Dark Lyrics


1. Vengeance Descending

[Music: Mikael Dahl - Lyrics: Dahl, Gotesson]

I've found a way back to my home at last
A way that has been locked and cloaked until now
It's time to take care of my programmed past,
find the answers, and then finally fulfil my vow

[Pre Chorus]
I've learned from my ship's secret files
that they planned my unwanted exile!
I knew too much about their insane plan
I had to leave, from the Earth I was banned

For years I have travelled in the dark and endless space,
cast out from the human race
For vengeance I'm yearning now as I'm returning
to make my wrongdoers pay for my lonely days

Imperfect data I got from below,
but I've learned enough from my unknown friend
They sent me away so their empire could grow
On Terra my vengeance shall descend

[Pre Chorus]
[Solo Both]

I'm burning of hatred and rage,
for their lies and my time lost in space
I'll end the Interstellar War,
and disclose their plans of the human race


Revenge will be mine!

2. Highland Revenge

[Music: Mikael Dahl - Lyrics: Mikael Dahl]

A wind of hatred is blowing across the field

I am the voice of the Clans
The leader of the Highlands
and we have come here for blood and victory

[Pre Chorus]
Before my army I speak the great words of war...
Brothers, they may take our lives
but they'll never take away our freedom

Scotland! I hear you call my name,
now as we ride towards our aim
England! I damn you as I cry...
Pay for the blood on the Highlands and die!

You took my father's life
You raped and killed my wife
In God's name I swear I'll get my revenge

The great rebellion I bring
will slay you and your foul king
I am the legend, the brave, the proud, your fate

[Pre Chorus]
The last words are spoken, now hear them roar in the wind...
Brothers, they may take our lives
but they'll never take away our freedom

[Solo Both, Dahl, Nyberg]

We may loose the battle
We may loose some men
But still we have showed the world
that no one can take away our freedom


3. Child Of Rock

[Music: Mikael Dahl - Lyrics: Mikael Dahl]

A little child has changed our world
A light in the dark, a miracle
Forevermore her spirit will illuminate our lives

With open arms and open minds
we make her one of our kind
In unity we now welcome her with our song

Spread your wings and fly, we will take you high
Child of Rock
You were born and bound to the Heavy sound
Child of Rock
Trust us when we say... Take the Metal way!

[Solo Dahl]

Life is too short to throw away
Don't waste no time, live here and today
There may be tears along the way, but we'll be here for you

There is no right, there is no wrong
What you will need is in our song
The Only Rule is all for one and one for all

[Solo: Nyberg, Dahl]

When we're dead and gone
you'll have to carry on
Show them that you're strong
and always remember our song


Oh, oh, child you were born to rock
Oh, oh, child you were born to rock
Oh, oh, child you were born to rock
Oh, oh, child you were born to rock
We were all born to rock!

4. Mr. Failure

[Music: Mikael Dahl - Lyrics: Mikael Dahl]

You think you're Messiah supreme,
'cause you write in a magazine
But what's coming out of your head
makes me wonder if your brain is dead
You think everyone is a star
just because they got a guitar
Our music is not made for you,
'cause 'bout Metal you don't have a clue

[Pre Chorus]
You live your life just to criticize,
and sneak around to spread your lies
Among the fools from the MTV
you create a false reality

Hey Mr. Failure, face it
We don't wanna read your bullshit
Your words are fake, we want 'em no more
You're a wannabe to the core
Hey Mr. Failure, silence
Because what you say is nonsense
Now take this as a rule
you damn pathetic fool
Oh Mr. Failure, you can't see what it's about
We've had enough, get out!
and leave our ground once and for all

You're greasing the media machine,
with vicious rumours of our scene
You bring our band to your mill,
and you grind us just for the thrill
The sick brain of yours never rest,
always plan for what you do best...
Oppress, provoke, irritate,
ridicule, humiliate

[Pre Chorus]
[Solo Both]

You say you do not like our sound,
but we do not care, just leave our ground
Heavy Metal is what we play
no matter what you say
Now hear our song and obey


5. Dream Chaser

[Music: Mikael Dahl - Lyrics: Mikael Dahl]

Across a hot and desert land
Against the wind of dust and sand
Reality seems so far away

Under the burning mortal sun
I find myself, the lonely one
A stranger rushing blindly through the day

[Pre Chorus]
Burning Horizon you are calling me
Burning Horizon you will set me free

Once a hero, now a shade
Chasing dreams that slowly fade
On the endless road to nowhere I ride
Once a proud man, now a ghost
In search of peace from coast to coast
From my dark and empty life I can not hide

Don't know how many years have past,
or how long this journey will last
Tomorrow seems so far far away

I am a madman on the run
Yes, a lost forgotten son
All I know's that I can not stay

[Pre Chorus]
[Solo Both, Dahl, Nyberg]

Memories of pain hunt me everyday
They're driving me insane.
I can't find a way out of this hell
Someone please tell. Why did it all go wrong?
And tell me where, just where do I belong?
Let me find a place to stay


6. The Wizard's Apprentice

[Music: Mikael Dahl - Lyrics: Andreas Gotesson]

The look of disbelief is still in your face
as I watch how your eyes begin to glaze
Your broken body lies in a growing pool
of blood... I have betrayed you, you sorry old fool

But to have your Art makes it worth this crime,
and your former knowledge will soon be mine
In my hands I now hold your Grand Grimoire,
the source of your once great might and arcane lore

[Pre Chorus]
How many times have I not cursed these pages?
It feels like I've been reading for ages
But I can not give up, I have to be patient
'cause your book contains the Art of the Ancient

Soon your magic will lie in my hands
Every spell, powerful and grand,
of the greatest Art are going to be known to me
And then, my friend, I will no longer be...
the wizard's apprentice

[Solo Dahl]

I have found the key. How could I be so blind?
With the right phrase and the right state of mind
the power explodes in me, burning deep inside
The Art engulfs me in a roaring magic tide

[Pre Chorus]
For how many years have I not yearned and craved for this?
It feels like I have reached eternal bliss
And it does not matter much that my soul is stained
by your death, compared to what I have gained

Now your magic lies in my hands
Every spell, powerful and grand,
of the greatest Art are now finally known to me
And no more, my friend, will I ever be...
the wizard's apprentice

[Solo Both]

I am divine, pure energy
The Ancient's power flows in me
But it's to much for my mind to sustain
With a sudden burst of pain
all magic's scorched from my brain,
and I realise that all have been in vain
My Art is forever gone!

Solo Nyberg, Dahl

So now my magic's no more
My Art is gone, my precious lore
has forever been burned away from my very core
And now I am neither the Master Mage nor
the wizard's apprentice

Just a common man

7. Metal Crusade

[Music: Mikael Dahl - Lyrics: Mikael Dahl]

Hey Metalhead! It's time to wake the dead
Step out of the shade, and join the great crusade
I'll be your guide on this glory ride,
and you will be my crowd. United, strong and loud

[Pre Chorus]
It's in our hearts, souls and blood forever,
and nobody can change it. No never!
Since the day we where born, we've been bound
to its powerful sound

Heavy Metal - Is our sound
Heavy Metal - Is our ground
Heavy Metal - Heavy Metal
Come join the Metal Crusade

[Solo Dahl]

Fist in the air, I see them everywhere
Now they have to see what has got to be
Screaming guitars heading for the stars
It's time to let it out, so raise your voice and shout!

[Pre Chorus]

Heavy Metal - Roars in our brains
Heavy Metal - Runs in our veins
Heavy Metal - Heavy Metal
Come join the Metal Crusade

[Solo Both, Dahl, Both]

It's our religion

Heavy Metal - The only way
Heavy Metal - Is here to stay
Heavy Metal - Heavy Metal
Always forever

Heavy Metal - Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal - Heavy Metal
Come join the Metal
Metal crusade

8. The Beast In Velvet

[Music: Mikael Dahl - Lyrics: Andreas Gotesson]

It's the birthday of the Emperor
The cream of the realm is here,
kings and queens with sons and daughters

It's truly a most grandiose ball,
nobles fill the halls
Like sheep, ready for slaughter

[Pre Chorus]
Oh, with rising hate I watch them dance,
I watch them prance
Oh, how I loathe these haughty swine
I'll rid the world of this living grime

Peasants are saying, oh not without glee,
there's an aristocrat out on a killing spree
A noble, thirsty for royal blood they say
The Beast in Velvet I'm called by my prey

Though my fee is great indeed
I'd do this for free,
'cause I enjoy my work immensely

[Pre Chorus]

[Bridge 1]
With wit and grace I charm these fools
who think they're out of harm's way
None here's aware of my sins
But then again, who'd suspect a highborn prince?

[Solo Both, Dahl, Both]

[Bridge 2]
It's been so easy to lure my prey,
so to my Lord I gratefully pray
as my victim dies by my blade
Shape shifting is a useful trick in my dark trade


9. Heart Of The Mountain

[Music: Mikael Dahl - Lyrics: Mikael Dahl]

There's a mountain by the northern sea
High and mighty like an endless tower
A tempting and majestic sight
with a treacherous secret

There's a legend 'bout its mystery
and it speaks about a tremendous power
A creation of the Gods
and a gate to Heaven

[Pre Chorus]
At night you see the light that will invite
the fearless to the summit
Climb and you will find yourself behind
the walls of ancient stone

Lost souls in the mountain's grave
Not dead or alive, just forgotten
Trapped in the adventurers' cave
All condemned to languish in darkness,
silence and madness
Forever paying the price
in the heart of the mountain

In a dream you saw the land of gold,
as the mountain tempted in a vision
Where the angels spread their wings
there's where you'll find your freedom

To the glorious dream your soul was sold
To find the house of God became your mission
So you left your past behind,
and now you're heading for the sky

[Pre Chorus]
[Solo Both, Dahl, Nyberg]

By the light at the summit
you are turned to stone


10. Oblivion In The Visionary World

[Music: Mikael Dahl - Lyrics: Mikael Dahl]

When darkness enters my life,
that's when you arise
Slowly crawling into my mind
from the other side

In a callous realm, I'm captured,
completely paralysed
Through your eyes I see the real world,
where love and hate have died

[Pre Chorus]
I'm terrified, but somehow I have always known
We are nothing but wandering spirits in an endless void

On the edge of time I face my destiny,
and find myself within a false reality
Was my life a lie inside an evil whirl?
Oblivion reign within the Visionary World,

[Solo Dahl]

Lifeless, impassive and alone
Dreaming a dream that's not my own
Am I alive or dead?

When did they conquer our kind?
Why did they take control of our minds?
My past is erased and gone

I'm lost in a cage
Created in the age of silence and illusions


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