Dark Lyrics


1. Victimized 

I feel your pain, this sensation is no stranger to me. 
It has encompassed the person who I used to be 
Yet you show your face, while the rest cower behind their pride 
We Are The Crucified 
We Are The Crucified 
But never forget, you are not alone. 
I bare no mark of a man, forcing my eyes to see that this life, isn't real. 
Each day is a tragedy , that I could never escape. 
Each day is a tragedy , that I could never escape. 
I wait to hear the words. 
How much longer must I wait for this life cease. 
To fall asleep forever, and never wake up 
I hide my pain for this is who I am 
This is who I am, Crucified. 
We are the Crucified. 
But there are those who share your pain.

2. Solace

A glorious truth awaits as we're guided towards the sky. 
Projecting through the clouds, I become one with time. 
Show me how, show me why. 
Show me how we came to b. 
I search for the answers the I will never see. 
Take me away, far from this place. 
Where my life could be meant for more...For something great. 
But as of now, we will never find. 
What, what it is we seek... 
What we seek. 
Like a sculptor to his creation, we must use our imagination. 
Ready to guide my way 
Ready to guide my way 
And this is where I've been left to be, on a barren road.. 
That doesn't end. 
I am ready to leave this all behind. 
Let me see.. 
Please let me see. 
I am ready to leave this all behind. 
Let me see.. 
What is my purpose, what do you want of me? 
Show me a sign 
Show me a way 
Show me who I am meant to be 
Let me see.

3. Hanging By A Thread

Hanging above the ground. 
I sway from side to side without a feeling found. 
My feet barely sweep the floor. 
As my eyes roll back I can't ignore. 
That these moments are numbered in sum. 
For when the clock strikes one the hand of death is sure to come. 
A life without a shade of grey, but all I see is black and wish it away. 
Choking down the barrel of a gun. 
By the end of the night my mother and father will be losing their son. 
With this burden, my closet has begun to overflow 
While the hinges break, it seems as though I am not alone. 
I have the company of these skeletons I have stowed away. 
But soon er or later they would have to come back and haunt me.. 
Following my every step I'm begging for you to let me go. 
I'm begging you.. 
I'm begging you, to let me go. 
Oh death where is thy hand? 
For when I greet you it is as a friend. 
It's time to put this to an end. 
And return me to nothing from which you will send. 
My name was forgotten with the knife still fresh in my back. 
A heart turned to stone, I don't want to live anymore. 
When a minute within this body makes me cringe. 
Strip me bare of this prison. 
I call home. 
Hanging by a thread. 
With my eyes, sewn.. 
Forced to be the only thing I have tried to keep away.. 
Kick the chair form underneath my feet.. 
Let me hang by a thread. 

4. My Promise Kept

No words can describe this feeling . 
But this three word phrase I have come to repeat. 
Is not enough.. 
I'm surrounding my mind with these thoughts of you. 
It is in everything that I see, a mirror image that is staring back at me. 
It is in everything that I see, a mirror image that is staring back at me. 
Each and everyday I am counting away, til the day I have until I have to see your face and say. 
This is my life and I want to see it through. 
I want to see it through 
I want to see if through.. 
As if everything was meant to be. 
I cannot escape what has become of me. 
But it will never take it's hold, it will never take it's hold and let me free.. 
This is a bond that will never be torn 
We are an undying flame, that will always burn. 
We will never be torn. 
We are an undying flame, that will always burn. 
But through this journey I have lost your hand. 
I know that someday soon, you will understand. 
That we were meant to be. 
I'll keep fighting for you. 
I'll keep fighting for you... 
No matter has been done 
This is truth that I have known all along 
Since the day that we met 
And until you return. 
This is my, My promise kept 
A promise meant for you.

5. A Confession 

Whenever, I think about the times that we used to share. 
A tear begins to shed, as more follow in its place. 
I put my hands up to my face. 
I am soaked in disgrace. 
Left to wonder why, left to wonder why. 
Why you set a divide between you and I. 
What we had we will never get back. 
What we had I will always want back. 
You've tossed away the key and all the troubles with it, it seems.
And you've moved on to bigger and better things. 
With the memory of a person you will soon forget. 
Along with the smile from the day that we first met 
All I want is to hold you in my arms again and tell you the words that I've wanted to say. 
But that day seems so far, more like a dream that has come and gone. 
I want to believe that you'll wake up someday and see 
That I was always there for you even when you turned your back on me. 
The imprint of what we had will always remain in me. 
Even though we have grown apart this confession to you means everything.. 
There's not a word I'd take back. 
Nothing more I would do. 
Than have said these three words. 
I Loved You!

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