Dark Lyrics


1. Idylls Of The Chosen Damned

Old, dreary old monastery
Saints cursed it in the obscure past
A place of death and adultery
Heavy rain washes the dust
But there's never dust on its door
Blood-spots on its walls and its floor

When the flute plays the obscene themes
And your pentagram unholy gleams
When your clothes bite your skin
Satan's voice mutes your spleen

To the Devil we raise our lustful calling
This blood we spill to manifest His power
The night is cut with the bell's infernal tolling
We worship you since the awakening hour
Naked cunt on the altar and the head of the betrayer
To thee O Dark Lord goes our faithful prayer

Tou - the mighty Word of sedition
You're the spark of divine transition
You're the blood of anti-light opposition
We're your fist to crush the holy apparition

When you hear a banshee's crying
And Satan's voice strong and undying
His kingdom calls upon the chosen few
When the moon is bright and silver blue

We pray the evil prayer that never dies
Making love to the Protector of Seasons
Night's cold air is warmed with our sight
We drank of their wine to mute the reasons
And unlock the terror that rides the midnight skies
We are Thine, O Satan, called to your dominions

2. The Passion Of A Sorceress

The church dungeons is full of weeping
Of the unfortunates in unquiet sleeping
I dream warmly of that April night
When I've sworn to the Righteous Might
Chained to dirt and delivered to torment
Fearless and scornful I await my final moment

Though they broke my bones
And crushed my hands with stones
Mocked my painful moans
Yet my spirit rebelliously roams

How dare they disturb our Art?
Born with Eve's wilful deed
But I embrace my end with unshaken heart
I shall never perish, the Devil's seed

There's a stronger fibe burning within
Making harmless the one eating my skin
It's the five of my baneful will
That shall bring my foes low and ill
In my love for Him I've never been in misery
Of death I made my victory

3. Vintage Black Magic

Deserted shrine, chants to the moon
Maledictions upon foes, requests of a boon
Altar's ready, the dagger cuts the twig

To the East and to the South
To the West and to the North
Come! Come! We call Thee forth!
By the powers of the land and sea
We swear obedience unto Thee
By the powers of moon and sun
Bless us and Thy will be done

In a place wild and dreary, flashing of the blade
Naked we tread Thy round, the oath is made
Altar's red, the dagger cuts the twig

Working forbidden mysteries and singing words of scourge
Assembled in the light of the blazing torch
Altar's never clean, the dagger cuts the twig

Bat's blood and the tongue of dog
Sting of snake and eyes of frog
Juice of hemlock and silverweed
Opium, mandrake and henbane's seed
Foreskin of birth-killed babe
Hell-broth tastes like Satan's grape
Black cat's wool and lizard scales
How sweetly cauldron exhales

4. Festival Of Devotion

The moon shines in its prime
It's the night of infernal wonder
I shall go to the forbidden shrine
Evected in the haunted wood out yonder

Leper monks savour menstrual blood
Succubus seduce a young, healthy lad
Naked bodies sway in the lustful stream
Cold, evil eyes in the dark fiercely gleam

Bleached bones in shallow graves
cry out for blood

My baby's heart feels the evil though cannot see
The dark, horned silhouette beckons to me
In the fumes of herbs phantoms appear at will
The wood enchanted is eerily silent and still
My baby's heartbeat suddenly quickens
With joy and terror the midnight air thickens

Lambs bared their fangs
Shrieks turned to sweetes sigh
A drugged virgin on the altar bangs
The clatter of hooves is nigh

Leper monks savour menstrual blood
Succubus seduce a young, healthy lad
Naked bodies sway in the lustful stream
Cold, evil eyes in the dark fiercely gleam

5. The Devil Intimate

Ty, co chora wyjesz z miłości
Lecz ziemskich nie starcza ci radości
Kielich krwi pełen, kielich z kości
Spełnij toast, królowo podłości

Jak zwierzę w amoku rwiesz szaty
Miłuje mnie dusza twa i serce
Wolna, pójdź w me komnaty
Gdzie niemowląt skórą utkane kobierce
Czy pałac tobie czy kazamaty
Czcij me prawa w tej poniewierce

Godnaś kosztować mego ogrodu owoce
Poniosą cię tam czarne karoce
Owoce cierpkie jak grzech
Lecz mękę zamienią w śmiech

Czarci jad spływa po gardle
Spojrzenie bezbożnie harde
Ofiarą dusza, i nagie ciało
Czcij mnie, życie to za mało

Mandragory dają woń
Namaszczona, dumnie klnij
A głupcom jezior toń

Jam nie bożej pychy gniew
Od wieków rozpalam buntu czar
Córkom lubieżnym ciepły mój zew
Wykradam klejnoty z królestwa mar

W pucharze tojad i lulek czarny
Dym spowija ołtarz ofiarny
Wywar ssij co służy żądzą
Ciemnym jak noc, Nawiedzone nie błądzą
Jak księgi przeklęte uczyły
I matka twa i siostry czciły
Praw natury, z Edenu skradzionych
Po piętnie je poznasz, mym słowem natchniony

Mark of the Devil – Vocals
Minski – Bass
W. Earl – Drums
Machine – Guitars

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