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1. An Uncomfortable Routine

I stick to my sheets like failed reproduction.
Soaking up on slowing down and the only thing
Worse than being alone is when I'm not alone.

I am in love with what I've lost.
I do not want what I have got.

I release my weakness that flies feed from.
It never is anything until it's over.

Nothing is right but I can't find the wrong.
I always change my mind.
And if there is a need then I need it now.
Cause the closer we get the further I feel.

All my love is collecting dust.
I'm shivering with loneliness.

An uncomfortable routine of staying
Somewhere in between lost and found.

2. Antidepressants Are Depressing

We're lost love with nothing to give.
Our hearts are over-medicated.
An overdosed America.
Sharing a closet with our skeletons.
And in being needed, not what we need.
Is where they create our therapy.

3. Ultra Carb Diet Carpooling Stupid Fucking Life

Is there anyone in this city?
Anyone who isn't asleep?
I'm feeling lost counting steps between street lights.
Still drawing triangles on my wrists.
Hanging out in grocery stores without a home.
Not anymore.

I'm all alone. I'm all alone again. I'm all alone.
Chasing my memory. Everyone's moving but me.

4. The One Above All, The End Of All That Is

The one above all, the end of all that is.

5. Instrumental

She kisses like cough syrup when I have a cold.
But we're not in love, we're just alone.
Like a drug company's overdose.
Trying to replace our heads with holes.

We're missing days and spending weeks.
Only passing through looking for company.
And semen released is a rotting stomach.
Like a body drained of blood.
My flaw. Our failure.

6. Black Out

These thoughts can't be mine.
But they're the only thoughts I have.
In this city of imitation, dying to survive.
And when the night comes it's spent on.
Getting drunk and taking drugs.
Or letting one thing be enough to love someone.
But then by day I'm a stomach ache that won't go away.

We set patterns that become our balance.
Taking things in secret. Keeping ourselves clean.
And we keep moving with these same mistakes.
Rearranging chemicals in our brains.
Nightmares of never remembering anything.
'Til we're not around anymore.
And there is this hum in our heads
And we're exhausted again.
Screaming sound that goes on and on and on and...
Like steady medication wearing out.
The shit that we forget.

Nothing ever happens. Nothing happens here.
And nothing will ever happen. Nothing matters here.

Why do we forget the things
We thought we figured out?

7. There Ain't No CAN'T In AmeriCAN

This is how I react to everything.
I'm trying to fit images like people looking for love.
And still trying to find a way to be straight with myself.
But nothing seems to stick. (I pick everything apart.)

This is just a life without leads.
A sad song in french.
The things no one knows how to talk about.
And this is how I react to everyting.
Second guessing certainty.

I'm falling in and out of life
Like people looking for love.
I don't know what I want.
I don't know what to do with myself.

8. Zero MPH Fallover

A sweet sweat. A wet mess.
I want everything all at once.
And I always do what I hate.
I've run into running in place.

I'm single speed sprinting a marathon.
I'm slipping away, it's all or nothing.

I feel trapped and I don't know why.
I don't understand goodbye.
You keep me alive.
You keep me alive.

9. There Is Never Enough Time To Do Nothing

There is a need that comes in the night.
Heavy in mood. Draining of life.
We're closet lovers with our secret sex.
We fall in love trying to fill the holes.

There is a need that comes in the night.
Someone who somehow medicates.
We're closet lovers with our secret sex.
We fall in love trying to fill the holes.

10. I'm Trying To Fly To The Moon Using Two Magnets And Willpower

I want to settle down. I'm tired of myself.
And the building up for breaking down.
It's a still-life overflow. I'm stuck below zero.

A flood of feeling in made-up meaning.
A rush until there is no remainder.

But I won't stop kissing clocks until I find love.
And I'll scream until we are no longer empty.

And you'll be a heart beat away.
A black hole forming.
That will dissolve and disintigrate
Into nothing.

11. Blood Mosh Hips Hair Lips Pills Fuck Death

I'm black eyes and bruised bones.
Open wounds that won't close.
More drooling than dreaming.
In a cold cough barely breathing.

I'm flash floods and mudslides.
In dry heat that never dies.
More than ordinary stale as shit.
Bipolar explorer.

I'm the power of worry and panic attack.
A shot in the dark. The beauty in black.

I'm the stomach of a new found love.
A lonely man's grocery store crush.
I'm the heart and the blood in failing hard.

You can't destroy me.
I'm invincible. Unbreakable.

Thanks to alexei.swe for sending these lyrics.

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