Dark Lyrics


1. Time Flight

Born in the sky a million years ago
Raised by the stars. The whole universe I know
Faster than light and brighter than the sun
Blazing up high. I'm a comet on the run

[Pre Chorus]
Gates I burn between dimensions
Nothing is too tough
The speed of light gives me the tension
I can't get enough

The past is hunting me
I have to go. I must be free
The future's calling on me now
So I

fly to another time,
to another place beyond the gates
I'm a child of the stars
High in the starlit sky
I'm exploding through the galaxies,
and forever I'm riding the universe

Free as a bird I'm shooting on and on
Burning the sky like a roaring firestorm
Flashing through time. The light-years have no chance
Maximum speed. Thunderbolts are as in trance

[Pre Chorus]
[Solo Dahl, Both, Dahl]

Gates I burn between dimensions
Nothing is too tough
The speed of light gives me the tension
I can't get enough
The future's calling on me now
So I


2. Cursed And Damned

Ever since I took that black sword of might
from the hands of a fallen tainted Chaos knight,
a dark presence has grown inside of me
and merged with my soul. I'm no longer me

[Pre Chorus]
Dreams of bloodshed haunt my nights,
I fear what's in me
Dreams of violence in endless fights,
my future I see

The darkness inside is now fully unleashed
My humanity is gone. I've changed into a beast
I now have to leave the kingdoms of Man,
and travel north to the Wastes if I can

[Pre Chorus]
Dreams of bloodshed fill my nights,
so sweet dreams indeed
Dreams of violence in endless fights
will soon change to deeds

Beyond all hope, I'm cursed and damned
From all mankind I'm forever banned
Well, so be it, I accept my fate
I embrace the dark and submit to my hate

At last I have reached the ever-changing land
where men turn into gods or dust in the sand

[Pre Chorus]
So I tread upon this road
of damnation and sin
that leads to death or might untold
Let slaughter begin!

[Solo Dahl]

3. Sons Of Odin

Strong winds on the sea of the damned
The high waves break the land
Bright sunlight is melting the snow
The winter land starts to flow

Springtime is the season we hail,
the time to set our sails
Shortly we will set our course
and sail to foreign shores

[Pre Chorus]
Odin! give us the force
We're leaving the cost behind us
Oh Thor! bring us the storm
The longboat is in your hands
Let the ravens fly once again

From the north we come - Great Odin's sons
Glory will come as we sail
From the sea we come - Great Odin's sons
Fearless and strong we'll prevail
We fight, we kill, we die for the Viking Gods

At dawn we are ready to slay,
'cause mayhem is our way
We hunt, rape and slaughter the weak
Destruction is what we seek

[Pre Chorus]
[Solo Both, Dahl, Nyberg]

4. The Grim Reaper's Fate

You sworn the sacred oath to God
and to the evil beast below,
and then you took place as the Grim Reaper
You were supposed to bring the souls
from all the bodies of the dead
But you had other plans, you stole instead

[Pre Chorus]
Years of lies to collect and build your own paradise,
where you thought you could be safe
But all your plans were crushed when God found out

Liar! now you shall burn in the Fire
for years of greed and desire
It's time to pay, and you will pay with your life
Sinner! you always thought you're a winner,
but you were just a loser in a Grim Reaper suit
Now, meet your fate in the flames

You played a false and wicked game
You didn't care about the souls
You were possessed of stealing. Oh! you were God
And all the beautiful young girls
that just had died an early death,
became your favourite toys and great lovers

[Pre Chorus]
[Solo Both]

Burn now! Burn for your lies. Burn for your sins
You'll burn in the fire for years of desire and greed
No more stealing and sin, fucking the dead
or playing God on earth
Now it's time to pay for the mess you have caused
and for being faithless to God
The price of your lies is your life
Forever you'll burn for your lust
'Cause all your plans were crushed when God found out


5. The Undead King

There he stood before the black iron throne,
watching the dreadful creature of bone
On its fingers gleamed silver and gold
Fear battled greed, would his luck hold?

Long he stared at the fearsome dead king,
then he reached up for a golden ring
With flaring eye-sockets the king grabbed his hand
and spoke with a voice that was dry as sand:

"At last I'm awake, I'm finally free
The curse has been broken, shattered by thee
So, foolish mortal, thou dare to steal from me
For that thou shalt die, but undead thou'll be
my servant for eternity"


6. In Silence They March

Far away in the desolate East,
something evil has been unleashed
The dead are restless, they rise from their graves.
The Undead King is calling his slaves

[Pre Chorus]
Forever onward in pale, cold moonlight
the undead march from their kingdom of blight
They seek revenge upon all living things
Behold the army of the Undead King

In silence they march,
hundreds of thousands of living dead
For vengeance they march,
they will not rest 'til the living is dead

Legions and legions of foul skeletons,
rotting zombies and dark fallen ones
All have been summoned by the Liche Lord,
who will murder the world with this horde

[Pre Chorus]
Forever onward in pale, cold moonlight
the undead march from their kingdom of blight
They bring destruction and death to all living things
Behold the army of the Great Undead King


The Necromancer is filled with dark mirth,
soon he has slain and conquered the Earth
At last his revenge is within reach,
when all are undead slaves to the Liche

[Solo Dahl, Nyberg]
[Pre Chorus]

And somewhere in the army of the Undead King
marches a blackened corpse that bears a golden ring

7. Adrian Blackwood

1660, a child was born,
who grew up to be a man of greed and scorn
Born a noble, but denied his legacy,
young Adrian began a life of piracy

Possessed with a hunger for gold crowns,
and bloodlust in a heart so cold
All ships that he met went down
to the bottom, released from gold

His dark reputation was growing,
and so did the prize on his head
The streams of blood and gold were flowing,
and most rulers wanted him dead

[Pre Chorus]
Blinded by his greed he made a name in history
Great tall ships and many men met their destiny

Oh, but he could not see
how his end would be,
to hang from a tree
for his piracy

And so the legend was born
about the king of the seven seas
Adrian Blackwood was his name
And still no one has found
the treasure from the wild plundering
times, when the seven seas were ruled
by gunpowder, blood and gold

His downfall was caused by treason,
with kings gold his crew were bought
Jealousy and greed were the reasons
when Blackwood the Cruel was caught

[Pre Chorus]
[Solo Both, Dahl, Both]

8. Witch Hunter

"Halt, brothers.
So this is Waldreik, a town infested by Chaos.
Well, it will soon be cleansed.
Burn the houses and gather the people where I can pass my judgement upon
Now, move!"

I can smell the stench of Chaos,
there's something rotten about this town
Behind these walls, unholy rapture
But I'll cleanse it, I'll burn it down
I say: "Burn it down to the ground!"

I can see the whores of Chaos,
damned women who practise dark lore
Righteous men they try to capture
Well, they shall burn - witching whores
I say: "Burn them all at the stake!"

Witches I hunt and warlocks I slay
I cleanse this world from filth and decay
Chaos sinners, they are everywhere
But I hunt them down, no one I spare

I can see the face of Chaos
behind corrupted men's false smiles
They may appear good of nature,
but underneath they are most vile
I say: "Burn them all at the stake!"


Gods of Law, Order and Light,
bless my eyes so I can see through lies
Gods of Law, Order and Light,
bless my sword against Chaos' hordes

[Solo Both, Dahl]

I can see the taint of Chaos,
there is not a soul without stains
All are foul Chaos creatures,
and all shall burn in holy flames
I say: "Burn them all at the stake!"

[Solo Nyberg]

9. The Rising

A holy man has risen from ashes and dust
A saviour with the mission: to turn fear into trust

[Pre Chorus]
The forgotten land in the ruins of the storm
can now be reborn and new minds can take form
The fallen ones are rising again
to follow the chosen one who will lead them to freedom

Oh saviour, heed our call
Our lives are in your hands
Forever you'll be our king
You are now in command
You have the might
For you we'll fight,
and you will lead us to the light

He came without a warning, appeared from nowhere
A master of deliverance from death and despair

[Pre Chorus]
The victims of war who had once met their fate
have now been reborn to an army of hate
Led by their king they'll have their revenge
A storm of immortals is now about to destroy mankind

[Solo Both, Dahl, Nyberg]
[Pre Chorus]

10. Knights Of Prey

Like a bolting herd they came from the gates of hell
All baptised in the Devil's name to serve under his bell
In the wind you hear them scream "Time to feed the sword!"
Blood now flows in an endless stream to praise and honour their lord

[Pre Chorus]
You never know when they attack,
until you fall with a sword in your back
Soldiers of death appear in your last breath
And there will be no time to fight
'cause you're already the target in their sight
Now hear them shout!

We are the great Knights of Prey
We were born to slay and spread terror over the world
See us ride together as one, with mercy to none
'cause we are the great Knights of Prey,
and we are out of control

There's no place where you can hide, there's no use to flee
Through the cities, side by side comes your cruel destiny
Only a few chosen men can defend mankind
Will we ever be free again and get peace in our minds

[Pre Chorus]

The time has come when good faces evil
A war between Heaven and Hell, and no one knows
who will win and who will fall

[Solo Both, Dahl, Nyberg]
[Pre Chorus]

11. Somewhere Over The Sun

See the suffering man with a sword in his hand
He's standing by the grave of the girl he could not save
There's a tear in his eye, and he's wondering why
the father in the sky had let the young girl die

[Pre Chorus]
The lonely man kneels down to pray
while her spirit flies away
But he knows that someday they will meet again

Somewhere over the sun,
where the sky is the ground,
where the bright angels fly,
where we go when we die

Filled with anger and hate he will search for his fate
In darkness he will walk, to no one he will talk
For revenge he will slay all who'll come in his way,
and with her face in mind he'll leave no life behind

[Pre Chorus]
A river of blood fills his trace
All are damned who see his face
He won't rest 'til that day when they meet again

[Solo Both, Dahl, Nyberg]

He won't rest 'til that day when they meet again


12. Winternight

Gazing out my window into a world of shadows
Snow is slowly falling, I feel something calling
Something is wrong in this landscape of ice,
and I can almost sense reality's demise

I rub my eyes, is this a trick of my mind?
But it seems that the world has changed
Confounded I feel a chilling wind,
and I realise there is snow in my room

And I see places I have never been
And I see things I have never seen

[Pre Chorus]
So I press my face closer to the glass
Staring out, oblivious of the time that pass
What was that under the oak over there?
Was there some kind of laughter in the chilly air?

A journey through ice in the winternight,
a place forever dressed in white
Reality fades in the winternight,
a land of shadows and moonlight

[Solo Dahl]

And that special mood is catching me
And I'm beginning to hear and see

[Pre Chorus]
Faint voices whisper in the dark night
Weird creatures bounce just out of sight
And I see places I have never been
And I see things I have never seen


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