste the rage in every tear
The hate man makes, I fear

You write the rules
You keep the score
When I master the game
You erase the board
No history, is a man without country
No past, means no identity


2. Down The Drain

Desperate people makes desparate actions
When your view of life is from the bottom
Take what you will and you kill if you have to
In this world is there no justice
Is there no justice
Day in and day out
It's the same situation
Come out ahead by trusting no one
Heart beat decisions from the end of a bullet
Logic of the youth from a gun

Is there a method to this madness
Is there an ending? There must be a way

Half way down the drain
Nothing will ever change
Halfway down the drain
The story ends the same
A body waiting for a grave

Land of the free is the shit that they feed
Keep me down, I will fester
Never be soft when you live a hard life
Sorrow for others doesn't matter


3. My Friend Lonely

She'll watch to see when I'm alone
She'll come if I cry
She'll come around when my hurt is to the bone
She can make a man wanna die

She knows when I swallow my pride
That's when she embraces me
And the pain in my heart is put there to remind
That she's my friend lonely

When the tears roll down my face
When my heart's but an empty space
She's my friend lonely
When the silence of being alone
Feels like a bittersweet welcome home
That's my friend lonely

She's there when others turn their backs
You don't want her but she's around
And like a home-sweet-home
She's there when you're alone
To make you feel lower when you're down

She hears what others don't hear
The things I think to myself
She'll hold your hand
When no one's there to understand
That's my friend lonely

4. Me, Myself & I

Everytime you speak
Your insecurities shine
True signs of the weak
Do they think I'm blind
I hear the things you say
When you verbally crucify
It's you that drive each nail
With every spineless lie

It's always been me for me and only me
Bitterness and I go way back
Some find comfort in other's misery
Heaven't you heard, never bite the hand that feeds
I'll never turn my back on me
Because I know that I'm on my side
I'll be me until the end. Why can't they see
All I've got is me, myself, and I

Me, Myself, and
Me, Myself, and
Me, Myself, and I


Hearing the laughter behind my back
Often makes me wonder
Try and raise above, but they're always pulling me down
So called friends, trying to pull me under


Has life forsaken me
Once blind, but now I see
Innocence stripped from me
The more you give, the more they feed
Never let them take away
The part of me that brings me peace
I'll never believe
I'll never trust

5. Drug Of The Masses

This is the way to overcome your problems
The more you use the better you feel
Talk to the sky when you need an answer
It relieves all pain and guilt
Give all you have to put your mind at ease
One of the millions that blindly follow
Distorts your sights and make you believe
Words you recite control tomorrow

Washing out reality but it's only momentarily
These are the scriptures mankind has written
Who's to say heaven's above the sky
Should you believe because it's printed
Who's to say that hell is beneath the earth
Maybe we're already in it
Time effects man's perspective
Changes made to what's recorded
Is this the book we must follow
It will change again tomorrow
Drug Of The Masses
Drug Of The Masses

Rely on it for all your trouble, until it becomes a crutch
Get on your knees and bow your head
But does it really change much
Recite a prayer when it gets rough
When you're in over your head
When you pray it's done in vain
God helps those who help themselves


Is there an afterlife
Did they return to tell you
Live your life for the next world
When tomorrow isn't promised to you
What about the time you still have
The time is now to strive
Because when you're dead and buried
Is when you find out that they've lied

Who's to say heaven's above the sky
Should you believe because it's printed
Who's to say that hell is beneath the earth
Maybe we're already in it
Drug Of The Masses
Drug Of The Masses
Drug Of The Masses

6. Comfortably Superficial

Eighty-six the weak shit
We backs of the so-called hip
Button down your ego trip
'Cause you're tryin' to hard to stay in step

Jock the tip of those who move and shake
On a pedestak put those who reek of fake

Never walk in another man's shoes
You may not always win but you'll never lose
One man One mind One voice is all I am
I'll be myself think for myself 'cause this is who I am

Always one to follow no one
Always one to never bend
Set your clock by what's hot and what's not
Just like your shallow friends

7. Killing Floor

A house of fire
Without the prayer for rain
Slay 'em one and all
That's the power of this game

At dawn they killed
To conquer and invade
Man, woman and child
Shipped away on death's crusade

You'd die to live
Forced to give
Straight between the eyes
You live to die

Why does man
Inflict his pain
Is it simply because he can
Is it the majority that will always rule
Or the color of the man
This is the Killing Floor
This is the Killing Floor

Dead pray for the living
'Cause they're the ones in hell
Lambs to the slaughter
Whisper not if you dare


Take the young ones
Of this inferior race
The futurethreatened by their hand

Destroy the old ones
The source of history
Let them not take a stand

Your body stamped
With the mark of the beast
Too weak from hunger
Too weak to cry
Stricken by maggots
That eat away your mind
Mutilate your soul
Then terminate by fire
Terminate by fire
Guns to the left
Guns to the right
Barbed wire fences
That say work or die

Damn the sunrise
It makes a New Day
Buried alive, right before your eyes

8. Time Heals All

Time waits for no one and i've got none to waste
Like an old-time remedy slowly ease my pain
And if the hour were my friend
I'd undo all I've done
If the minute hand could understand
Just how far I've come

When I die before I take my last breath
Take me away 'cause only time
Can cure me of my pain, my rage

Should've would've could've done
Am I just the only one
Sometimes it feels this way
Should've would've could've done
And all things I meant to say
I meant to say

Take from me this precious thing
The thing that I need most
Makes the old and dying cherish it like gold
And if the hour hand were my friend?i would have no fear
What doesn't kill only makes you strong
And your hindsight very clear

9. The Law Of Relativity

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