Dark Lyrics


1. Interstellar War

[Music: Mikael Dahl o Lyrics: Andreas Gotesson]

It's the golden age of the human race
The time has come to conquer space
'cause we have learned to navigate
in time and space, through stargates

Our starships fill the skies in countless worlds
Our warlords burn the worlds in countless galaxies
Solar Systems we bring to an end
Through war and destruction we will transcend

All over universe we are bringing war
to every galaxy we explore
Through windows in warp space
we reach the most distant place
with our mission: Interstellar war!

In every corner of the universe
planets die, explode and burst
Billions of life forms meet their fate,
due to our hunger to dominate


The universe is now in our grasp
The last resistance is falling fast
The days of glory are drawning near,
when man shall rulle with pain and fear


2. Gods Of The World

[Music: Mikael Dahl o Lyrics: Mikael Dahl]

Heed the call that's striking the skyline of the world
A screaming sound louder than no one's ever heard

Like a mighty roarig fire
Coming down from high above
From the kingdom of the sky
to defend the earth

We are the heroes of our time
We are the guardians of mankind
We're riding the never-ending storm
We're the army of the sky
Power and glory, we'll never die
We're fighting the forces of evil
We're the gods of the world

Deliverance, from all the pain in human minds
Rising hope, leaving the troubles far behind

As the sunlight burns the rainbow,
great saviours fill the air
To protect the human race
and save the world

[Solo: Nyberg - Dahl - Niberg - Dahl]

And we're riding tonight

3. Winds Of The Free

[Music: Mikael Dahl o Lyrics: Mikael Dahl]

Living for the day
Life lights their way
They are all forever free
They will never die,
never wonder why
they are all forever free

There will always be sun up in the sky
a raimbow standing high
Red horizon lights their way over the seas,
from tears of the trees
Here they always stay

Ride on your wings
Children of the sky
Fly on forever,
on winds of the free

Beyond reality,
a world in harmony
They are all living in peace

[Solo: Nyberg - Dahl]

We all will die someday
I hope I'll find the way
to the land of glory, and
yhen I'll fly on the winds of the tree


4. The Power Behind The Throne

[Music: Mikael Dahl o Lyrics: Andreas Gotesson]

Once there was a mighty king
whose tragedy bards still sing
He ruled his realm right and fair,
doing evil no one ever dared

Then one day a stranger came
"Randal," He said, "is my name
the art of magics is my trade
and I'll entertain if I get paid"

And the king gladly took him in,
never seeing the wizard's grin
From that day the blissful years
forever changed into times of fear

Day by day, the wizard was slowly taking control
Day by day, the king was slowly losing his soul

And no one could see
the shadow, which fell
upon the old king
A sinister spell!
The cause of his pain
no one could tell
The wizard just laughed,
his plan worked so well!

As the wizard rose in might,
he turned the king from the light
The king became grim and cold
and did whatever Randal told

The king began a terror reign,
taught his people feel pain
They never knew that he was prone
to the power behind the throne


The malice gleamed in the wizard's eyes
when he was feeding the king with lies

[Solo: Dahl - Nyberg]

5. The Dragon's Lair

[Music: Mikael Dahl o L:yrics: Andreas Gotesson]

Way up north where the eagles sore,
beneath a mountain, whitin its core
There's a treasure, you've been told,
lakes of silver and hills of gold
But the stories they also told
about the dragon who killed the bold
who dare to enter his dark domains
to steal his treasure, they died in flames!

Into the darkness you go
Defying the dangers ahead
In search for silver and gold
Driven by greed

Upon his treasure lies the creature rare
A sleeping beast of fire and air
Well, enter thief now if you dare
Yes enter fool! the dragon's lair

Down in the dungeons you make your way
In total darkness, is it night or day?
Slowly sneaking on soundless feet,
moving towards the increasing heat
The smell of sulphur, the gragon's near,
but so is the treasure so don't feel fear
The call of gold you just can't deny
In death awaits: well, you have to try


Shining silver and glittering gold
It's beyond your wildest dreams
and you steal with eyes that gleams
But the sound of ringing gold
wakes the beast of stories told
The rattling coins seal your fate
With a single glance into his CRYSTAL EYES,
your greedy soul is lost, turned to ice!

[Solo: Nyberg - Dahl]
[Pre- Chorus]

6. Eyes Of The Forrest Gloom

[Music: Mikael Dahl o Lyrics: Mikael Dahl, Andreas Gotesson]

And so the story began with me falling
into a dream where the forest were calling
Closer and closer the twilight was dragging
me down to the unknown

so here I am all alone in the tree land
feeling the wind of my fate close at hand
Creatures of the night begins to take form
I'm surrounded now

I don't know how it all began
I can't remembere anything
Yesterday's forever gone
I am trapped in a place beyond time

And the moon is shining bright over the forest
And the creatures of the night won't let me rest
Beyond reality - for no one to see
Dark is the dream - no one hears my scream
I can't stand those staring eyes
Eyes of the forest gloom
Eyes of the forest gloom

Predator eyes that watch me intensely,
their gaze from the shadows are burning me slowly
Hunted I search for my way through the dreamscape
and it's feel so real

Will I survive? I have to wake up,
but deep inside I know that I'm trapped
Lost in a dream that's no longer a dream
My life is flashing by


Silver moonbeams light my way with their glow
Yet, gnarled trees rip my skin as I go
Deeper down into the ominous gloom
I'm afraid this path is leading to my doom

[Solo: Nyberg - Dahl]

And so the story ends with me dying

7. Rage Of The Sea

[Music: Mikael Dahl o Lyrics: Mikael Dahl]

Lightning strikes on the wild raging sea,
the storm rules in the air
Roaring thunder in the burning horizon,
waves high in the sky
But the warrios on the ship of hate
will stay in their course
Thunderstorm will not stop the rage
or the cry for blood

On and on, in the storm
Through the horizon
Wind in their sails
Lust for fight, kill and rape

Tyrants out on the sea
Death awaits in their steel
This battleship will be your end
Hungry eyes of the pirates
Anger grows on the sea
By the sword you will die

Breaking the waves like a sword in the wind,
with the flag in the sky
Searching for flesh to their steel,
they will show no mercy
Eternal evil, hate and pride,
there's no escape
Glory shines in their eyes,
to pride to die

[Solo: Dahl]

8. Victims Of Frozen Hate

[Music: Mikael Dhal, Claes Wikander o Lyrics: Mikael Dahl]

They came from far away,
from a land in a frozen time
Through ice and snow they walked
with their broken homes in mind,
they cried!

Without a warning
they ended all lifes in their way
In search for a land
where they could forever stay

Blood on the snow and cries in the wind
Wictims of hate, they fell to the ground
One by one, they tasted vengeance
No one could fight the soldiers in a frozen time

With tears in their eyes
the ground was painted in red
They searched for revenge,
by tghe frozen hate they were led


A battle in tears for the homes they had
lost in the cold
They murdered all those who dared to
come in their way

[Solo: Nyberg - Dahl]

Who where those soldiers
with frozen hate inside
And all poor victims
who had no place to hide


...the soldiers in a frozen time they murdered all
those who dared to come in their way

9. Extreme Paranoia

[Music: Mikael Dhal o Lyrics: Andreas Gotesson]

Sweat is running free, trickling down on my brow
Every man that I see is a potential foe
Have to stay down, have to stay low
Can not let them know

And if I just can stay alert and keep my senses clear
I know that I can beat them all and maybe kill my fear

But the man in the mirror is my worst enemy
Everywhere, he is there, always following me
I'm paranoid to the extreme

Agony, panic and fear are surging up inside of me
Hidden dangers are everywhere to see
Malicious lurkers, I have to flee
Oh please let me be


10. Glory Ride

[Music: Mikael Dahl o Lyrics: Mikael Dahl]

Raise the banner to the sky
Saddle the beasts for battle now
Play the tunes of war
Mighty knights grab your swords and fight

Brothers of battle show your hate
United we are the enemies fate
Slaughter is our aim
Blood will flow, heads will roll

we are the sons of evil
The call of the wild
We are the gods of war
The great force of death

We're riding the glory war
On and on we're fighting with honour and pride
We are crusading now

Now it's time for victory
No surrender , no retreat
Across the battlefield
soldiers are raging tonight

Anger, hatred, agression, pain
Behold the weak that won't remain
Let the ground be covered
with their blood and our pride

[Solo: Dahl - Nyberg]

Oh, oh, oh: we are crusading now

11. World Of Black And Silver

[Music: Mikael Dahl o Lyrics: Andreas Gotesson]

I think I'm standing in a garden at night
The distant stars provide the only light
Strange flowers grow all around me,
theyr heavy fragance intoxicates me

Reality is slowly growing dimmer
and I begin to see a new world shimmer
It's like seeing through a silver haze
into a weird but beautiful place

Filled with dreams I begin to wonder
through this maze of alien wonders
Into glades with ponds of starlight,
ethereal beauty beyond human might

And I see statues moving moving as in trance
with slow gestures, in a grotesque dance
to the mystical and haunting tunes
that fills this place like narcotic fumes

I might be dead: or maybe I am dreaming?
it doesn't matter, it has no meaning
in this world of black and silver

[Solo: Dhal]

Then this dream-state takes an evil twist
And all the sudden rises a reeking mist
The air turns foul by the sickening haze
Corruption spreads throughout the maze
Malignant shadows with lurid eyes,
roars with laughter as the beauty dies
Insane whispers and bestial groans,
mingle with my tormented moans


12. Another Race (Demo Version)

Mikael Dahl: Vocals, Backing Vocals, Guitars and Mountain-king-growls
Jonathan Nyberg: Guitars and Hairless Ghostdance
Claes Wikander: Bass Guitar, Dragon, Starships, Explosions and Birds
Kujtim Gashi: Drums and Mean Faces

Crystal Eyes Official Website:
Web of Black And Silver

(P) & c abs records, 1999

Produced by Detlef Mohrmann and Axel Thubeauville for MediaTron GmbH
Recorded by Detlef Mohrmann and Axel Thubeauville at the end of 1998
Mixed by Detlef Mohrmann and Axel Thubeauville
Cover Artwork by Erioc Philippe

For info please contact:
Mikael Dahl
Lindormsgatan 18 50644 Boras
Phone +46 33 41 1847

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