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1. The Witch Is Back

We've gathered here tonight
We are bound by human sins
Finally, the last ray of light slowly disappears
We bleed for retribution, more than you can realize
I'll come for you, you'll pay us with your life

I will bring new law!
I will bring new law!
New tomorrow, burn in fire!
I will bring new law!
I will bring new law!
None of us will hide again

I hear them calling my name, ritual has begun
Prophecy! Fulfill tonight! Evil ones must die!
It's too late to try to wash out our blood from our hands
Black beast will possess your souls, hell awaits

Now I close my eyes,
Let myself go, to find the strength in my soul
Now you close your eyes
But you don't know if you'll ever open them again,
You're done, forever gone

This war lasted for way too long
Too much torture and minds in control
How could you place so many lies
In every drop of innocent blood

2. I Fear No Evil

Out of the darkness is coming my strength
There's always someone who's watching my back
Perceptible only with my senses

I fear no evil, nor the liars' reigns
My best companions are demons and friends
They're like a touch of hidden dimensions

Illuminated, they come out of flames,
and call my name...

Dreams of fire, night after night,
Flaming, bursting, my peace of mind
Voices calling inside my head
Am I insane or maybe damned?
Dreams of fire...

When I want something, I don't need to tell
I make a gesture - You'll get it for me.
You can't resist my powerful behests

There are no rivers that I couldn't cross,
Of highest mountains I reach every top.
Reality? Or I'm only dreaming?
I hear the howling, it happens again,
They call my name...

3. When The Sun Goes Down

Crimson shade covers the ground
Time to take off golden crown
Gone another day
Fiery eyes upon the sky,
Moon is dancing with the dusk
Night has come again.

Forbidden lore from my wishful dreams
Showed me how I shall create new rules
Forbidden books, knowledge so unreal
Every word shortens path, reveals the truth

Angel falls
And the sun goes down
Bring the light
Brighten up my mind
So now I understand
Mystic forces prevail
Oh, when the sun goes goes down

Surrounded by fire's light
He will take out of my mind
Past and future fears
Too little time, so much to learn
Command time to stop ans wait!

From this chalice I will drink
Potion made of human fears
It's flavored with his own tears
Our future is in my hands

4. Trapped Behind

I'm lost in strife, lies stand in my way
I'm filled with doubts
Torn and desperate is my heart
I crave to show who I really am inside

You'll see my smile - inside I'm crying
Tightly chained by wreaking havoc on my heart
I still myself pull all the strings of my life

Oh... trapped alone behind the curtain of lies
Oh... wing of innocence are broken - won't fly

I wear a mask, they think they know me
But it's not me, I just want to run away
I show them face they want to see, I survive

Feeling I must not show
My mind drowns in tears of sorrow
Maze of doubts sealed my fate
Caged by lies until my end

There are no tears, I feel no sadness
Where they have gone?
They are hiding deep inside
I try to act like all is fine - it's my fight

5. Do Or Die

My will is free,
I have no god, no master
Truth is my name,
I hold no grudge, nor anger
I kneel to no one

I walk alone,
Although I'm still surrounded
By howls of winds,
By screams of shattered lighting
You can hear my name
Among the damned

Always out of line!
Always out of line!
Leave your fears and doubts behind,
Do or die!

Fight for your rights,
Do not approve submission
reach for the top!
You don't need their permission!
Never look behind

No time to waste,
Get rid of hesitations
Be strong and don't listen
to their suggestions
Now, make up your mind,
And get things done

6. Burn My Fire Burn

So good at bluffing are people all around
So terrifying, they try to break us down
They don't want to listen when I got something to say

They are like tyrants, blind for the future finds
They say we're evil, with no right to survive
It's not too late,
This is not over...

That's our price for being free
Burn, my fire. Burn!
War with wisdom? Let it be!
Burn, my fire. Burn!

Science - my armor, knowledge - my shiny knife
Courage - my anchor that keeps me still alive
One day they will listen to what we want to say

Our lives are tangled in their cruel, greedy lusts
They want to control and possess our minds!
But for them it's too late
It's over!

Everything is coated with ice of their lies
There still hope, so strong in our hearts
Don't lose it because the right moment will come
It will set our fire - Don't let it die.

7. Flames And Blood

I'm not dreaming, and my eyes are wide open
What we do this night, will never be forgotten
Against shades of lies, I stand here, in my madness

End of evil!
End of lies!
End of evil!
Flames and blood!

Shadows from the mist looming up and surround me
Hear the howling! The sin eaters are hungry
They'll rip your hearts out, this is what we desire
I will heal our world with a ritual of fire

This is our night!
End of lies!
No more crimes!

8. We Will Make It Last Forever

I'm like a child in the night, all alone, devoured by dark
Could you please tell me how to forget the past?
Those I love are now gone,
I'm standing here, between two worlds
What to do?, what to say? Raging but I'm still the same
Should I give them one last chance?

Hope will never die - I can make it stay forever

I can bring the light - I will make it last forever
Hope will never die - I can make it stay forever
Everything is said and done
Evil won't survive
No, you cannot give up, to bury pain in the sands of time

Never! I don't know how I could live with that?
Oh no, I don't believe
That cruelty can just disappear
We all hope for new life without fear,
In freedom's light
Strength is growing in our hearts!

No more lies, only truth,
No one will tell us what to do
Final words, I'll decide
We will get back our lives
Altogether we will rise!

9. Rise Of The Witch Queen

Don't say you are sorry because it's too late
No more deadly tortures, no more killing, lies
There are no feelings you recall, just hate
Your blood is like a venom, so poisoned is your life

I rise from the fire!

I think I know how weird this is for you
Tonight you're alone, tonight you will lose
I am your nightmare, this night is your doom
You're on the other side now, the hunting has begun

I rise from the fire
In its flames you are gone
I rise from the fire
I'll rule forevermore

You forced me to reveal my evil side
My heart was pure and honest
You made me who I am!
Too late for regrets, what happened is done
I've got something for you: severe punishment!

You won't get any chance to repent
Malice and deceitfulness will seize your flimsy neck
Feel my resentment descent upon you
This is your bloody nightmare, there ain't no return

10. See You In Hell

[originally by Grim Reaper]

See you in hell
Can I make you an offer? You can't refuse
I kept my eyes on you 'cause I tell you that you lose
And you can come with me to a place you'll know so well
And I will take you to the very gates of Hell

See you in Hell my friend
See you in Hell my friend
See you in Hell my friend
I'll see you in Hell
See you in Hell my friend
See you in Hell my friend
See you in Hell my friend

I'll see you in Hell, oh yeah, see you in Hell
Your choice's up then how many sins can be yours
At my kingdom final choice is yours
You can take it any time that you need
Next thing I'll borrow all you've got to do is bleed

See you in Hell my friend
See you in Hell my friend
See you in Hell my friend
I'll see you in Hell
See you in Hell my friend
See you in Hell my friend
See you…

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