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1. Inner Spirit

You've been searching for this inner spirit
Somewhere deep inside the mind
There within exists a hidden strength

Everybody has this power
It's waiting for you to explore
But only you hold the key to open up this door

Once you've made your discovery
It will change your world for sure
This smile on your face now nothing else matters
When you believe

Search deep inside there within you will find
There's a powerful strength called the inner spirit
Purity of mind so unique one of a kind
Hear it call one and all your inner spirit

A guiding light this inner spirit
Once enhanced will change your mind
A test of strength to learn more self control

Poetry once in motion
Hidden treasures wait and see
This power lies within your thoughts discover this energy

Once you've made your discovery...

Search deep inside there within you will find...

Your inner spirit your inner mind
Once you control it look deep inside
See what you find see what you find

Search deep inside there within you will find...


2. Heroes

I'd like to tell you all a story about a heroes' tale
My destiny a deed made long before me I must not fail
To bring you truth to give you faith all of these values long forgotten
A mighty rage took them away

It's not too late - to be all you should be
It's not too late - to be all of those things
It's not too late - to be glorious like kings
It's not too late - to be almost anything

The ground did shake some thousand years so very long ago
Make no mistake they tried in anguish
None did survive it's time to awake their hidden souls are still alive
Their heart's all will still survive

Yeah... - a heroes' tale
Their memories are safe there deep inside

It's not too late - to be who you should be...

It's time for the spirits to awake
Oh, oh, oh... A heroes' tale

... Too late - to be who you should be...

... To be all you wanna be!

3. Nightmare Serenade

Revealing signs
Now they're plain to see
Like the Jekyll to the Hyde not knowing what goes on inside
Pain and misery

Blood flowing the pain's growing
All aboard for the nightmare serenade
The nightmare serenade

Passing times
Torn in-between two worlds
Lost inside tormented minds reality all senses blind
Dreams without no ending

Blood flowing the beast's growing
The madness has just begun

All aboard - the masquerade begins
This spectacle of minds a nightmare serenade
All aboard - exciting full of thrills
One time journey to the nightmare serenade

Come and see this strange disguise
To whom the madman shall reveal

His deeds he knows not what he's done
Or when his crazed desires begun
The skill in which he carves their flesh
A mystery only he must confess

Don't look into this stranger's eyes
Beware of what the truth reveals

You can't escape this strange parade - nightmare serenade
Once you've entered this nightmare serenade
All aboard - the masquerade begins
One time journey to the nightmare serenade

4. Empty Paradise

Gather 'round now listen we have a tale to tell our friends
Welcome to our new world here we set the trends
Watching over others 'cause no one can be hurt
Look back over your shoulder see us there

In this life it's clear as day
We all need someone and a shoulder to cry on
And in this world there's some who say
You can't trust no one 'cause life's a battle to be won

If you wanna play the game you've gotta feel the pain
Don't let your life be in vain

When there's lonely souls and lonely strangers
Lost inside their hearts and minds
To help each other well they can see if danger's lurking especially
This loyalty is so hard to find lonely souls a weird kind
Strangers lost inside an empty paradise

There's so much emptiness around
Millions of strangers not a sound
In silence they all will be damned

They live each day to make ends meet
Yesterday dreams now bitter sweet
Give them a helping hand

If you wanna play the game you've gotta feel the pain
Remember life is short don't let it be in vain

When there's lonely souls and lonely strangers
Lost inside their hearts and minds
Help each other if you see lonely souls in you and me
Sister brother they could be one and all so plain to see
Strangers lost inside an empty paradise

So when there's lonely souls...

5. Crystal Tears

You've been crying crystal tears
Like teardrops they're falling down
Innocence disappears
As your heavy heart falls to the ground
This heavy heart falling down
And it's still crying but there's no one in sight
'cause there's a young man calling out

How is it possible there's children crying no one hears
They all just sit in silence with all those fears
This can't be logical it's time to tell what lies behind
Behind the truth you hide for years

Still crying crystal tears
Lost in your own little world it's a crying shame
Alone little stranger's
Still crying crystal tears 'cause these tears will break

No room to move or breath
Nor freedom do you feel
Locked up inside your world

Still crying crystal tears...

Our children's lives are a sovereign affair
So we must protect them all
'Cause this bit of love that we have we must share
To pick them up if they fall

Too many people turn a blind eye when my know it's wrong
'cause they can't help hiding those fears
And there's many children alone inside still we sing the same old song
While they're crying crystal tears

6. In The Beginning

This life is killing me
I'd rather be dead and buried
With all this suffering I see
Maybe life after death is better

The day I die will be the day I start to see
To see a new world where I will be reborn
In the beginning

Life after death - life after death - has no regrets - has no regrets
That's why it just lives on
You'll never know what the future holds
Life after death at last

A new existence now a new beginning
I won't make the same mistake twice
A second chance I'll be the one who's winning
And losers pay the price

Now I'm living each day like it's my first day of living
Oh the first day of lay life

In the beginning
I'll build a world - build a world - the way that it should be
Oh... there for the living - living
Without hatred greed and endless misery

In the beginning...

In the beginning you can create your own world your own dream

7. Rock Until We Fall

Fists are aiming high
Heads are banging wild
Heavy riffs fill the air

Jeans and leather bound
Slaves to metal sound
For the few for those who dare

It's alright, it's alright
Music loud play it hard
Grab the guitars, start play the drums, come hold your bass, warm up your voice
Come on let's sing our song

Rock until we fall
Don't compromise never succumb follow your heart and soul

Metal in our veins
Driving us insane
Makes us feel that we're alive

Scream and shout it out
Rocking makes you proud
Trust in us we rule the night

It's alright, it's alright...

Rock until we fall...

Yeah... follow your heart... your heart and soul...

Oh... rock until we fall...

Faults we make just remain the same
Can't you realise it is rock who's to blame
Life's a game that we have to play
Can't you realise rock before we bleed

8. Predators

This world can be a weird place
Full of evil and disgrace
Predators everywhere
Out on a rampage they don't care

Are we just an evil race
Acting like predators

History the world has taught us there's a few sons and daughters
Who were sent off to war to find a weapon no one saw
Predators from a nation driven by a false intention
They were sent to save the poor while the rich were reaping more

They feed on your weakness searching for ways to break you
Once they have achieved this they'll strip you to the bone
To them you don't exist you're just a worthless victim
Your efforts to resist a journey to the unknown

Are we just an evil race...

History the world has taught us...

History the world has taught us...

Reaping more!

9. Flesh 'n' Bone

A knife spins around you're afraid
As the blade flashes by

Life is but a mystery we spend our time making mistakes
And on this journey we can see around the corner
The weak will cry the strong will earn
The harder we try the more we learn we are strong

Have you ever wondered why
What's it all for the reason why

What makes the mind work when making decisions
When decisions make others cry
Why don't we ever question an answer that's given
What makes us see eye to eye

Wake up all you dreamers
We're only human made of flesh and bone
Don't give up believing
Those fairytales will guide you all the way home

This voyage through life is sometimes tough it's like
A landscape rough your wild imagination
Illuminate all that creative praise
Too late for yesterdays tomorrow brings new ways

Are we all just flesh and blood is there more to life than this
Will our fantasies remain unreal an abyss
Questions why unanswered multiply and then you can't deny
There must be a reason, a reason why

Oh... still if a knife spins around
You're afraid as the blade flashes by
'cause you're alive so stay awake
Don't be afraid of the dark

What makes the mind work when making decisions...
Wake up all you dreamers...

10. The X Generation

Angry as hell
Trying hard but still confused
What's that awful smell
The smell of fear a child abused

To tell a tale needs a listening ear
So why doesn't no one hear
Has the whole world simply disappeared

You know you're carrying
This burden of a misspent youth
You've lost yourself along the way
And the child's gone no turning back

Stand up and say what you feel
If you're a juvenile delinquent

To be misunderstood and be told that you've no good
God help us all if you're the x generation
Society is so afraid you're the black jack to be played
The x generation has begun

Lock them away throw away the key
With that kind of restraint then maybe
Maybe nothing they're not animals - locked up in a cage
It's time for listening that's clear here and now

Stand up and say what you feel...

To be misunderstood and be told that you've no good...


Chrisafis Tantanozis — Drums, Vocals (backing), Lyrics (Track 7)
Stratos Dionisopoulos — Bass
Ian Parry — Vocals (lead), Lyrics
Dimitris Goutziamanis — Guitars

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