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1. And Then The Robots Killed

i dread the day with what we shared shattered like frozen features, disfigured and all alone withering, is this how it actually ends? delicatly feathered and face woven with beauty, these limbs are crumbling. this is the again and the two dressed so innocently. an empty palm and another back and the numbness remains as an awkardness. she swept away the floor, transfixing the gravity that held me. to stop the clotting and let whispers tell secrets to the winds that broke these wires which carried me to the light of your skin. soft sopen i said, 'these blossoms, my beloved, are dying. they are dying.'

2. Absolute Denial Of The Ultimate Nullifier

bury the knife deep within my chest and with one last kiss goodbye i'll shut my eyes for a final time. whether or not i found this falling i will carry the strength of the dead and be buried by the fear of these thoughts. and just like those pictures, i am melting through your hands. these demons dividing, they burned out our one sun and i cower beneath it all. i'll find them overhead. death from above

3. Hella Vegas Kids Say Hella

i have fallen for you. i never got the chacen to tell you, 'tear these feathered wings from my back.' i couldn't hid this internal bleeding. smiles of my filth on my dripping second. seconds counting, i fade away with the wind to deny me freedom. please let me go. a child bearing his final sign. lying in sheets tainted with splattered blood of what was once me, but things aren't so beautiful anymore. now i am death. these voices i draw are direct, seemingly undecieving. nothing comes out so simple. i notice i tore these wings with my own hands. everything seperating me from what is life. entwined in messages of inexistence and missing memories desolving like my one love, my only love. i will never feel your touch while i hear my name from your lips again. my sunrise is the darkness. i will miss you.

4. Contra Code

she sent a curve in the current of faintly feeling alive and insecurity got the better part of me. courage came seeping out and left me the weakened boy. sleepless nights enveloped in you. just say your hands will never leave mine. everything that was always is a mishaped box. so let these rain drops fall down my face to hide away the tears. the last ones shed and i've noticed a difference in the chair. leave me laying in the cement. the falling for you is me falling apart and did he ever find the comfort in woven wings? please don't leave me hanging by my nekc like this. my body falls silent as your head falls upon my shoulder. i can't stop thinking of you. i want to hear your voice through these wires. i want to be held within your arms. i'm reaching for you but i'm afraid you're already gone.

5. The Proclaimed Bat Hunter

broken in sections. my breath is losing it's rhythm and my pulse is the center of attention. render these arms useless. i tryed not to hear her voice, but it is everything. this was the goodbye i never said. pain trhust through chest, i miss her bearthing and i am so sick of mine. dying in bleachers with my corner eye crush. was this the last time i would see you? was this our farewell? it just isn't enough when i can never see your face again.

6. The Nest Of The Face Hugger

blank sheets enveloped in grieving. foolishly bleeding for you. waiting. it was never meant to be today. window panes coaliding and worried drips of sweat that have fallen from my chin. the devil devoted and she brought this trembling. all of this collapsing, i seed through. seized ceiling preaching sinister color. i reach to anything recognizing and it all comes back to you. you with your hands would heal all my scars and so i as, 'after i lost everyhing would you hold me and would you love me until this spine could hold this head up high again?' that's all i'll ask, i won't ask. he is dead.

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