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1. Imprisoned

I'm staring at a wall, which can't be broken
Sweat and blood an dying flesh, under these chains

I can't remember the reason why I'm here
I can't remember my own face at all

I came from far away, where are my friends now?
Smell the stench of their remains, pumped up with lead.

I can't remember my mothers'voice so I can't fall asleep
I can't remember my own voice at all

I'm a prisoner of war, haven't seen the sun for years
Never felt like this before much too proud for silent tears
What about my home, am I a forgotten man?
This is what I can't deny, I'm locked up in a cage of pain

Words of deliverance are words unspoken
My skin is hot, my throat is dry. When will it out?

I can't remember...

I'm a prisoner...

2. Promised Land

Violent despair can't break the rules of glory
We see our world destroyed by their hands
They killed our neighbours, dead bodies on the field
Nowhere to run now, their swords against our forks.

This can't go on, got to set sails for our quest now
Hoping to find the peaceful promised land
Children are crying, the old ones start to pray
Where will we go to, lord help us find the way

The time has come to leave the land
Protection from the evil hand
He is the saviour god has sent.

Don't hesitate, the chosen one is our companion
He leads our way to freedom and we'll see
No more destruction, decay of the possessed
Their flag will burn and we will forget the past

The time...

3. Kingdoms Of Your Life

The kingdom of a fairyland, the threat is the dragons'might
The princess'life is in your hand, 'cause you are the chosen knight
You seek for the heart and you win the fight,
its head lies in front of the throne
But suddenly your mind is all alone

A flight across the universe, the last survivors aboard
The aliens'force destroyed the earth, now it's up to you to escort
In a new world you save all your friends then you fly back to attack
But all you see is captive in your head.

And you travel - past and future
See your life begin and end
As you travel - past and future
Never lay your fade in other hands.

In Death Valley there is no hope, crime is the law of the town
You have to wear the "justice robe", outlaws and killers fall down
Fear runs away, you're a hero again, you live in peace with your wife
This is just another kingdom of your life

And you travel...

You're on the way - in no time you will stay
There are too many things to explore.
And you'll never find your real life anymore.

And you travel...

4. Denials

Running down an empty road, you're the guiding light
Which takes all my fears, but I should have known
That truth disappears, as your words became black
Dust in the streets

...and I hear another lie.

With shining eyes and hands of a friend, you promised me joy
And heaven on earth, but I should have known
That it wouldn't last, you pulled my heart out of my chest

...and I hear another lie - empty words are passing by

You sealed my fate.
I curse you with my endless hate
It's all in vain
Your false smile awakes my pain.

No more denials!!!
I've seen you without your masquerade.
I call you a liar.
My trust in you will never be the same.

You used to be the meaning of life, you gave me a reason
To keep dreams alive, but my future failed
The moment I tried to live my own life with your plans by my side

You sealed..

No more...

You play your game and I am your toy, but don't forget bitch
I 'a man not a boy, you made the rules
But I am the ace, you cannot win, 'cause I know your real face

You sealed...

No more...

5. Failed Mission

Captive in the wasteland, my fear of death awakes
As I close my eyes I face my history so real.
My blood is running faster, my will to live deletes
The terrible scenes which my eyes had to see yesterday

At dawn they came upon us, their leader said "destroy".
Right out of the clouds appeared the conquerors of steel
We jumped into our fighter, we knew the day has come.
The howling sound of engines made us brave in the hour of death.

Last night our saviour died. I've seen his ending flight,
behind the moon he turned to light.
Last night our mission failed, millions of souls for sale
And still I'm tortured of their cries.

Like a cloud of hornets we headed for the sky.
Pride and satisfaction as we got them in our sights.
One by one were blasted away into the dark
As mother earth behind us turned to waste
A godforsaken grave.

Last night...

Now I'm here in wasteland, their perfect trap is closed.
Just a few more days and all my pain has reached the end.
Still my heart is pounding, my will to live is lost
And I won't remember what I saw yesterday.

Last night...

6. Fading Memories

I'm just here to see what friendship is all about.
You belong to me like candles to holy ground
I'll be there for you, wanna live my life with you
What can I do?

Remember the day, the sky turned from blue to grey.
You left me alone. I cannot live this way.
I'll be there...

I awake to see the light of day
And I awake to see you

We used to be friends, but memories can fade somehow
And our last dance will open a gate of clouds.
I'll be there for you, won't you share your ways with me

I awake...

And when we are dead, all the pain has reached the end
The memories are gone, and we'll live again.

I awake..

7. The Sea

Giving life and taking life
Right hand of mother nature.
Bright as the sun, dark as the night.
You will drown and none can help you.

A loving mother - a merciless killer
The sea shows you the last contrast.
Find your dreams - meet your grave digger.
Watch out! Will you live or rest?

It's your best friend in life
It's your worst enemy
It will judge about your fate.
It's a nice place, indeed,
but one day you will find the answer
why you hate - the sea.

Don't trust the beautiful scene in the moonlight,
never forget all the danger hidden in the sea

It offers food, it's your employer,
millions can't exist without it. We surf on it.
It's so damned good. I'm sure there is no about it.

But it's also an obedient slave of death.
See the dying man on his last quest.
Feel his cold and deadly breath
No chance to get his life back.

The lord of tides is dying now.
Pollution wins the fight
Sick mankind survives somehow
But can we pay the price.

We kill the source of life we need
One way street until the end.
Human beings have to bleed.
This is my revenge.

8. Barricades

They always say that you have to live their way
You never see your own chance
And why don't you try to break free right in time?
Don't be their fool anymore.

Walk on with pride through all darkness and light
Don't be afraid of the fall
And keep in mind that you must realize,
your world belongs to yourself.

Don't hide all the things which make you mighty
We don't let you walk alone.

We stand for honour. We fight for freedom
We just want our rights to tell what's in our mind.
We stand for honour. We fight for freedom
We just want our rights. We break the barricades.

Tear down the walls 'cause between all their calls
Are words which make no sense at all.
This is the time to break free and you'll find
You're not their fool anymore.

Don't hide...

We stand...

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