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1. Great I Am

Hell is empty,
Hell is here.
Hell is home,
I am free.
Let them wander under black skies.
Drink the cursed blood of the father.
Eat each other.
Separate myself from mankind.
I am safe here.
Hide my weakness behind violence.
I am not your shepherd.
Hell is kindness.
Hell is love.
Hell is peace.
I am free.
I stand tall behind my wall.
Hidden here.
Great I am.

2. The Sorrower

Someday you will be at peace.
Someday everything will be alright.
Someday your heart will be full to bursting.
Someday, but not now.

You narcissistic fuck.

What makes you think it will?
You don't know a fucking thing and nothing you can say will change that.
Someday that heavy heart will have it's burden lifted.
This is a lie.

Nothing will get better.

3. Sympathetic

It is the black veil we all wear behind our eyes.
A consuming darkness eats our insides.
Dull bleak and blind, my sweet love despair.
It grows inside like a hidden deformity.
Smiles on the outside.
Desperation within unstoppable insatiable.
Why can't we see it in each other?
We could keep sorrow at bay.
Broken hearts in broken hands.
We could take your pain away.
It shouldn't have to be this way.

We suffer endless horizons until we can't suffer anymore.
Comfort waits cold and peaceful at death's side.
We don't blame you.

4. Suffer Louder

I've wasted a lifetime in my head.
It's like wearing a rusted crown of barbed wire.
And I love it.
It makes me god.
Burn. Break. Cut. Choke.
The more I suffer the more I need it.
Under crushing weight of tomb stones is where I feel most alive.
The bastard son of stress.

5. Broken Blades

Broken blades are buried deep.
They can't be reached with my teeth.
Following my sorrow I feast on bone and marrow.
Obsess over heartbreak.
Perfect pain is pleasure.
No such thing as peace of mind.

The joyful can't be free.

There is no blinding light.
There is no reward.
Happiness is fleeting.
No stopping the bleeding.
Feed me to the leeches.
A bloody shred of hope.
A sliver of sunlight shines through the gore.
Is this all I get?
I want more.

6. A Good Life

Drunk on the venom from the mouths of snakes.
The taste was bitter,
It broke me down.
It stained my insides with the mark of Cain.
My own mother won't say my name.
Raised by the wind and freezing rain.
The gates of heaven have shut again.
A perfect little worm feasting on dirt.
A good life wasted longing for pain.
Hidden in the dark watching lovers weep.
Every heart will break and never heal again.
I stand alone watching a perfect little worm as it feeds on dirt.

7. Walking Wastelands

How many ways can I say how empty I feel?
How many days have been lost?
There's a fire burning somewhere, never to be found.
Proof is in the endless ashes, black snow, and spiraling smoke.
Every eye is a burning ember.
Every heart a scorched husk.
Walking wastelands hollowed out by pain.
Stepping on each others throats to get above the smoke.
Time heals nothing.
We will die here empty and alone.

8. Gutter Gods

We are the children force fed submission.
Born to chase heaven with reckless abandon.
He won't love you if he can't break you.
He'll cast you aside.
The purest love is the ugliest lie.
He doesn't want you, he never did.
We don't need him, we never did.
Our eyes are open.

9. Hate Offering

Holy blood flows from consecrated mouths.
Consume the savior.
Belly full of god.
Only the faithful get to bask in all that love.
Fake love to spread hate.
Only they can stand free from sin and shame.
Washed in blood.
Purity is poison.
Rotting from the inside,
Kneel before the plague.
It's spread by rats with faith.
Paradise won't be waiting for you at the end of your wasted life.
Fake love to spread hate.
We stand on the outside and watch you gut yourselves for a prize.
Trapping the young and weak.
Fake love to spread hate.

10. How Deep It Runs

A childhood buried under maple leaves.
Why didn't they stop the monster?
I remember the summer sun.
The sweating hands.
The stinking breath.
And the whispers.
I didn't know I needed saving until I saw all that worry in their eyes.
They turned their heads.
Forgot it happened.
I'm covered in ten thousand scars.
I didn't even know I had them and I can't see how deep it runs.

11. Lightless Walk

I don't know why anyone would step back into the light.
They won't follow me here.
I left the empty sky behind.
Scared and rotting black.
It ain't the truth anyway.
I know my limits now.
My children, my loves, you've taken everything.
None of you will love me in the end.
I don't know why anyone would pretend to care about me when I take that lightless walk.
None of you will notice.
Never buried & unmourned.
None of you will love me in the end.

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